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The Demon Beelzebub Speaks On The Holy Curé Of Ars During An Exorcism 

The Demon Beelzebub Speaks On The Holy Curé Of Ars During An Exorcism 

Beelzebub Speaks On THE HOLY CURÉ OF ARS During An Exorcism.

The word Curé is a French word meaning pastor. Ars is a village in the country of France.The Curé of Ars we are named for is St. John Marie Vianney who was born on May 8, 1786 in Dardilly, France.

Many people think of Curé as being a cure instead of the correct meaning of the word which is Pastor. He was the priest or the Pastor in charge of the church in the village of Ars in France.

The following is a revelation made by the Demon Beelzebub during an exorcism done by the Curé of Ars – St. John Marie Vianney:

Beelzebub: It is necessary to make sacrifices, as a parish priest, Vianney of Ars, used to make them. He used to pray for entire nights when he knew that there were some sheep in his fold who were not living at all according to the Will of God. He used to give everything and sacrifice everything. He did not even sleep in a proper bed. Often, he used to pray for hours in front of the tabernacle… sometimes in order to save only one, single soul.

He came under furious attacks from the rest of us down there (he points downward), often because of just one soul… and that when he was not at all clever, and was very weak in theology and Latin. The priests of today say to themselves: “We are clever, we are doctors, we know everything better.” But in the final analysis, those are not the things which They are concerned about up there (he points upward). They are not concerned whether someone is clever, or about what he has in his brain, or about what he knows about philosophy and mathematics. Before all else, they consider this: is he a true shepherd? Does he go to look for his sheep, is he ready to give his life and everything that he has for his sheep? That is what Those up there are looking at (he points upward); and the great evil today is that the priests of this time do not do those things any more.

There should be preaching again about the Curé of Ars, and about Catherine Emmerich, who, on her bed of pain, did nothing but suffer and pray for the Church. Many other Saints have done that too. Padre Pio has suffered much for the Church and for sinners. It should be proclaimed from the height of the pulpits that it would be better to devote one’s time to imitating Christ, rather than to gaining doctorates.

There must be some of those, it is true. But for the majority, it would be better if they did not study philosophy or mathematics or theology, etc. For many, it would be better to spend half their nights in prayer and invoking the Holy Spirit; to live the true imitation of Christ and the Marian doctrine of Saint Grignion de Montfort, for example: putting their trust completely in the Blessed Virgin, in her Most Pure Heart and in the Sacred Heart of Jesus; to look towards the Cross and do exactly what Those up there wish (he points upward). That would be better than toiling and studying for hours, simply to make an impression before the world… How I have been forced to say that (he shouts!) How I have been forced to say that!

E: In the name… tell the truth!

Beelzebub: Lenin, for example, the Father of the Russian Revolution, has said that it was necessary to give up whole nights and all his time for the Revolution… But many priests do not even do what the unbelievers do. Lenin knew what had to be done to make the Revolution succeed. He gave up everything for that… But, She, the Great Lady, makes me say, the priests of today are no longer prepared to sacrifice themselves entirely, and to sacrifice everything that they have for the people.

It is true that they must reckon with this: the more someone sacrifices himself, the more we fight against him. That was the way it was for the priest Vianney. We started a fire in his room. But that is of no consequence, Those up there make me say (he points upward). In spite of everything, Those up there and the Great Lady will be victorious… and the priests who still practice the true priesthood will carry off an incomparable victory.

No doctorate, nor any other title, can be compared with the good done by priests who still have the true understanding of souls, and the true understanding of men, and who know how to put themselves in the place of each man. They ask themselves: “What else could I do to save these people? What is the best way to preach? What must I do to bring them back to the practice of the Sacraments?” Naturally, it is necessary at the same time for them to administer the Sacraments in the proper way and according to the ancient rite, so that the heavenly blessing may be attached to them. UNLESS THEY DO THIS, THEY HAVE TO SOME DEGREE LOST GROUND.

Heaven must be earned painfully. Christ exercised the true Priesthood in the most perfect, the most pure and the most incomparable way; and His Apostles did too. They did not wonder whether they would be imprisoned or martyred. They had no fear. Our priests, on the other hand, are afraid of losing their position if they do not do exactly what many bishops say, although this is not the truth, and this is not obedience any more according to the way Those up there see it (he points upward). For we have already had to say that, now, one can no longer obey in cases where the command is not what it should be… Ah! This is crazy, that we have been obliged to speak in this way!

E: Can it be said that it is better to obey God than to obey men? In the name…!

Beelzebub: God MUST be obeyed in preference to men! Did the Apostles have regard for men, Romans or anyone else? They had courage. They went to prison and gave themselves up to martyrdom for Christ…

Where, therefore, among today’s Christians, is the Sacrament of Confirmation, the mark of the Soldier of Christ, which they have on their brow? Catholics still bear this mark – and the priests have, in addition, that of their priestly consecration – and they would have the Angels to assist them. Why, for the love of Heaven, don’t priests pray to the Holy Angels? Why don’t they call on their patron Saints? And Saints Peter and Paul? And all the Apostles and Doctors of the Church? What things they could teach them, or how they could inspire them, if only they were invoked! And, before all else, the Holy Spirit.

The Apostles had no fear of anything and nothing was too high a price for them. They used to administer the Sacraments properly, and they had a great respect for them. That is where you should be looking – towards the first Apostles… not towards those who came later, towards isolated groups who did not live and did not act at all after the example of the Apostles. You must not look towards the mediocre, the negative, but upwards, towards the best and what was done by the best. If you do this, you cannot say: these ones here and those ones there did things well… and no more can you imagine that now the same thing is good. This is a monumental error.

Ah! How we hated this priest of Ars! We were in a terrible rage against him! He was so stupid, he did not even know Latin properly. How was he able to snatch such a great crowd of people away from us – people who, without him, would have come to Hell?

Ah! She makes me say: “If only there were more priests like this Curé (parish priest) Vianney!” It is not money, nor possessions, nor intelligence that count. What does count, is what the priests do, what the state of their soul is, and the way in which they carry out the Will of God. That is what counts, even if they should be the least among men in the eyes of the world, and seem to be of no consequence and to occupy only the lowliest of positions. Those priests are much greater in the eyes of Those up there (he points upwards)… than he who wears a bishop’s miter, or a cardinal’s hat, or anything else you like! Ah! How we have been forced to say that!

Taken From the Book “Warnings From The Beyondby Jean Marty.

Homage To Mary From The Devil 

Homage To Mary From The Devil 

Homage to Mary from a Devil.

The little parish of Ars was to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It is relevant to note here that the dogma of the Immaculate Conception had not yet been proclaimed and was not, in fact, promulgated until a year after this homage was recorded. Then an entirely unexpected event occurred. Antoine Gay, a poor soul possessed by the Devil Isacaron who came to the Chapel to under go Exorcism under the Parish Priest, was found kneeling at the foot of a statue of the Virgin, his arms extended in the form of a cross, and his eyes filled with tears. From his lips there streamed forth this solemn declaration which could only have come from the infernal spirit that possessed him, since Antoine Gay himself had not the theological background to pronounce such an impressive discourse.

“O Mary, Mary, masterpiece of God’s handiwork: God has made nothing greater than thee! Incomparable creation, admiration of all the heavenly host! All honour thee, all obey thee and acknowledge thee as Mother of the Creator. Thou art raised above the angels and above all the court of Heaven: thou art seated near to God, thou art the Temple of Deity, thou hast carried in thy womb all that is strongest and greatest and most powerful and most loving! …

Mary, thou hast received in thy virginal womb Him who created thee, thou art Virgin and Mother, there is none to be compared with thee. After God, thou art the greatest; thou art the Strong Woman, there is more glory to God in thee than in the heavenly host ….

In thee there has been no stain, Anathema be they that deny that thou art Virgin and Mother; thou wast conceived without sin, thou art immaculate …!

I praise thee, O Mary, but all my praises of thee ascend unto God, the author of all good. After the Sacred Heart of Jesus there is no heart to be compared with thine. O loving heart! O tender heart! Thou wilt not abandon even the most thankless or the most guilty of mortals. Thy heart is overflowing with kindness, even to the unfortunate who merit chastisement alone, yet thou obtainest for them grace and compassion: the worst of sinners is converted by thee!

O, if all the inhabitants of the earth should know thee! If they could understand thy tenderness, thy power, thy goodness, not one of them should perish! All that turn to thee in trust and hope and pray to thee continually, whatever their state may be, thou wilt save them, thou wilt bless them eternally…. I am compelled to humble myself at thy feet and implore thy pardon for all the outrages I inflict on the one I possess!

I confess today, one of the most solemn feasts of the whole year, that thy divine Son compels me to say that it is the most solemn of all the feasts”.

Thus spoke Isacaron, the devil of impurity, through the mouth of Antoine Gay, and the words were noted by M. Houzelot, who has handed them down. After this enforced confession, we understand more clearly why Mary, five years later, should have answered Bernadette’s plea to reveal her name, by saying: ‘I am thee Immaculate Conception!’

The Abbe Toccanier, assistant to the saintly Cure d’Ars, was present when this memorable panegyric to the Blessed Virgin was pronounced by Isacaron.

It occurred to M. Houzelot to ask Isacaron to dictate more slowly all that he had said, so that he could write it down, and the devil complied. The Abbe Toccanier could not conceal his emotion. ‘There has been nothing like it since the Fathers of the Church,’ he declared to the onlookers. Incidentally, on another occasion, he undertook a theological discussion with the devil, and was amazed at his capacity for close and accurate reasoning, in the most orthodox terms.

-(Taken from the Book, Evidence of Satan In the Modern World, by Rev. Fr. Leon Cristiani 1959).

‘Very Few People Believe The Devil Exist, And The Devil Is Very Happy, It Gives Him Freedom To Do His “work” ‘ – Vatican Exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth. 

‘Very Few People Believe The Devil Exist, And The Devil Is Very Happy, It Gives Him Freedom To Do His “work” ‘ – Vatican Exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth. 

Translated from Italian by Google Translate

Today we re-read his interview, which is always very current.

D. – Father Amorth, first the three girls of Chiavenna, then Erica and Omar, and now the youth band of Somma Lombardo. Is Satan acting in them?

R. “Surely yes, I studied the first two cases well. Those children were devoted to the devil, read satanic books. And that ferocious unheard of in their deeds! When a daughter gives ninety-seven knives to her mother, one can not but see the prince of darkness at work”.

Fr. Gabriele Amorth

Q. – Are there times when Satan is more active than in others?

R. – “In the ordinary way Satan is always active. He is a tempter from the beginning. He does everything because the man cries and every time that evil is done there is always behind him, it being understood that it is the man who freely decides his actions. But then there is also an extraordinary action of the evil one: and this is the diabolical possession”.

Q. – Are cases of possession frequent?

R. – “No, they are rare. But it is impossible for me to give precise figures. The cases of true diabolical possession that I have under treatment are many, but it is because I get the most difficult cases, not solved by other exorcists. In the first years of my activity, when I welcomed everyone without a filter, the vast majority were mentally ill, without the middle demon”.

Q. – From what do you understand that one is possessed?

R. – “I understand it during the treatment, not before. An unequivocal symptom is the violent, visceral aversion to all that is sacred. I remember a father who was afraid of having a son possessed by the devil and one day, while they were at the table, he mentally said an Ave Maria to him. The boy broke out in a cry: ‘Dad, no, shut up!’ Then there is speaking in unknown languages, there is the explosion of a superhuman force, there is levitation: all things that happen during exorcisms”.

Q. – Between a crisis and the other, a demoniac as it lives?

R. – “In a normal way. He goes to work and nobody knows. He keeps his state well hidden. When he hears a crisis coming, he goes away, closes himself in the bathroom, smiles, and then returns impassive in his place. This is even more true for the possessed indemoniats, to whom the exorcism gives the strength to return fully to a normal life. One thing must be underlined: diabolical possession is neither inherited nor contagious”.

Q. – What binds the possessed to the Satanists?

R. – “It often happens that a demoniac becomes such after entering a spiritual or Satanist sect. Among those I have treated there are so few, because only the repentant Satanists come to ask for exorcism. But among them I think they are many more. In the satanic sects it is easy to get in but it is very difficult to go out. In some cases you risk your life”.

Q. – And the Satanists who bond with the devil?

R. – “There are two types: those who worship the devil, celebrate satanic masses, have their priests and a hierarchy; and those who in Satan’s personal existence do not believe at all, but give themselves to foul actions and against nature. This other Satanism is the most dangerous”.

D. – John Paul II pronounced exorcisms on three possessed persons. Are they healed?

R. – “The third no. I’ve been treating her since 1998 and it’s a really painful case”.p

Q. – Apart from the Pope, in the Church, how is the belief in the devil?

R. – “Very low. And the devil is very happy, because he has a free hand to do his job. The Church has gone from one excess to another. To remedy the madness of witch hunts, which instead of being exorcised were burned, has erased everything, devil and exorcisms. The result is that entire Catholic regions no longer have only one exorcist: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. I admire the Italian bishops. They do not understand anything, but at least the exorcists name them. Last year we Italians got together: we were one hundred and seventy”.

D. – Explain better, in what sense do the bishops understand it?

R. – “Because they too, like all priests, have studied in the seminary. And for some time now in the seminary there has been no more teaching of angels and demons, nothing more than exorcisms, nothing more than the sins against the first commandment, ‘You will have no other God but me’: magic, spiritualism and Satanism”.

D. – And the Vatican curia?

R. –Same incompetence. He gave the green light to a new ritual that for us exorcists is a disaster. Prohibits operating in the event of a curse, when 90 percent of the cases of possession derive from there. It forbids operation if there is no prior certainty of diabolical action, when it can only be understood by exercising. Fortunately, even the old ritual continues to apply. I use that, otherwise I should close”.

‘Why Make Your Children Appear Horrible’? Filipino Exorcist Warns That Halloween Costumes Can Cause Demonic Possession 

‘Why Make Your Children Appear Horrible’? Filipino Exorcist Warns That Halloween Costumes Can Cause Demonic Possession 

Filipino exorcist warns that Halloween costumes can cause demonic possession

Father Marius Roque, a Filipino exorcist for the Archdiocese of San Fernando, has warned that dressing up for Halloween could lead to demonic possession.

Father Marius, said he had performed exorcism rites involving two young people who had donned spooky clothing.

“One was the case of a teenage girl who wore a black lady costume for a Halloween party. After a few weeks, it became obvious she was possessed by evil spirits,” he said. 

The priest claimed that when the girl was taken to see him, he found her mouth and belly button emitting froth.

He also described the case of a teenage boy from Angeles City who was possessed by spirits after ghost hunting with friends at the abandoned American hospital at the old Clark air base.

The hospital, which had a morgue to store the remains of American soldiers killed in the Vietnam War, is often cited as a hotspot for paranormal activity.

The priest said: “At least 11 spirits seemed to have attached themselves to the boy after the ghost hunting episode at the abandoned hospital.

“It took only one exorcism session to free him from the intervention of the spirits. He vomited 11 times which indicated the departure of each of the 11 spirits.”

He also urged parents to stop their children from wearing spooky costumes. “Why make your children appear horrible?” He asked. “If they have to be costumed, it is better to make them wear costumes of saints or angels.

“November 1st and 2nd are days to remember the loving memories of departed relatives who had loved us, not terrified us. It is the day to pray for them to make sure they have reached heaven. There should be no room for evil on such holy days.”

Last month, the chief exorcist of the Philippines, Father Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi, caused a stir by claiming that “Illuminati Satanists” were distributing “cursed rosaries”. He warned that the plastic trinkets also had the power to cause demonic possession, and general misfortune.

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