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Claim: Mother Mary’s Picture Suddenly Appears On The Bedspread Of A Nun

Claim: Mother Mary’s Picture Suddenly Appears On The Bedspread Of A Nun

This Marian picture of The Virgin Mary suddenly appeared on the cloth which was on the bed of Sr. Aleksandra…

According to reports this picture suddenly appeared on the cloth which was on the bed of Sr. Aleksandra who is a Religious Nun in Addis ababa.

It happened on 9th, January 2017 at 1.00 pm. One Sister went to the Kitchen to warm up lunch and Sr. Aleksandra felt a strong push to go to the room and when she reached the room, she saw this picture and called out for Sr. Auxilia and both together knelt down and prayed Rosary.

Same evening they came to our house for Holy Mass and told the Provincial Sister about it and at once they went to see. Still it is as it is. They put around the picture the flowers and some Salesian Fathers and also Cardinal too went to visit.

“it is a miraculous picture and we don’t understand what Mother Mary is asking from us. Many of our Sisters went to see”.

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Indian School Kids Witness Marian Apparition Beneath Altar Amidst Jasmine Scent!

Indian School Kids Witness Marian Apparition Beneath Altar Amidst Jasmine Scent!

The apparition witnesses – Krishnaveda & friends


In India, schoolkids say Virgin Mary appeared amid scent of jasmine.

Both Hindu and Catholic schoolchildren in India claim to have witnessed an apparition of Christ and several appearances of the Virgin Mary accompanied by the scent of jasmine, the gift of contrition, and the healing of a girl’s ear problem.

The site of the alleged apparitions is St. Ambrose Church and Lower Primary School in Edavanakkad, in the far southwestern state of Kerala, 16 miles northwest of Kochi. The parish and adjacent school are under the Archdiocese of Verapoly. The Marian apparitions are said to have happened on at least two separate dates.

The church’s assistant pastor Father Merton D’Silva said archdiocesan authorities have taken a “wait-and-see” approach before intervening, the news site Matters India reports. Matters India has recounted the apparitions based on a note on the parish billboard by parish priest Father Mathew D’Cunha.

The apparition reportedly began Sept. 28 when a student at the school, a Hindu girl named Krishnaveda, went to the church to pray for her ear problem. She put some holy water on her ear. She later told her fellow students that the holy water immediately helped her ear.

When the children left the school to pray in the church, they looked up and saw in the sky a vision of Christ being scourged. They recited the name of Jesus and went into the church to thank God for healing the girl’s ear.

The only Catholic girl among them, Ambrosiya, volunteered to lead the students in praying the rosary. However she did not know the Luminous Mysteries recited on Thursday and sought a teacher’s help. The children were in prayer when the teacher reached them at about 1:45 in the afternoon.

One of the girls, named Anusree, told the teacher that the Blessed Virgin was standing under the altar. They reported the smell of jasmine flower. The alleged apparition told the children to come closer, which frightened a girl named Sivanya, who said she wanted to leave.

While the teacher was leading the children out of the church, the girls said the apparition followed them and pleaded with them not to leave. The teacher went to tell the other teachers, while some children went to the assistant pastor, Father D’Silva.

When D’Silva took the children back to the church so they could pray, the children claimed to see the Virgin Mary standing under the altar. The adults could not see anything.

According to the children, the apparition promised them help in their studies and promised to send them the Holy Spirit. The apparition also promised to take them to heaven.

When the news of the apparition spread, people began to gather at the church. Parents of the children took them home.

On Oct. 3 a large crowd prayed the rosary in the church with the reputed visionaries. After a time, everyone perceived the scent of jasmine flowers. The children said they saw the Virgin Mary again.

A priest asked the children to point out the exact spot. The congregation saw a bright light and the priest said he felt someone patting his head.

Many in the congregation said they received the gift of contrition as they prayed.

The church had planned a night vigil on Oct. 12.








(See Video) Blessed Virgin Mary Appears In Knock Ireland on 10th June 2017

(See Video) Blessed Virgin Mary Appears In Knock Ireland on 10th June 2017

According to Catholic.org, the footage is emotional and difficult to believe, but it is genuine and verified by the cameras of hundreds of other eyewitnesses. A crowd of people gathered in Knock, Ireland at 3 PM, June 10, saw a promised vision of the Virgin Mary in the sky.

The sun appeared as an elongated shape in the videos, not as a circle. Rays of light were also captured on camera. As clouds passed before the sun, filtering out the brightest light, people were able to look directly at the vision. They reported the vision moved, and spun, a classic miracle of the sun, often associated with apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

The sight alone is moving and astounding. There is no evidence on video that is so clearly genuine or so remarkable. But what makes this apparition even more compelling is that it was predicted by a 14-year-old boy.

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St. Michael the Archangel’s Miraculous Apparitions In Rome And Mexico

St. Michael the Archangel’s Miraculous Apparitions In Rome And Mexico

-The Wonderful stories behind the Castle of the Angels in Rome and St Michael’s well in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

“At that time shall arise Michael, the great prince who has charge of your people.” Daniel 12:1 

First miracle: The Virgin Mary and St. Michael appear to Pope St. Gregory the Great — The plague in Rome miraculously ended
When Saint Gregory the Great was elected pope, in the year 590, Rome and all of Italy was ravaged by a deadly plague. In fact, Pope St. Gregory was elected because his predecessor, Pope Pelagius, himself died of the epidemic on Feb 7th, 590. On April 25 of that year, the holy pope St Gregory requested a public procession through the streets of Rome to beg for an end to the epidemic. An icon of Our Lady that was painted by Saint Luke the Evangelist was carried at the head of the prayerful entourage.

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