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10 Characteristics Of The One Truly Devoted To Our Lady

10 Characteristics Of The One Truly Devoted To Our Lady

The true devotee of Mary will receive all heavenly grace and blessing and, after death, will have Heaven as a reward!

It is undoubtedly immense happiness for those who are true devotees of the Mother of God, for they will always live happily: they will receive all the heavenly graces and blessings and, after death, will have Heaven as a reward.

Let us see what the devotee of Mary does:

1) First of all, he seeks to know the life and virtues of his Mother well. He must read books that speak of her power, her greatness and her goodness. It is not possible for anyone who does not know the extraordinary prodigy that is the Mother of Jesus.

2) The devotee of the Immaculate Virgin often resorts to her. Talk familiarly with your Mother, as does the good son with his earthly mother. He entrusts to her his sorrows, his annoyances, his doubts and fears, in the certainty that she cares for him and helps him. Our Lady likes us to trust her blindly and to ask her many graces.

3) The devotee of Mary likes to visit her in churches and shrines. Appreciate your images. It makes pilgrimages to the special places where it attends so many times so wonderfully.

4) He who loves the Virgin Mary knows the principal Marian feasts and prepares well for them, with special prayers, mortifications and novenas.

5) The devotee of the Blessed Virgin brings with devotion at least one medal with its effigy. He joins in Marian confraternities, seeks to receive the scapular of Our Lady of Carmo and dresses him with all the fervor.

6) The devotee of the Immaculate thanked him for not being abandoned despite his many ingratitude. She is grateful for the numerous benefits she has received through her: all the graces we have received have passed through the maternal hands of Mary.

7) The devotee of Mary will like to pray the rosary, a favorite prayer of the Queen of the Holy Rosary. She will happily sing Marian songs and enjoy all that concerns the Heavenly Mother.

8) The one who truly loves Mary will surrender herself totally to her with an irrevocable consecration. Will do everything to please you. You will be happy to know it so great, so powerful, so beautiful and so happy. He will often say: “Mary, I am yours and I always want to be!”

9) The devotee of Mary will seek to avoid anything that may offend her and her Son Jesus.

10) Finally, and this is what is essential, the devotee of the Virgin Mary will try to imitate her: she will seek to copy her virtues and be similar to her in the measure of her strength.

The more pleasing we are to Mary, the more we will rejoice in the heart of Our Lord.

Consider yourself the true devotee of the happiest Mother of God, for you will have all the necessary and abundant aids in this world and the heavenly glory in the other.

Mary Visits Souls In Purgatory: The Holy Souls Have Knowledge Beyond Ours, They See Earth As A Place Of “Darkness” (1)

Mary Visits Souls In Purgatory: The Holy Souls Have Knowledge Beyond Ours, They See Earth As A Place Of “Darkness” (1)

In our world today, very little is taught in regular catechism classes about Purgatory, about the suffering that the Poor Souls experience in order to be completely purified to be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet Purgatory does exist, and the sufferings that the Poor Souls experience there are very real.

A privileged soul, named Maria Simma, Since 1940, at the young age of 25 has had regular visits from the souls in Purgatory to explain their sufferings and to ask for prayers and Masses to be released from Purgatory. Her local Bishop and parish priest told her she could make known these visitations as long as there were no theological errors.

One day, Sister Emmanuel Maillard, a French nun known for her apostolate in favor of the Apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje, came across Maria Simma’s book, called The Souls in Purgatory told Meand read it with great interest. According to the nun:

“This book struck me so much because it related very recent testimonies, and also explained very well the Church’s doctrine on the subject… Straight away, I wrote to the editor who told me that Maria Simma is still alive. Quickly, I contacted her, and she agreed to meet me to answer my questions, which were many!”

This interview took place in 1997 at Maria’s house in Sonntag, a very lovely village in the Vorarlberg Mountains in Austria. The following are excerpts from this interview of Sister Emmanuel of Medjugorje with Maria Simma, taken from a booklet entitled: The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory, published by Queenship Publishing Co., P.O. Box 220, Goleta, CA 93116, USA (Phone 800-647-9882, Fax: 805-967-5843):

(Note: Maria Simma died on March 16, 2004, in Sonntag, at the age of 89).

Maria, can you tell us how you were visited for the first time by a soul in Purgatory?

Yes, it was in 1940. One night, around 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, I heard someone coming into my bedroom… I saw a complete stranger. He walked back and forth slowly. I said to him severely:
“How did you get in here? Go away!” But he continued to walk impatiently around the bedroom as if he hadn’t heard. So I asked him again: “What are you doing?” But as he still didn’t answer, I jumped out of bed and tried to grab him, but I grasped only air. There was nothing there. So I went back to bed, but again I heard him pacing back and forth.

I wondered how I could see this man, but I couldn’t grab him. I rose again to hold onto him and to stop him from walking around; again, I grasped only emptiness. Puzzled, I went back to bed. He didn’t come back, but I couldn’t get back to sleep. The next day, after Mass, I went to see my spiritual director and told him everything. He told me that if this should happen again, I shouldn’t ask, “Who are you?” but “What do you want from me?”

The following night, the man returned. I asked him: “What do you want from me?” He replied: “Have three Masses celebrated for me, and I will be delivered.”

So I understood that it was a soul in Purgatory. My spiritual director confirmed this. He also advised me never to turn away the poor souls, but to accept with generosity whatever they asked of me.

And afterwards, the visits continued?

Yes. For several years, there were only three or four souls, above all in November. Afterwards, there were more.

What do these souls ask of you?

In most cases, they ask to have Masses celebrated and that one be present at these Masses. They ask to have the Rosary said and also that one make the Stations of the Cross.

Maria, do the souls in Purgatory have, nevertheless, joy and hope in the midst of their suffering?

Yes. No soul would want to come back from Purgatory to the earth. They have knowledge which is infinitely beyond ours. They just could not decide to return to the darkness of the earth.

Here we see the difference from the suffering that we know on earth. In Purgatory, even if the pain of the soul is just terrible, there is the certitude of living forever with God. It’s an unshakeable certitude. The joy is greater than the pain. There is nothing on earth which could make them want to live here again, where one is never sure of anything.

Maria, can you tell us now if it is God who sends a soul into Purgatory, or if the soul itself decides to go there?

It is the soul itself which wants to go to Purgatory, in order to be pure before going to Heaven.

Maria, at the moment of death, does one see God in full light or in an obscure manner?

In a manner still obscure, but, all the same, in such brightness that this is enough to cause great longing.

Maria, can you tell us what the role of Our Lady is with the souls in Purgatory?

She comes often to console them and to tell them they have done many good things. She encourages them.

Are there any days in particular on which She delivers them?

Above all, Christmas Day, All Saints Day, Good Friday, the Feast of the Assumption, and the Ascension of Jesus.

…to be continued 

Three Day Miracle Prayer To The Blessed Virgin Mary

Three Day Miracle Prayer To The Blessed Virgin Mary

Three Day Miracle Prayer To The Blessed Virgin Mary

Oh most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me here you are my mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech Thee from the bottom of my heart to secure me in my necessity.

(Make your request)

There are none that can withstand your power. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

(repeat three times)

Holy Mary, I place this cause in Your hands.

(repeat three times)

​October 1 – Our Lady Queen and Patroness of Nigeria (Solemnity In Nigeria)

​October 1 – Our Lady Queen and Patroness of Nigeria (Solemnity In Nigeria)

Our Lady Queen and Patroness of Nigeria is a solemnity celebrated on the date of the country’s independence.

The dedication of the country to Our Lady’s protection was initiated by the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria shortly after independence in 1960.

The Jesuit priests later commissioned a painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus as an icon of Our Lady Queen of Nigeria.

According to Ad Caeli Reginam, the encyclical of Pope Pius XII on the Queenship of Mary  “From the earliest ages of the catholic church a Christian people, whether in time of triumph or more especially in time of crisis, has addressed prayers of petition and hymns of praise and veneration to the Queen of Heaven. And never has that hope wavered which they placed in the Mother of the Divine King, Jesus Christ; nor has that faith ever failed by which we are taught that Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, reigns with a mother’s solicitude over the entire world, just as she is crowned in heavenly blessedness with the glory of a Queen”

Following on the crises of our times, where injustice, corruption, fear, wars and brutal killings reign, we can entrust our confidence and our hope to Our Lady Queen of Nigeria, making known to her our reverence and trust in her intercession.


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