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Who Compiled The Christian Bible? 

Who Compiled The Christian Bible? 

Who Compiled The Christian Bible. 

A True Church of Christ produced the Bible, not the Bible produced churches. The Bible must be interpreted by the church who compiled it, not by those who just read it. These protestant sects are just a results of misinterpretation of the Catholic compiled book called THE BIBLE! 

One of the most ignored topics that protestant would not want to discuss is the compilation of the Christian Bible. It seems to them that the Bible was just tossed by God from the sky down to Earth, and that no one was responsible for its compilation. Thus, everytime a Catholic opens up the history on how the Bible came, protestants will divert the topic and try to evade it by jumping to another irrelevant issue. Because once we can dig up the story of Bible compilation, it will turn out that protestants had no contributions to the Christian Bible.

Religion First, Before Holy Book 

Legitimate religions had to exist first before they can make their own holy books, not that holy books exist then religions next. Just as a country should exist first before they can make their own constitution. For instance, when Islam was founded by Muhammad there was no Quran (Islam’s Holy Book) yet. And it took around 70 years after Muhammad’s death that the Quran was compiled. Also, when Siddhartha Gautama started Buddhism, there was no Tripitaka (Buddhism’s Holy Book) yet. And it took around 400 years after Buddha’s death that the Tripitaka was compiled into writings.

Likewise, the Christian’s Holy book must have been compiled by a legitimate Christian religion that existed before Christian Bible, not the other way around. There is no other Christian religion that existed prior to the compilation of the Bible, except the Catholic Church. Because it was the Catholic Church who decided the list of New Testament books and canonized it as an inspired writings. On the other hand, protestant sects/cults existed only 1,200 years after the Holy Bible was compiled. Therefore, they are eligitimate Christian religions, and are just product of misinterpreting the Bible. 

The Compilation of the Christian Bible.

The Bible is a Holy Book of all Christians. It is composed of 46 Old Testament books (reduced by protestants into 39 books only) and 27 New Testament books. The Septuagint version of the Old Testament which was composed around 250 BC had 46 books. During the time of Christ and his apostles, there was no New Testament writings yet. Thus, there was no Christian Bible yet at the time of Christ, since the Old Testament is not yet a Christian Bible.

The last book of the New Testament was estimated to be written only on 100AD. The Epistles of St. Paul had scattered in different places and the Church had to gather it for several decades. During those days there were more than 4 Gospels other than the current gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (e.g. Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Peter, Gospel of Mary, etc.). There were more than 300 epistles, gospels and early Christian writings (e.g. Didache, 1 Clement, Acts of Philip, Acts of John, etc.) prior to the final listing of the 27 New Testament books.

It was the Catholic Church who decided the final lists of New Testament books during the Church Councils at Rome, Hippo and Carthage in the late 4th century. Through the authority vested by Christ to his Church, the complete Christian Bible was compiled. Obviously, there was no protestant sects yet during those days. Hence, it took around 400 years for the Catholic Church to exist before it compiled its Holy Book – the Bible.

🚩 Conclusion

It is a fact that the Christian Bible is a Catholic Book. It was the Catholic Church who authoritatively decided the final lists of the New Testament books. And if the Catholic Church didn’t exist, protestant sects has no Christian Bible to use now. Because protestants sects/cults are just results of misinterpreting the Catholic-compiled book called Bible. The Catholic Church who authoritatively decided on which books are part of the New Testament canon, has also the authority to interpret it. The Bible is not intended to be interpreted privately, which is the main cause of today’s more than 40,000 conflicting protestant sects.

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