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St. Anthony Of Egypt Vs The Devils

St. Anthony Of Egypt Vs The Devils

​Saint Anthony Of Egypt Vs The Devils.

Once, St. Anthony decided to spend a night alone in a large tomb. A huge group of demons descended upon him and attacked his body. The devil “so cut him with stripes that he lay on the ground speechless from the excessive pain. For he affirmed that the torture had been so excessive that no blows inflicted by man could ever have caused him such torment.”

The next day, a friend bringing him supplies found him and brought him back to the nearby village. But that evening, he regained consciousness and asked for the friend to carry him back to the tomb. After his friend shut him back in the tomb, St. Anthony called out, “Here am I, Anthony, I flee not from your stripes, for even if you inflict more, nothing shall separate me from the love of Christ.” The demons returned, and here’s how St. Athanasius describes what happened next:

“In the night, they made such a din (a loud continued noise, especially, a welter of discordant sounds) that the whole of that place seemed to be shaken by an earthquake, and the demons as if breaking the four walls of the dwelling, seemed to enter through them, coming in the likeness of beasts and creeping things. 

And the place was all of a sudden filled with the forms of lions, bears, leopards, bulls, serpents, asps, scorpions, and wolves, and each of them was moving according to his nature. The lion was roaring, wishing to attack, the bull seeming to toss with its horns, the serpent writhing but unable to approach, and the wolf as it rushed on was restrained. Altogether the noises of the apparitions, with their angry ragings, were dreadful. Though he was in terrible pain, he responded boldly to the demons:

“If there had been any power in you, it would have sufficed had one of you come, but since the Lord has made you weak, you attempt to terrify me by numbers, and a proof of your weakness is that you take the shapes of brute beasts. If you are able, and have received power against me, delay not to attack, but if you are unable, why trouble me in vain? For faith in our Lord is a seal and a wall of safety to us”. 

Suddenly, the roof opened up and a bright light filled the tomb. The demons vanished and his pain ceased. Realizing that God had saved him, he prayed, “Where were you? Why did you not appear at the beginning to make my pains to cease?” And God replied to him: “Antony, I was here, but I waited to see your fight, since you have endured, and have not been beaten, I will ever be a succor to you, and will make your name known everywhere.”

St. Athanasius writes that “having heard this, Antony arose and prayed, and received such strength that he perceived that he had more power in his body than formerly”.

How to Protect Yourself Against Demonic Harassment: Father Vincent Lampert Exorcist Of Indianapolis Archdiocese

How to Protect Yourself Against Demonic Harassment: Father Vincent Lampert Exorcist Of Indianapolis Archdiocese


“People think they have to do something extraordinary, but it is actually the very ordinary things that build up graces and offer protection. If a Catholic is praying, going to Mass, and receiving the sacraments, then the devil is already on the run.”

The battle rages on against “the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil” (Ephesians 6:12). The devil’s main activity is tempting us to sin but that rarely rankles us. It’s when things go bump in the night that people are shaken up.

If the devil is making his presence felt, an exorcist is often called in. Cases of suspected possession first go through the bishop for a referral and an investigation, but they are rare. Demonic harassment, however, happens more frequently.

The Basics are the Best

Father Vincent Lampert, the designated exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, often is visited by people needing help against attacks of evil. “I offer very basic stuff,” he explained in an interview for the Register. “If they are Catholic, I tell them to pray, and go to confession, and to Mass.”

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