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The Last ‘Earthly’ Days Of The Blessed Virgin Mary. (As Revealed By The Mystics Of The Church)

The Last ‘Earthly’ Days Of The Blessed Virgin Mary. (As Revealed By The Mystics Of The Church)


“After the Ascension of my Son, I still lived a long time in the world. Such was the Will of God, in order that by seeing my patience and my conduct many more souls might be converted to Him, and in order that the Apostles and other elect souls might be strengthened.”

The account from the book of what happened next continues below: More and more as the years passed, the Blessed Virgin felt torn between her ever-increasing longing for union with God in Heaven and her compassionate love for the Church and for mankind. She therefore had to strive to achieve the right adjustment between the active and the contemplative life…Consequently, while remaining actively attentive to the needs and welfare of all the children of the Church, she was also able to be continually absorbed in prayerful contemplation. Toward the end of her life, through the intensity of her burning charity, the Blessed Virgin’s soul had approached so closely to union with God that only the Lord’s reluctance to deprive His Church of such an invaluable guide restrained Him from welcoming her forever into the glory of Heaven. She then began to suffer a ceaseless spiritual martyrdom, for she could no longer hold back the overflowing force of her yearning for Heaven and the Beatific Vision of God; yet she was too humble ever to ask for the privilege of liberation from mortal life….After the blessed virgin had passed her sixtieth birthday, the Holy Trinity, wishing to reward her perfect generosity in doing the will of God throughout her life, sent theArchangel Gabriel to reveal to her when she was destined to die. Upon entering her oratory, the archangel found her prostrated on the ground in the form of a cross, praying for sinners. The Mother of God respectfully rose to her knees as soon as she perceived Gabriel, who was accompanied by many angels bearing crowns and palms as symbols of various rewards for their Queen. Gabriel greeted Mary with these words: 

“The Lord sends us to announce to thee in His name the happy end of thy pilgrimage up on earth. Exactly three years from today thou shalt be taken up and received into the everlasting joy of Heaven.”

The Blessed Virgin bowed to the ground and replied gratefully:
“Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to thy word”…and she asked the Lord and all the saints and angels to help her prepare for death…She immediately wrote to the Apostles and disciples to encourage them in their missionary work, and she exercised still greater zeal in strengthening the faith of allthe converts whom she met. Although she kept her secret, her conduct was that of a person who is preparing to depart and who wishes to leave all her friends rich in heavenly blessings. A few days later, however, she said to St. John: 

“My son and master, in His condescending mercy the Lord has revealed to me that there remain only three more years until my passage into eternal life.  I beseech you, my son, to help me during this short space of time to give the Almighty some return for the immense blessings which I have received from His generous love. And from the bottom of my heart I beseech youto pray for me.”

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