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The Immaculate Heart Of Mary: Purity Beyond Comprehension 

The Immaculate Heart Of Mary: Purity Beyond Comprehension 

​*The Immaculate Heart of Mary: Purity Beyond Comprehension.*

“And he went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them, and his mother kept all these things in her heart.”
Luke 2:51.

In celebrating the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus recently, our major prayer was that God may give us hearts like that of Jesus Christ; that God may take away our stony hearts and give us hearts of flesh which are humble, gentle and pure. It is expected in the lives of every Catholic that we celebrate the life of one woman in whom this prayer was granted, a woman whose heart was just like that of her son; Jesus Christ.

What are the characteristics of the heart of Mary?

1. Humility –
 Mary was never proud. Mary acknowledged she was just a handmaid of God and she never went about seeking praise and exultation from her fellow women like the Pharisees who loved to be greeted obsequiously in the marketplaces.

2. Silence –
 Mary pondered a lot of things in her heart. She practised the act of Contemplative Prayer which some saints have described as the most perfect form of prayer. In contemplation, we do not use words but simply centre ourselves in the presence of God pondering in our hearts what he says to us. 

3. Righteousness – 
Mary had a PURE heart. It is as a result of Mary’s outstanding sinlessness that we refer to her heart as IMMACULATE. It was this purity of heart that made God so fall in love with her as to choose her to be his mother. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave us a secret; “Blessed are the Pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Matthew 5, 8. Only a heart so pure can contain God as Mary did. 
Mary was a virgin who knew no man. This is a virtue that needs to be preached and sounded more than ever before in our world today that now sees immodesty and impurity as normal. She did not allow or entertain any form of immorality, bitterness, envy or pride. Even when she had the course to be angry as we see in today’s Gospel passage, she remained calm and gentle pondering what Jesus said in her heart.
We need to learn from Mary how to guard our hearts against the defilement of evil around us. Be careful about what you read, be careful about websites you open and the pictures you allow to fill your heart. Be careful about the kind of movies you watch and even the music you listen to. Just as you cannot dwell in a stinking environment, don’t expect God to dwell in a heart that is dirty and smelling!
Lastly, pray the rosary today asking that through Mary’s intercession, your heart will be cleansed.

Let us pray:
Lord Jesus, cleanse my heart from all impurity and sinfulness. Amen.

*Be Happy. Live Positive. Have Faith. It is well with you. God bless you.

Bible Study: Isaiah 61:9-11, Psalm: 1st Samuel 2:1-8, Luke 2:41-52).*

10 Characteristics Of The One Truly Devoted To Our Lady

10 Characteristics Of The One Truly Devoted To Our Lady

The true devotee of Mary will receive all heavenly grace and blessing and, after death, will have Heaven as a reward!

It is undoubtedly immense happiness for those who are true devotees of the Mother of God, for they will always live happily: they will receive all the heavenly graces and blessings and, after death, will have Heaven as a reward.

Let us see what the devotee of Mary does:

1) First of all, he seeks to know the life and virtues of his Mother well. He must read books that speak of her power, her greatness and her goodness. It is not possible for anyone who does not know the extraordinary prodigy that is the Mother of Jesus.

2) The devotee of the Immaculate Virgin often resorts to her. Talk familiarly with your Mother, as does the good son with his earthly mother. He entrusts to her his sorrows, his annoyances, his doubts and fears, in the certainty that she cares for him and helps him. Our Lady likes us to trust her blindly and to ask her many graces.

3) The devotee of Mary likes to visit her in churches and shrines. Appreciate your images. It makes pilgrimages to the special places where it attends so many times so wonderfully.

4) He who loves the Virgin Mary knows the principal Marian feasts and prepares well for them, with special prayers, mortifications and novenas.

5) The devotee of the Blessed Virgin brings with devotion at least one medal with its effigy. He joins in Marian confraternities, seeks to receive the scapular of Our Lady of Carmo and dresses him with all the fervor.

6) The devotee of the Immaculate thanked him for not being abandoned despite his many ingratitude. She is grateful for the numerous benefits she has received through her: all the graces we have received have passed through the maternal hands of Mary.

7) The devotee of Mary will like to pray the rosary, a favorite prayer of the Queen of the Holy Rosary. She will happily sing Marian songs and enjoy all that concerns the Heavenly Mother.

8) The one who truly loves Mary will surrender herself totally to her with an irrevocable consecration. Will do everything to please you. You will be happy to know it so great, so powerful, so beautiful and so happy. He will often say: “Mary, I am yours and I always want to be!”

9) The devotee of Mary will seek to avoid anything that may offend her and her Son Jesus.

10) Finally, and this is what is essential, the devotee of the Virgin Mary will try to imitate her: she will seek to copy her virtues and be similar to her in the measure of her strength.

The more pleasing we are to Mary, the more we will rejoice in the heart of Our Lord.

Consider yourself the true devotee of the happiest Mother of God, for you will have all the necessary and abundant aids in this world and the heavenly glory in the other.

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