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Philippine Catholic Priest Shot And Killed In The Church Before Mass… As Blood Flows Beneath The Statue Of The Blessed Virgin Mary 

Philippine Catholic Priest Shot And Killed In The Church Before Mass… As Blood Flows Beneath The Statue Of The Blessed Virgin Mary 

Fr. Richmond Nilo of the Diocese of Cabanatuan was shot to death by unidentified gunmen on Sunday in the Nuestra Señora de la Nieve Chapel in Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija, according to a spot report from the Nueva Ecija Provincial Police Provincial Office.

Rev. Fr. Nilo, 40-year-old parish priest of Zaragoza, was behind the altar getting ready to start Mass at around 6:05 p.m. when two unidentified men shot him through a window four times.

A Twittter post by CBCP News, the news service of the Media Office of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, broke the news via Twitter.

“We condemn the attack on Father Nilo as we Christians condemn all killings and violence and all forms of impunity,” said Fr. Jetts Jetanove, vicar general of the Diocese of Cabanatuan.

Nilo is the third priest to be murdered following the April 29 attack on 37-year-old Fr. Mark Ventura and the Dec. 5, 2017 ambush of 72-year-old Fr. Marcelito Paez at Jaen town in Nueva Ecija province.

Ventura was killed by a gunman at a gymnasium after he concluded Mass in Gattaran town at Cagayan province. He was a known anti-mining activist.

The government recently drew flak from priests and over social media when President Duterte nonchalantly linked his death to an illicit affair during a talk he gave in Cebu.

Paez, a retired priest, was attacked as he drove through Jaen after dropping off a political detainee and his family shortly after he was released.

Paez had been a political activist since the martial law years under then President Ferdinand Marcos.

Official Statement Of The Diocese Of  Cabanatuan On The Murder Of Father Richmond Nilo. 

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”
(John 15.18)

No priest, and no human being for that matter, deserves to be killed with utter brutality, disrespect and impunity. Every priest, however imperfect, is God’s gift to His Church and we are duty-bound to respect them asambassadors for Christ” (2 Cor 5:20). To kill a priest then, for whatever motive or cause, is not only unchristian and inhuman, it is also un-Filipino.

It is therefore with great pain and profound sadness that we convey to you the sudden demise of our beloved Fr. Richmond V. Nilo, the parish priest of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija, and Financial Administrator of the Diocese of Cabanatuan. He was treacherously gunned down yesterday evening by still unidentified hired killers as he was about to celebrate the community’s Sunday Mass inside Nuestra Senora dela Nieve Chapel in Brgy Mayamot, Zaragoza.

We condemn in the strongest possible terms and deeply mourn the brutal murder of Fr. Richmond V. Nilo, and the escalating violence and culture of impunity in the country even against helpless clergymen. We earnestly call on our people to pray for the soul of our beloved Fr Richmond, for peace, healing and security of our communities, and for the Clergy and Religious especially in our diocese.

We demand for justice, for thorough and impartial investigation of the case and for its swift resolution, as we likewise appeal to those who might have material knowledge on this matter to please cooperate with police authorities.

Indeed, it is a tragic day and an irreparable loss for the local Church of Cabanatuan and for all people of goodwill. May his death lead us to love and live the Catholic faith which Fr. Richmond, in his nearly 17 years in the priesthood, undoubtedly loved, courageously preached and staunchly defended. May our Blessed Mother, La Virgen Divina Pastora, protect and intercede for us.

Bishop of Cabanatuan
June 11, 2018.

US Border Patrol Shots And Kills 20yr Old Defenceless Mexican Immigrant Girl

US Border Patrol Shots And Kills 20yr Old Defenceless Mexican Immigrant Girl

20 yrs old Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez traveled 1,500 miles to the United States, hoping to find a job and a better future. Shortly after she set foot in Texas, a Border Patrol agent shot and killed her.

Gomez Gonzalez’s shooting Wednesday drew international attention after a bystander posted video of the aftermath on Facebook Live, showing her lying on the ground, bleeding.

Authorities changed their account of the incident, adding to the controversy at a time when the White House has cracked down on illegal immigration.

The deadly encounter ended the journey Gomez Gonzalez started nearly three weeks ago in an indigenous community in San Juan Ostuncalco, Guatemala.

Family demands answers

Gomez Gonzalez earned a degree in accounting two years ago, but had not been able to find a job.

“She looked, looked and nothing,” her father, Gilberto Gomez, said. “I believe that’s the reason she decided to pursue the ‘American dream’.”

The lack of job opportunities frustrated her, and she decided to leave her home and head to the US to find work. She was following the footsteps of her boyfriend, who made the same journey about a year before.

The 20-year-old had been traveling for over two weeks with other migrants when they were met by a Border Patrol agent in a residential area in the town of Rio Bravo, Texas.

The agent — a 15-year veteran — fired one round from his service-issued firearm, fatally wounding Gomez Gonzalez, the United States Customs and Border Protection said. The agent, who has not been identified, remains on administrative leave.

Lidia Gonzalez Vasquez, The Victims Mum

In between sobs, her mother, Lidia Gonzalez Vasquez , said she only wants her daughter’s body back.

“My girl did not go there to steal, my girl left to move forward and go to school,” she said.

Her family held a news conference in Guatemala on Friday and asked for justice.

It’s not the first time someone dies in that country (United States),” her aunt, Dominga Vicente, told reporters. “There are many people who have been treated like animals and that isn’t what we should do as people.”

Representatives with Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with some of her relatives Friday to discuss the repatriation of her remains.

“Guatemala condemns violent acts and any other use of excessive force by the Border Patrol. We urge authorities to respect the rights of our citizens, especially their right to live, regardless of their immigration status,” the ministry said in a statement.

Officials change story

Two days after the shooting, Customs and Border Protection revised its account of the incident, leading to many questions about what actually happened.

It initially reported the agent responded to a report of illegal activity on Wednesday and was attacked by migrants armed with “blunt objects.” In its latest version of events, the federal agency makes no mention of any objects and only indicates the group “rushed” the officer after ignoring orders to get on the ground.

Additionally, the Border Patrol at first reported that a round from the officer’s gun “fatally wounded one of the assailants” but the latest statement refers to the gunshot victim as a “member of the group.”

A lot of details on the shooting have not been made public.

The federal agency canceled a news conference on the shooting and instead released its updated statement. An agency spokesman declined to comment further, saying the shooting was being investigated by the FBI and the Texas Rangers. An FBI spokesman declined to comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

‘No reason to shoot a girl like that’

Marta Martinez, who recorded the aftermath of the shooting on her cell phone and posted videos on Facebook Live, was getting ready to attend her son’s award ceremony at school when she heard a gunshot.

She ran out of her home and saw an officer turn over the body of a young woman

The woman, Martinez said, was face-down in the ground but her face was covered with dirt on one side and blood on the other.

“I don’t think there was no reason to shoot a girl like that, not even in the head,” Martinez said.

In the video, a uniformed man is seen giving someone on the ground chest compressions but Martinez said the woman appeared to be dead.

In a vacant lot near her home, Martinez said an agent captured two men who ran from the scene after the shooting. She said she heard the officer tell the men: “This is what happens. You see?”

Agents arrested three undocumented immigrants, according to Customs and Border Protection.

In her video, Martinez can be heard yelling in Spanish at the officer who led the men to his vehicle: “Why do you mistreat them? Why did you shoot the girl? You killed her. He killed the girl. She’s there. She’s dead. I saw you with the gun, bro.”

Rio Bravo is about a mile from the border with Mexico, and 170 miles south of San Antonio.

Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon her amen.



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