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Are You Suffering? Turn To This Archangel For Help

Are You Suffering? Turn To This Archangel For Help

Archangel Raphael


The archangel’s name in Hebrew means “Divine Healer.”

Among the three archangels named in the Bible, St. Raphael is probably the least known. This is likely due to the fact that St. Raphael is only found in the Old Testament (and there only in a book not considered canonical by Jews or Protestant Christians), while Gabriel and Michael feature prominently in the New Testament.

  • Traditionally, Raphael had a separate feast celebrated on October 24, though recently his feast was combined with those of the other two archangels on September 29.

St. Raphael is a powerful intercessor whom we should not forget, especially during times when we are most in need of healing.

Raphael is found in the Book of Tobit, where he reveals himself as a healer of mind, body and spirit. The first part of the biblical story narrates the life of Tobit, a righteous Jewish man who took upon himself the burial of the dead even when it was forbidden by his Assyrian captors. Tobit became blind after bird droppings fell into his eyes. The blindness lasted for several years and sent Tobit into a deep anguish, creating in him a desire to die.

At the same time there was a woman named Sarah who was tormented by a demon. She married seven times, but each time her bridegroom was killed by the demon on their wedding night, before the marriage could be consummated. She too was deeply depressed and wished for death.

St. Raphael was sent to both. He brought about their healing by accompanying Tobit’s son, Tobias, on a journey to find a special kind of fish liver with healing properties. Raphael was disguised as Tobias’ travel guide, and in this tradition he is often invoked by pilgrims.

On the way back home, Raphael and Tobias stopped at the home of Tobit’s kinsmen — the parents of Sarah. Tobias and Sarah fell in love, and on their wedding night Tobias’ pledge of chaste love, stirred by Raphael’s angelic power, defeated the demon.

Returning home with his bride, Tobias laid the fish liver on Tobit’s eyes and his blindness was healed. At the marriage feast of Tobias and Sarah, the family turned to thank Raphael, who only then revealed himself as an archangel.

The word Raphael in Hebrew can be rendered as, “God heals,” “Divine Healer,” or “Remedy of God.” His angelic mission on earth is to heal, which is very important for those suffering in any way.

Below is a prayer to St. Raphael for any intention you may have, especially for anyone you know who may be hurting right now. In light of recent events, all of us should pray for the healing of our country, and all those suffering in mind, body or spirit.

Glorious Archangel St. Raphael, great prince of the heavenly court, you are illustrious for your gifts of wisdom and grace. You are a guide of those who journey by land or sea or air, consoler of the afflicted, and refuge of sinners. I beg you, assist me in all my needs and in all the sufferings of this life, as once you helped the young Tobias on his travels. Because you are the “medicine of God” I humbly pray you to heal the many infirmities of my soul and the ills that afflict my body. I especially ask of you the favor (here mention your special intention), and the great grace of purity to prepare me to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Aleteia, The Holy Bible – The book of Tobit.


VIDEO!! Another 5 Angels Caught Flying On Camera

VIDEO!! Another 5 Angels Caught Flying On Camera

Video below shows another 5 Angels Caught Flying On Camera

CAUGHT ON CAMERA!! Two Angels Seen Taking Child’s Soul Up To Heaven?

CAUGHT ON CAMERA!! Two Angels Seen Taking Child’s Soul Up To Heaven?

Do you believe in Angels? – If you have been skeptical about the existence of Angels before, after watching this video you’re sure to wonder a bit more of their existence.

This video was filmed by pastor, Igor Shvedov, who was just capturing the beautiful sunset when what appears to be an angelic moment got caught on film. It started when filming in the direction of where a boy had just died, it appears two Angels can be seen taking the child’s soul to Heaven. You can make out the shape of the Angels standing upright who appear to be made purely of light while a light body of the small boy lays between them (in the middle of the Angels).

Gracefully, they rise right through the roof of the apartment building and begin to carry the boy’s soul up to meet Jesus. This scene brings to mind the bible verse (Matthew 18:10) on the role that Angels are always aware of children and are assigned to guide and watch over them.

Matthew 18:10 says “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their Angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.”

That verse is just as MAGICAL as the video is for it will leave you with a feeling of peace and a reminder that when you walk with Jesus there is nothing to fear, not even death itself.

See Video Below


Source: ilovebeingchristian

She Was Burning Alive…They Couldn’t Open The Doors…Then They Prayed And An Angel Appeared!

She Was Burning Alive…They Couldn’t Open The Doors…Then They Prayed And An Angel Appeared!

Tracey and Dann Stadler had a very close call with death. The couple was out celebrating their 4th anniversary when they were in a horrible car accident. They had been hit head on by a drunk driver. The driver had been going the wrong way down their lane on the highway when their cars collided and the couple was trapped inside a fiery nightmare.

“There was so much wreckage pushed in on us that we just couldn’t move. Tracey was literally trapped by the engine and everything else had collapsed in on her,” Dan recalls.

“I looked at my husband and he reached over to try to unbuckle my seatbelt,” Tracey said. “And then whoosh, he started on fire. I tried getting to him but I couldn’t move. I was trapped.”

The driver of the other car was already dead while Dann and Tracey were already badly injured and fighting for their lives. Tracey recalls, “The whole entire car was filled with smoke. I could smell the burning leather. I could smell the burning flesh. I knew that I was going to start on fire very soon because I couldn’t breathe. I could feel my lungs burning.”

Other motorists were quick to arrive at the deadly scene and they attempted to rescue the couple.

“They stopped their car and ran up to our car which was now engulfed in smoke and flames,” Dann said. “They began praying as soon as they came upon the wreckage and they moved into action almost as quickly. They were doing everything they could spiritually to help rescue us; however God’s will was going to play out; they were there involved in it.”

“I remember leaning up and looking at all these people lined up and they were hysterical. And I remember even locking eyes with a woman,” Tracey said.

The rescue efforts continued but time was quickly running out. The couple was becoming more and more desperate and they had a very limited amount of time left to get out of the car alive.

Tracey said, “I realized, ‘This is it. I’m leaving.’ And so I prayed. I said prayers I never even knew were in my mind. I said, ‘Father I pray that You forgive me for my sins. You said You have many mansions in Heaven and I pray there’s one for me.’ And I said, ‘Please don’t let me burn to death.’ And then I looked up and there he was.”

Then something even more amazing happened, according to Tracey:

“When I say ‘He’ it was a person who I knew wasn’t of this world. It was a Heaven sent person in an angelic form. And at that point he just lifted me up and I went with him. He pulled me out and we started getting further away from the accident site. At that point I know I left my body. I know I did. He told me I could look back if I wanted to, but I didn’t want to. And the further we got away from the accident site the more peace I felt – such peace. And the love? The love can’t be explained; we’re too finite in our words. It can’t be explained in human terms. The love, like you are going home. There was no pain, no regret, only anticipation. The only thing that mattered was my relationship with Christ. And I felt like I was in the arms of God, of Jesus Christ himself.”

Dann said: “And they saw him come closer and closer to the car and he appeared to have a glow about him. And, at the same time there was another man who was behind all of this going on. He was praying fervently for our rescue and our recovery. And, he said just as the angel came upon the scene, he was buckled to his knees because he felt the healing power of Jesus Christ so intensely that it just overpowered and overwhelmed him. One of the rescuers was able to free Tracey, and that’s when he said she was just as light as a feather. She just essentially popped out right in his hands. As the angel was there he bent over her, and he put his hands over her face.”

That is when the healing took place. The couple soon snapped back to reality and were alive! Now they have written a book called Angels in the Fire where they share their amazing story of survival.


Source: JesusDaily

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