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Who Has The Final Authority To Interpret The Catholic Compiled Book Called “Bible”?

Who Has The Final Authority To Interpret The Catholic Compiled Book Called “Bible”?

Who Has The Final Authority To Interpret The CATHOLIC-COMPILED Book Called “Bible”?

Biblically, Jesus Christ had founded only a singular Church, not churches on 33AD (Mat.16:18). And this singular Church is the Pillar and Foundation of Truth, not the bible (1 Tim.3:15). Christ and his apostles never saw any Christian Bible during their lifetime, since it is only compiled as a single book in the late 4th century.

Historically, the one and only Church existing during the time of Christ and his apostles is the Catholic Church. This Church had existed around 400 years before the Christian Bible was compiled. And it was the Catholic Church then who was responsible for the collection, selection, translation, and canonization of the Bible.

In the late 4th century, the Catholic Church decided which books form part of the bible (specially the New Testament books). Actually, there were more than 300 books collected, but only 27 books were selected by the Church to be part of the New Testament. Those 27 New Testsment books were added to the 46 Old Testament books of the Septuagint, making a 73-book scripture called “Bible”. The Church then declared them as inspired Word of God, through Councils of Hippo and Carthage on 393 AD and 397AD.

Through the effort of Catholic bishops, the Bible was divided into “Chapters and Verses”, for us to easily remember certain biblical passage. A Catholic inventor named Guttenberg had invented the first printing press and began printing the Bible, to let many believers around the world read the Bible.

Sad to say, 1,200 years after the bible was made, Martin Luther revolted against the Church founded by Christ, and invented the “Bible Alone” doctrine. This leads to the 40,000 conflicting protestant sects, and is still continuously dividing until now. All of these sects were just founded by mere man/woman who claimed to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, and that they claimed that they got the correct interpretation of the Bible. Yet, they are in conflict with each others interpretation, and are even attacking each others doctrine. How many Holy Spirits guiding them? Obviously not 40k! God is not a God of Confusions. 

But, who can really interpret the Bible correctly?

The Bible was not intended to be interpreted privately (2 Pet.1:20),  as it is a Church document (not just a mere novel or magazine). Analogically, just like a “Constitution” or the “Law of the Land”, it is a documented law that an ordinary citizen or even lawyers can have different interpretations and disagreements on a certain passage of the law. But it will be the Supreme Court who has the final authority to interpret it, not that Constitution itself. Likewise, the Church Magisterium has the final authority to interpret the Bible, not the Bible itself. The same authority it had when the Catholic Church decided of which books belonged to the Bible. Without the Church to interpret the Bible, the world will be in chaos due to different interpretations and opinions.

The Bible is a product of the true Church. But these protestant sects/cults are just products reading the Bible and interpreted it differently and erroneously.

“Let 500 people interpet the writings in the Bible privately, and you will soon find 500 new sects founded due to different interpretations.”Dr. Peter Kreeft (a former protestant convert to Catholicism).

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