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How To Celebrate The Virgin Mary’s Birthday On 8th September

How To Celebrate The Virgin Mary’s Birthday On 8th September

September 8 is the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but it is often overlooked. Don’t expect a party at your local parish. While the birthday is often acknowledged, it is not celebrated. This is because there are other events in the Virgin Mary that the Church considers more important.

Chief among those is the assumption of Mary into heaven, which is like a second birthday celebrating a saint’s arrival in heaven. The first birthday is ordinary, but the second birthday is truly glorious.

There are other reasons why her birthday is not celebrated. Little is known of her birth. We know she was born to Saints Joachim and Anne. We know she was born without sin. Saint Anne may not have suffered the pain of childbirth in bearing Mary. But everything else is speculation.
So should we celebrate Our Lady’s birthday? Because there are greater feasts associated with Our Lady, there is little need to celebrate this, the least of her holidays. However, there is no reason why you can’t.

How do you celebrate Our Lady’s birthday?

When giving gifts, it is important to give the recipient something they would like. Our Lady is fond of sincere devotion to her son, Jesus Christ. She loves acts of mercy, compassion, and kindness. Perhaps the greatest gift we can give is to love one another as her Son commanded us. Perform an act of charity on her birthday and offer it up to Our Lady. Teach your family and friends about Our Lady and her role in Christ’s life. More importantly, show people your love for Mary by behaving in a manner pleasing to her.

Let others see Our Lady in your many acts of mercy and compassion. A greater gift to Our Lady cannot be imagined.

Source: catholic.org

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