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‘Witchcraft Is Real’ Says Nick Vujicic As He Shares His ‘Encounter’ With 10-ft Tall Demons

‘Witchcraft Is Real’ Says Nick Vujicic As He Shares His ‘Encounter’ With 10-ft Tall Demons

Nick Vujicic is seen in a screen capture of a video from Saddleback Church.

“Limbless evangelist” Nicholas James Vujicic (aka – Nick Vujicic) (/ˈvɔɪ.iɪ/ VOY-ee-chitch; Serbian: [ʋûjitʃitɕ]; born 4 December 1982) is a Serbian-Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder (called phocomelia) characterized by the absence of arms and legs. He is one of the seven known surviving individuals planet-wide who live with the syndrome.

Nick has attested that witchcraft is real after he drew some fierce reaction to his story about seeing “10-foot-tall demons” in his hotel room in San Francisco.

During his recent appearance on “The Billy Hallowell Podcast,” Vujicic was asked about his recent comments on Facebook Live back in January when he shared his experience with the spiritual realm to explain why he is not an atheist.

“I can’t show you God, I can’t show you an angel, but one of the reasons why I’m not an atheist, and one of the reasons why I don’t believe science explains everything, is because I have seen miracles, and I’ve seen demons,” Vujicic said during the Facebook Live discussion.

“I’ve seen 10-foot-tall demons, 5-foot wide walk in through my San Francisco hotel room/ And I felt the demon’s presence, demonic presence, before the demon actually walked through the wall. And so when you understand that science can’t explain everything … there is a spiritual realm,” he added.

When Hallowell asked Vujicic to provide more details on his story, the evangelist contended that people must realize that there is a spiritual realm and shared some of his other past experiences.

The popular Christian speaker further described the massive size of the demons he saw in San Francisco, and went on to share another story about his recent Uber ride. The evangelist narrated that he felt a “spiritual demonic oppression” while he was in the vehicle and found out when he got out of the car that the woman had Satanic-themed stickers on the front of the car.

Vujicic, who recently published a new book titled, “Be the Hands and Feet,” also spoke to Hallowell about his personal story of overcoming depression and how he became a world-renowned evangelist.

He recounted that he was born and raised in a loving home by his parents who had immigrated from Yugoslavia to Australia. He became the first disabled child to go into the mainstream school system of Victoria in Australia, but he went into depression at the young age of eight as he contemplated “tragic thoughts” about his life and future.

After a failed suicide attempt at age 10, the inspirational speaker recounted that he was only able to get out of his depression two years later. He later read about the biblical story of the man who was born blind in John 9, which affected him profoundly.

“No one knew why he was born that way. Jesus said it was done so that the works of God will be revealed through him,” he said.

Vujicic became an inspirational speaker by age 17 and he has been travelling the world sharing his story about how he overcame the odds, while inspiring young people to persist through their own challenges.

Watch Video! Back From The ‘Dead’: Texas Teen Encounters Jesus After Miraculous Recovery From Death

Watch Video! Back From The ‘Dead’: Texas Teen Encounters Jesus After Miraculous Recovery From Death

Texas teen claims he saw Jesus after miracle recovery from death, doctors have no explanation

A near death experience is an unusual experience taking place on the brink of death and recounted by a person on recovery, typically an out of body experience or a vision of a tunnel of light. 

There have been countless cases of Near-death experiences (NDEs), this simple means such experiences aren’t uncommon, and neither are the paranormal experiences that accompany them. In this NDE account, a Texas teen who was almost pronounced dead by doctors miraculously regained his pulse. When he came to, he claimed he saw Jesus.

©Getty Images | Cecilie_Arcurs

Zack Clements, 17, who was a healthy high school football player from Brownwood, Texas, suddenly collapsed while running during P.E. class one day, and was without a heartbeat for 20 minutes.

©YouTube Screenshot | Chris Enloe

He was rushed to hospital, where doctors worked to revive him, but things were looking grim. Just as doctors were about to pronounce Zack dead, his pulse returned. Zack was rushed to the intensive care unit, where he woke up days later.

Doctors were left wondering how Zack managed to survive without oxygen and a heartbeat for so long.

©YouTube Screenshot | Chris Enloe

Soon after Zack woke up, he claimed that he had seen Jesus.

©YouTube Screenshot | Chris Enloe

“When I was out those 20 minutes, I saw a man who had long ruffled hair and kind of a thick beard, and it didn’t take me long to realize that that was Jesus,” he told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

©YouTube Screenshot | Chris Enloe

“I went up to him and he put his hand on my shoulder and he told me everything would be alright and not to worry,” he added.

Zack’s father, Billy Clements, said that though some might find his son’s story unbelievable, the whole family believes it was this divine miracle behind Zack’s revival.

©YouTube Screenshot | Chris Enloe

For him to wake up and tell us something he experienced like that. It’s just you can’t explain it. It’s not humanly possible to explain it,” he told CBS. 

Zack’s mother, Teresa Clements, also expressed her heartfelt appreciation, “I’m just glad he decided to let me have my baby back.”

©YouTube Screenshot | Chris Enloe

Whilst Zack’s revival has doctors mystified, they’re similarly baffled as to why Zack stopped breathing in the first place.

Watch Zack’s story here:

Jesus Rescues Young Woman From Black Magic, Buddhism, And Being Buried Alive 

Jesus Rescues Young Woman From Black Magic, Buddhism, And Being Buried Alive 

Jesus rescues young woman from Buddhism, black magic and being buried alive

Mercy (not her real name), 28, lived with her husband in a small Thai village where, as in most of Thailand, Buddhism prevailed. While most Thai citizens claim to be Buddhist, all are equally if not more aware of their ancestral animistic beliefs. Black magic, rituals and spells ruled the national psyche long before Buddhism arrived from India, and they remain firmly entrenched in Thai society.

Even government leaders have fallen to the spell, as England’s The Telegraph reported in a 2008 article entitled Bangkok protesters adopt witchcraft to topple Thai government.

Despite missionary efforts dating back to the 16th century, Christianity has made few inroads into Thai society. Only about one percent of the population call themselves Christians, although mission organizations working there are finally seeing more fruit (OMF Thailand, with its history rooted in J. Hudson Taylor’s astonishing early work in China, is one of several doing increasingly fruitful work there).

Bibles for Mideast began a work in one of Thailand’s least-reached provinces last two years, sending a missionary pastor and his wife to live among and reach the locals.* The couple now lead a vibrant underground Assembly of Loving God (ALG) house church, but suffer untold hardships and resistance from locals and, especially, from black magic practitioners.

One day, while visiting the market, Mercy was approached by a couple from the ALG house church. She listened quietly as they presented the Good News of Jesus—a confusing idea for most Buddhist people. For them, it is all about their own good deeds and misdeeds here on earth which, if the math works out, might mean a better time in their next incarnation. The idea of a creator God sending His son to die and then rise again, for all of humanity, seems not just too easy, but irresponsible.

But the couple spared no details in witnessing to Mercy.

“Jesus is the living God, the Son of the most high God of the universe,” they told her. “He was born of the virgin Mary as a faultless son of man and came to save humanity from sin and death. He was crucified on the cross of Calvary and died as a ransom for our sins, for your sins. On the third day he rose as our living savior and Lord. If you believe in Jesus as your savior, you will be saved,” they assured her, and handed her a sample of the gospel to take home. “Read this good news about God to know more about Jesus.”

Mercy, taking their literature, headed back home. She was surprised to find a chief sorcerer from the village waiting for her, with her family gathered round. She could easily read the anger in their faces and demeanour.

The sorcerer told her his god had revealed to him what she had done: listening to the Christian missionaries, and receiving gospel literature from them. So he had come to tell her husband and other family members. Whether he got the information from someone else at the market or by the power of Satan, God only knows.  But the fury was real.

As the sorcerer questioned and accused her, she denied the charges. Her husband then reached into her shopping bag and pulled out the gospel tract. Enraged, he slapped her violently, and then burned the gospel along with the worst household waste.

The sorcerer performed some black magic over the family as a ‘remedy’, and left them all feeling relieved.

That night, Mercy’s husband ran a high fever. In the days that followed, the fever, and his condition, worsened. So they called on the sorcerer to work his healing magic. Arriving with two others, he began to perform his rituals and cast spells, carrying on for two days while staying with the family.

But her husband died. It had to have been Mercy’s fault, they were sure. If she had not listened to the missionaries and brought that sample Christian gospel home, he would still be alive.

So they decided to bury her alive with his dead body. [Burying the dead, let alone burying a wife who is alive with her dead husband, is by no means a Buddhist practice, but clearly the influence of black magic—Ed.]

They brought her to an isolated area for the burial. She screamed loudly as they pushed her into the grave, but her cries were ignored by them and unheard by others. They placed her dead husband’s body over her, added a concrete slab, and then shovelled earth and stones overtop until the screams were silenced and the bodies covered.

The ALG Church members happened to be praying and fasting at their house church while all this was going on. The Holy Spirit began to move powerfully over them. Someone prophesied that a valuable woman who unknowingly believed in Jesus had been buried alive with her husband’s dead body. While another person prophesied, the pastor’s wife had a vision: she saw that it was Mercy, and that she was still alive! They prayed through till the evening for further guidance.

As night fell, the pastor, with a group of men from the church, went to the graveyard—its location also revealed as the church had prayed—and found the new grave. They prayed again, removed the soil, and pulled out the heavy concrete slab. They found the dead body of a young man. Removing it, they found Mercy, her heart and pulse still beating. Pulling her out immediately, they began massaging her and praying in the name of Jesus. As they sprayed some water on her face, she slowly opened her eyes.

The pastor and church members buried the young man’s body again and brought Mercy home with them. The next day, they called another fasting and prayer meeting and it was there she openly accepted the Lord Jesus as her own savior and Lord. They knew that if she stayed with them, both she and the church would be in even more danger, so they decided to send her to another ALG church a long distance away.

Mercy now knows she is a new creation in the Lord Jesus. Please pray for her. Pray also as Bibles for Mideast plans to appoint dedicated missionaries to other provinces and regions of southeast Asia.


* For security reasons the missionaries’ names and the province they settled in cannot be revealed. Doing so would mean certain persecution, even death threats.

Source: bibles4mideast

‘A Mighty Man Of Fire’: A Hindu Girl’s Miraculous Encounter With Christ! 

‘A Mighty Man Of Fire’: A Hindu Girl’s Miraculous Encounter With Christ! 


*Athira (not her real name) grew up in a Hindu Brahmin (priestly) family in south Asia [Brahmin are the highest of the four Hindu castes; their traditional occupation being the spiritual guidance of people—Ed.]. She dutifully followed and practiced the ways of Hinduism throughout her youth, performing the ritual prayers and worshiping  various idols and deities. 

As soon as Athira entered the university, Athira became best friends with the daughter of a Bibles for Mideast missionary. As a New Year’s gift, the friend presented her with a bible. Unimpressed, the young Hindu woman nonetheless accepted it because of their friendship. But the bible lay unread under the growing pile of her many other books. 
One night, she had a dream where she saw Jesus standing in the midst of a wall of fire, asking her to follow Him. On waking, she knew there had to be a connection between the man in her dream and the ‘book’ her friend had given her. She reached beneath her pile of books, fishing around till she found it. 

Opening it, she read: “There is no other name under heaven given among mortals by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).
The next morning, she shared her experience with her Christian friend. The friend took the opportunity to tell her all she could about the good news of the Gospel. 

“He came to save all humanity from sin and death through his crucifixion, death and resurrection,” she explained lovingly. “He is the Lord of the whole universe! We will be saved if we believe in Him and follow Him.” 

Athira believed her friend, and prayed with her to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. She began attending worship services at a local Assembly of Loving God (ALG) Church. Soon she was baptized, and received the new name Phoebe as her baptismal name. 

University exams completed, a local company hired the fresh young Christian. As weeks went by on the new job, she caught the eye of fellow employee, named Jawad. The young Muslim began professing his love for her and soon after, asked her to marry him. 

It turns out his real intent was ‘Love Jihad [Love Jihad, also called Romeo Jihad, is a false relationship where Muslim boys and men target women belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love.—Ed.]. If she fell for him and accepted his proposal, she would be forced to convert to Islam through marriage.

But she didn’t fall for the scheme. Instead, she shared her new faith with him, and asked him to accept Jesus as his savior. And so the war was on. He would preach Allah, the prophet Mohamed and the rigid Islamic religion; she would argue and preach of the love of Jesus.
This made him angry and violent, and As his anger grew in intensity, he became abusive, slapping her and pushing her around. She refused to have anything more to do with him, which only made him more furious. 
One day while returning from work, Jawad and several of his friends brutally attacked and attempted to rape Phoebe. She screamed as loudly as she could, and cried out to Jesus to save her. Immediately, A MIGHTY MAN OF FIRE appeared before all of them, and rescued her. The heat from the man was such the attackers’ clothes were practically burnt off their bodies. They fled, half-naked, from the scene. Phoebe firmly believes Jesus, the mighty King, saved her.

“Don’t be afraid,” she heard the fiery man say to her. “You are my dear daughter. I have great mercy on you. Trust me and keep standing in my shadow. The mountains can shake and the hills fall down, but my love for you will not fail or be shaken. And my covenant of peace will not be removed. Certainly I will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.”

She felt Jesus right hand beside her until she got back to her house. When her parents and others in the home saw her and heard her story of rescue, they could not deny the supremacy of this man Jesus. All accepted the truth of His saving power and grace, and now attend Church services with Phoebe. 
Please pray for her and her household. Also pray that Jawad and his friends will accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior and also come to saving knowledge of Him. 

* This story was told by Pastor Peter Haneef, of Assembly of Loving God (ALG) Church.

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