“STOP Abortion”: A Plea From An Unborn Child

“STOP Abortion”: A Plea From An Unborn Child

Definition Of Abortion

Webster’s dictionary defines abortion as the expulsion of the human fetus prematurely. A medical dictionary defines it similarly, but lists some twenty-two classifications or types of abortions; for example, accidental, criminal, habitual, induced, infectious, natural, and therapeutic. Obviously, the legislation in question does not deal with the usual accidental or natural cause of an abortion or “miscarriage,” such as intrauterine infection, incompetent cervix, trauma, and the like. 

Rather,the question now before the people and their legislators is whether or not there should be restrictions on what Webster calls aborticide; that is, the act of destroying a fetus in the womb, either by direct use of instruments or by the use of a chemical or “medication” that kills the fetus and/or causes it to be expelled.

Biblical Passages Against Abortion.

Abortion is a sin against the 6th commandment “Do NOT kill.” Exodus 20 v 13.

Old Testament passages referring to child sacrifice are numerous and somber. The Israelites, delivered from the bondage of Egypt by the holy and mighty hand of the LORD of heaven and earth, were not just guilty of idolatry and unfaithfulness. They were guilty of adopting the horrific Canaanite practice of child sacrifice. In some cases, they attempted to attach this practice to worship of the Lord (Ezekiel 23:39). In other cases, they rejected Yahweh worship altogether, and fully turned themselves over to the gods of Canaan (2 Kings 17:17). Some Israelites stood by and did nothing (Leviticus 20:1-5). As a result, God brought dreadful judgment upon their entire nation (Jeremiah 19:3-6).

True Story.

In 1978, a former abortionist who committed more than 75,000 infanticides; presented a real time ultra sound video showing a 12 week old baby girl, who was getting aborted. Before the infanticide occurred, the former abortionist began explaining the ultra sound footage, and the baby girl was actually sucking her thumb and moving in the womb, and when the abortionist’s suction tube tried getting the baby, the baby girl began moving violently and tried dodging the suction tube. Her heart raced from 140 beats per minute, to 200. Her mouth was actually open crying, and finally when the baby girl’s limbs were grabbed she let out a silent scream and the mouth could be seen wide open in agony, while she was ripped. Then the infanticide practitioner crushed the baby girls’ head with forceps. To further dehumanize the baby, instead of the head of the baby being called a head, it is instead called “number 1” – “the abortionist crushes number 1.” 

Infanticides and their accompaniment markets and experimentations are Satanic Rituals, there to venerate and pay homage to Satan. These rituals are unspeakable and unimaginable abominations.

It needs to also be said when it comes to abortion, that it is demonically inspired, instituted and supported by Satan and all the legions of Hell. It is Satanic to the core in its foundation and continuation and it has been heard before from the lips of videotaped Satanists that there are abortion “doctors” who are Satanists who perform abortions because they see it as a way to offer human sacrifices to Satan legally and perpetually to curry his favor more than any other of his followers and get paid for it to boot.

What The Saints Say Against Abortion.

Padre Pio

Padre Pio’s horror of abortion is made clear in an incident told to one of his biographers, Rev. Bernard Ruffin, and recounted in the book Padre Pio: The True Story. 

Ruffin had interviewed a gentleman named Albert Cardone, who stated that he had learned of Padre Pio from a woman who had gone to the saint for confession.  After the woman had enumerated all the sins she could recall, Padre Pio asked her, “Try to remember the other sin.”  She said that she could not think of anything more, and Padre Pio told her to visit the cross that is at the top of the mountain, and to recite fifteen Ave Maria’s and Our Fathers as a penance.  She then returned to Padre Pio’s confessional a second time, and he asked her if she remembered all of her sins.  She insisted that she remembered all of them, but the Padre replied, “No, you still don’t remember all.”  He sent her once again to the cross on the mountain.  The scenario was repeated a third time, and she still did not recall any other sins. 

Finally, in a loud voice, Padre Pio said, “Don’t you know he could have been a good priest, a bishop, even a cardinal?”  

The poor woman began to cry, exclaiming that she did not know abortion was a sin.  The saint countered with, “What do you mean, you didn’t know that this was a sin? That’s killing!” The woman said that no one had been told of the abortion except for her mother, and asked how he could say that the child would have been a priest or a cardinal. Padre Pio answered by repeating, “But it’s a sin, a great sin.” In other words, it did not matter what his position in life would have been.



Mother you have another option

let me live and give me up for adoption.
I am alive in your womb my heartbeats

just give us both the chance to meet.
I am an unborn fetus with a right

some one give us a voice so we can fight.
Abortion is a legal right to commit murder

who gave our mother this right to hurt us.
Someone please bring a new law out soon

to stop us being murdered in the womb.
Why do our mothers not want to keep us

have they no love for there unborn fetus.
Before this doctor injects my life out,

mother give me one more thought about.

copyright J.Ashton 2016

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