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8 Year Old Girl Born Mute Begins To Speak Before The Icon Of The Mother Of God 

8 Year Old Girl Born Mute Begins To Speak Before The Icon Of The Mother Of God 

She Who is Quick to Hear Icon 

A wonderful miracle of the She Who is Quick to Hear Icon of the Mother of God occurred Sometime last year, at the Panagia Theoskepastos Monastery in Sohos in northeastern Greece, a podvoriye of the Athonite Dochariou Monastery where the icon is normally housed. The miracle involved an 8-year-old girl who had been mute from birth, reports vimaortodoxias.gr.

For one week Every year, the miraculous She Who is Quick to Hear Icon is transported from Mt. Athos to the Sohos monastery on September 6 that those who cannot travel to Dochariou, especially women and children, can come venerate the beloved icon. Thousands from Greece, Cyprus, and other countries travel to the monastery to venerate the icon of the Panagia and to receive the blessing of abbot Elder Gregory of Dochariou Monastery.

According to a Nun Thekla of the monastery, a woman from Larissa, Greece came to the monastery with her 8-year-old daughter to venerate the Mother of God. She tearfully told the nuns that daughter was mute and that she hoped she would begin to talk with the help of the Theotokos. “I had read about the miracle of the young man from Skopje last December (2016) who spoke in front of the icon for the first time in 18 years, and I want to ask her to do the same for my daughter.”

When the young man, who had never spoken before and could only make unintelligible sounds, entered Dochariou Monastery and stood next to the Quick to Hear wonderworking icon, he suddenly cried out in his native language: “Mother Mary, give me my health.”

The nuns advised the woman to take her daughter before the icon, prostrate, and with faith to ask the Mother of God to heal her child. The nuns have experienced so many miracles occurring this way. Elder Gregory of Dochariou, who is the spiritual father of the Sohos monastery, also often tells people in need of healing, “Go to the icon of the Panagia and tell her your problem.”

As the mother and her daughter were venerating the icon, the little girl gazed at the image of the Mother of God, and for the first time called out her own name of Raphaela. Everyone was flabbergasted and her mother burst into tears. The incident began to spread rapidly by word-of-mouth, and soon it was known by family, friends, and pilgrims throughout Greece.

Raphaela and her mother returned to the monastery the next day, and the little girl ran up to Mother Thekla and continually repeated her name, saying she was doing so just because she had never been able to speak before. The mother intends to soon write a letter to Elder Gregory of Dochariou, explaining everything that happened.

The Boy In A Suitcase – How St. Padre Pio Raised A Dead Child To Life! 

The Boy In A Suitcase – How St. Padre Pio Raised A Dead Child To Life! 


Dr Sanguinetti was a convert to Catholicism and one of Padre Pio’s most trusted friends. A medical doctor by profession, the good doctor was witness to an astonishing miracle where a dead baby was brought back to life.

A devout mother had a six month old baby who was in such poor health that he was near death. She decided to take a long, difficult train ride to Padre Pio. There was a risk in that the journey would be rough on her baby who would die by inches on the way, but so full of confidence was the mother in Padre Pio’s intercessory powers with God, that she set off for San Giovanni Rotondo.

When the mother arrived at the church, she was clutching a wicker suitcase and joined the line of ladies who were waiting for Padre Pio to hear their confession. Her baby was nowhere to be seen. She was in great distress and wailed loudly.  When it was her turn, she approached Padre Pio and opened the wicker suitcase, and confronted him with a dead baby swaddled in tattered old clothes. The baby had perished on the way to San Giovanni and in desolation, the mother had hidden the baby’s lifeless body in the suitcase, and pressed on, holding onto hope that Padre Pio would pray for a miracle. 

Now, here she was, holding out her deceased child to Padre Pio. Pio was cut to the heart.  He took the dead baby into his arms, lifted his eyes to heaven and prayed. Some moments later, he handed the baby back to his mummy, saying, “stop screaming, can’t you see your baby is only sleeping?” The mother gazed at her baby and saw that he was breathing without difficulty and was sleeping peacefully. She cried tears of joy.  

Dr Sanguinetti was watching the sequence of events, and later said that if the child had been alive when he was put in the wicker suitcase, that the little one would have definitely suffocated, so there was no question that the baby had been dead at the moment his mother presented him to Padre Pio. 

St. Padre Pio, Pray For Us! 

Italian Priest Discovers Hosts Miraculously Preserved 16 Months After Earthquake 

Italian Priest Discovers Hosts Miraculously Preserved 16 Months After Earthquake 

Italian priest who helped make the discovery says it is reminiscent of the Eucharistic miracle of Siena in 1730.

Amidst the ruins of a large earthquake that destroyed a Church in central Italy in 2016, Forty ‘miraculously’ preserved, consecrated hosts have been discovered. 

The hosts, recovered from a tabernacle recently retrieved from the ruins of the parish church of Arquata del Tronto, have no bacteria or mold, as usually happens to hosts after a few weeks, according to the Italian bishops’ newspaper Avvenire.

The tabernacle, which since the earthquake had been kept in storage along with other artifacts and was recently returned to the diocese, contained an upturned but unopened ciborium.

Inside the ciborium were 40 hosts whose color, shape and scent were unchanged. Even though the quake took place nearly a year and a half ago, the hosts “seemed to have been made yesterday,” Avvenire reported Feb. 21.

The local bishop, Mons. Giovanni D’Ercole of Ascoli Piceno, was cautious, saying “faith requires prudence,” but added that such a discovery needs “no words.”

“It is a sign of hope for everyone,” he added. “Confronted with a fact like this, one has to surely remain silent. It simply touches and strengthens faith in Jesus who remains alive to console the earthquake-stricken population of Arquata.”

The 6.6 magnitude earthquake that hit the region on Oct. 30 caused immense damage to Arquata del Tronto and the surrounding area. The basilica in Norcia, the native town of St. Benedict and home to the famous Benedictine Monks of Norcia, was almost totally destroyed. It followed a similarly powerful quake in the region on Aug. 24 of that year which killed almost 300 people.

Don Angelo Ciancotti, a priest in nearby Ascoli who helped make the discovery, said finding the hosts was “a great joy” and gives a “message for the whole community.”

“Yes, for me it is a miracle,” he told the Italian daily Il Resto del Carlino. “Obviously, those who have no faith aren’t able to believe in anything, but never has there been any tampering. The Lord has done this all by Himself.”  

Don Ciancotti, who has close family ties to Arquata, knew every missing person in the rubble and all the streets in the region. So together with some residents he sought to recover all the artifacts that could be saved.

He carried out some research to see where objects had been recovered, including those originating from the church — Santa Maria Assunta in Arquata. Later, he learned that the church’s treasures had been stored in a warehouse, so he retrieved them, cleaned them up, and put them in the sacristy of the cathedral in Ascoli.

Seeing that the tabernacle was locked, he remembered he had another key for a draw in his office. “I said, ‘let’s try’, and it opened on the first attempt,” he said. But the biggest surprise was to come: ”The ciborium was horizontal, but it hadn’t opened, and inside it the hosts were perfectly intact,” he said.  

He said the wafers had been prepared by nuns at the convent of Sant’Onofrio. “I immediately asked them if they used preservatives and they told me: ‘No, just flour and water.’”

Don Ciancotti was the first to be sceptical. “I’m a cousin of [doubting] St. Thomas,” he joked, “and so I had several others witness to it.”

He said he believes the discovery is reminiscent of the Eucharistic miracle of Siena in 1730 when a ciborium with consecrated hosts was stolen but the exact number of hosts miraculously re-appeared in the offering box attached to a prie dieu.

The hosts, which were not consumed, did not deteriorate but remained fresh and even retained a pleasant scent.

Another Miracle Of The Sun In Benin City Nigeria Exactly 100 Years After The Fatima Apparition ➡ Watch Videos

Another Miracle Of The Sun In Benin City Nigeria Exactly 100 Years After The Fatima Apparition ➡ Watch Videos


It was a thing of joy and awe as thousands witnessed the ‘dancing of the SUN’ in Benin city Nigeria on the 13th of October 2017, exactly 100 years after the Fatima apparition.

According to eyewitnesses, after the faithful concluded the Divine Mercy 3’0 clock prayers, the Sun began to blink non stop. Some claimed to have seen the Blessed Virgin Mary at some point.

It will be recalled that the Catholic bishops of Nigeria, decided at their bishops conference to reconsecrate Nigeria to the Immaculate heart of Mary in this Marian year at Benin city Nigeria. It was a three day event which began on the 12th and ended on the 14th of October 2017.

After the reconsecration prayers by the bishops on the 13th, the divine mercy chaplet was prayed after which something spectacular began to happen. The Sun began to blink! Some wept tears of joy, while some other people sang Marian songs and sought the blessed Virgin’s intercessions.

Nigeria in recent years has been facing turbulent times I.e – bad leadership, Killings, Kidnappings, Crimes, terrorism and lots of social vices. Hence the the bishops of Nigeria decided to reconsecrate Nigeria to the Immaculate heart of Mary. 13th of October officially marked the end of the National Marian year.

The 13th of every month should be symbolic in the lives of every catholic faithful and Marian devotee. We should never fail to seek the intersessions of the blessed Virgin Mary in our Lives, families, Country and in the whole world.

Our Lady, Queen and Patroness of Nigeria, Pray For Us!

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