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‘It’s My Body’: Why Abortion Is The Antichrist’s Demonic Parody Of The Eucharist. 

‘It’s My Body’: Why Abortion Is The Antichrist’s Demonic Parody Of The Eucharist. 

“Abortion is the Antichrist’s demonic parody of the Eucharist. That is why it uses the same holy words, ‘This is my body,’ with the blasphemously opposite meaning.” – Dr. Peter Kreeft.

The Bible clearly teaches that abortion is wrong. This teaching comes across in many ways and for many reasons. Some people point out that the word “abortion” is not in the Bible, and that is true. Nevertheless, the teaching about abortion is there. This is the case with many teachings. The word “Trinity” is not in the Bible, but the teaching about the Trinity is there. In any case, a person who wants to deny the teaching about abortion would deny it even if the word were there.

Millions of children are aborted every year, and so many politicians and people continue to support it. Society makes it clear “it’s your body,” so why shouldn’t you be able to do what you want with it?
But have we politicians, party followers, and all, ever stopped to look at the great merit of the body? Scripture tells us this, “You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” (1 Corinthians 6) You are not your own: interesting how Scripture tells us something completely different and controversial to what the world is saying.
We declare,’ they say, ‘that it would be unjust for a woman to have to go through nine months of physical and emotional strain for a child she doesn’t even really want.’

But wouldn’t it have been easy for Jesus to say something similar, to say, “Why do I have to be beaten and whipped and go through so much physical pain to save your people, Father. Can’t I just die of natural causes and then resurrect after three days?” After all, it was his body.
But that isn’t what Jesus did. He gave his full body to us.
Today, a mother can decide if her child lives or dies. Christ had to decide whether we lived or died as well. But Christ chose life. He chose life through death. The selfless act of the death of himself for our sake so that we may live by his flesh and blood. He offers us every last bit of his whole body, through the most holy Eucharist, that we may have life.
We are not our own. We were bought with a price. Through the ultimate sacrifice of Christ, we may have life, and have it more abundantly.
So, therefore, glorify God in your body.

The Dangers Of Premarital Sex And Why It Displeases God

The Dangers Of Premarital Sex And Why It Displeases God


Have you ever wondered why God carefully positioned a membrane of blood in a lady’s sexual opening? It is a thiny membrane that partially or completely covers the opening of the vagina. It is called the “HYMEN”.

Why would God-Our Maker put a breakable tissue full of blood at the very door of the sexual opening of the female? Why is it so carefully placed at that entrance, like a ribbon tied at the entrance of a new house about to be launched? Why is it filled with blood that spills away when it is broken? Why? Without doubt, the HYMEN IS A GATE! It was God (our creator) who set that blood- filled vessel there as a covenant blockage, a sign and a token of a covenant between the bearer and whoever plunges into her opening. Before God, the disvirginity of a lady is not a casual act of fun. It is a serious covenant struck and confirmed by the blood shed on that day. This is God’s way of saying:

“Whoever plunges into this woman shall only be able to do so by making a blood covenant to be joined to her for the rest of his life, from that point onward. Little wonder why sexual intercourse was designed by God to take place only and only after the marriage contract is sealed. The one who made the body (the hormones, organs, nerves, tissues, e.t.c) God said it in clear terms, the body is not for fornication”.

Anyone who chooses to use the body for fornication must know that he/ she is working directly against God’s plan and there would definitely be a consequence either now or at old age!

There is a spiritual bonding, a supernatural process that takes place in a lady’s heart to the first guy that enters in to her especially at that particular time when the hymen breaks. There is no covenant without blood: this is why the membrane contains enough of it. As a matter of fact, what happens the first time a lady has sex is not just sex but an immersion and a bathing of the man with her hymen blood to initiate a covenant that is highly recognized in the spirit realm of both light and darkness! The first time this happens just marks her opening day covenant ceremony and each subsequent experience goes on to further refresh or strengthen that covenant or establish another version of it with another person. Many have washed irresponsible and diabolical boys with that hymen-blood. Many have struck irreversible covenants with men that have nothing to do with their destiny. Many have shared that hymen blood in sexual activity with demon-possessed men while some others have struck such precious covenants with candle sticks as they exercised sex with it. If only they knew, many girls who carelessly allowed themselves to be disvirgined in a bid to be among the so called “big girls” would never have done so.

Then let me quote St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 6 v 15 – 16a in clear terms: “Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? And you would make that part of his body become a part of a prostitude? Never! But you well know that when you join yourselves to a prostitute, you become one with her…”

This is why many girls are not yet married yet their spiritual composition is already shattered and imbalanced, because they have mingled their souls with that of different men. Dear Singles, know today that there is a definite proportion of your virtue that leaves you each time a man enters into you and when that man leaves you, he leaves with it. Just imagine how much of yourself would be lost each time a man enters into you without any properly signed marriage bond or contract. Sex is a spiritual affair. A giving of yourself to another. All of these things have strong and terrible spiritual implications.

A broken hymen opens you up to the spirit of the man that broke it, any other spirit whatsoever that may have mingled with that man’s spirit, those who have mingled theirs with him and the spirit of any other man that enters into you thereafter. The fun part is that pre-marital sex is not funny at all. What happens between the lines could be deadly and dangerous. The very first day a lady, or a man does that there will be spiritual transfer of destiny. The sin of fornication gives demons and occultic people direct access into your God’s given destiny. So guys, zip up! Girls wise up and “close up” !! It doesn’t matter but it matters a lot. BIG THINGS COME FROM LITTLE THINGS WE DO!!! I know a soul has been touched today, remain blessed!

And for those who have lost it may the Mercy and Grace of God find you to sin no more!

Share to all your friends and to many groups and save as many souls as possible.

Peace be with you!

The Glories Of The Holy Innocents (2) – (The Fifth Commandment).

The Glories Of The Holy Innocents (2) – (The Fifth Commandment).


​The Fifth Commandment

from the Commandments Explained

By Arthur Devine, 1898.

Willful murder
is one of the sins that cries to heaven for vengeance. Blood is a loud and clamorous cry, and the first that ever was shed was heard as far as from earth to heaven.

3. The prohibition of not killing extends to all human beings–that is, not only to adults, but to infants, and to the children in their mother’s womb. A recent writer thus speaks on this subject: Every child coming into this world has a right to live.
God gave the child life, and whoever robs it of life sins against its Creator. So in Christian lands the law extends its protection to the tiniest baby. No one can starve, or hurt, or kill any baby without becoming answerable to the law. But it was not always so.

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“STOP Abortion”: A Plea From An Unborn Child

“STOP Abortion”: A Plea From An Unborn Child

Definition Of Abortion

Webster’s dictionary defines abortion as the expulsion of the human fetus prematurely. A medical dictionary defines it similarly, but lists some twenty-two classifications or types of abortions; for example, accidental, criminal, habitual, induced, infectious, natural, and therapeutic. Obviously, the legislation in question does not deal with the usual accidental or natural cause of an abortion or “miscarriage,” such as intrauterine infection, incompetent cervix, trauma, and the like. 

Rather,the question now before the people and their legislators is whether or not there should be restrictions on what Webster calls aborticide; that is, the act of destroying a fetus in the womb, either by direct use of instruments or by the use of a chemical or “medication” that kills the fetus and/or causes it to be expelled.

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