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Petition Against the Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma City

Petition Against the Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma City

I regret to inform you that satanists are planning a satanic Black Mass on city property at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City on August 15, 2016.


Registered sex offender Adam Daniels will be leading the anti-Catholic satanic ritual on public property.
Every Black Mass is a direct, deliberate and sinful act of hatred against God.  Often, a Consecrated Host is stolen from a Catholic Church and then used to desecrate, mock and insult the Catholic Mass.

The Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ is attacked in a most vile and unspeakable manner.  These insults against God are not only offensive to Christians, but also repulsive to everyone of good will.

Please spread the word to all your friends so we can stop this sacrilege.  Your voice and prayers were decisive at Harvard University ­– the satanic Black Mass there was stopped.  Canceled.  Saint Michael won a great victory that day.  And God can win again.

The petition goal is 200,000.  Your petition, together with many more, will be presented to the Civic Center, as well as the Mayor of Oklahoma City and the Governor of Oklahoma before August 15.

Spread the word by sharing this post.  Ask your friends to sign this petition.  Thank you & God bless!

Sign the petition click here

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