Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 4]

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 4]


Blessed Mary: And when does a soul go directly to Heaven?

R… For this soul, the union begun with Jesus continues to death: here is Heaven, but the union of Heaven is much more intimate than that of the earth.

Why did you act in this way with the good God today? He is not happy with your conduct. He who is good with you; this is ingratitude on your part. And for what reason do you investigate the conduct of others? Take care only of yours: that’s enough. Not everyone has the same head and, if you had had to lose it for seven years, I speak to you, after all the fears had, for a long time this would have happened. Reassure yourself, therefore, and never start again to act like today!

You are quite right not to love ecstasies. Of course, we must accept them when the good Lord sends them, but He does not want them to be desired. These are not things that will lead to Heaven. A mortified, humble life is more to be desired and much safer. It is true that many saints have had revelations and ecstasies, but this was a reward that the good Lord gave them after long struggles and a life of renunciation, or even because he wanted to use them for great things in view of his glory and all this happened without noise, without pomp, in the silence of prayer, and when they were discovered, they were all confused and did not talk about it except by obedience.

The good Lord has crushed you in the past, but prematurate of patience and be very brave because it will crush you again in the future.

Tell the Mother Superior that if you meet the souls with the character and temperament of Sister X …, be careful and do not listen to everything they would like to say.

Regarding what you tell me, do not worry. Here is how you can know that a grace is granted to you by the good God. These graces come to you and pour on you like a downpour that surprises you in the middle of a beautiful day, while the sky seems almost serene. One should not therefore fear having tried to obtain them; they were not thought about. You have observed this many times. The thing is very different when it comes to the graces that are believed to be granted by Jesus, whereas they are only the fruit of an imagination that has worked hard to produce them. These graces would be to be feared, because often the demon is inflamed and profited by a weak brain, a feeble temperament, a judgment that is not too firm; then he deceives those poor souls who, moreover, do not commit sin, as long as they are subject to the advice of the people who lead them, and I can attest to you that there are many in the world today. The demon thus acts in order to ridicule religion!

Few people love God as He wants. They, believing they are looking for the good God, seek themselves and long for a sanctity that is not true!

Blessed Mary: Tell me, then, what is true holiness?

R… You know well; but, as you wish, I will repeat it to you, I have already said it several times: true holiness consists in denying oneself from morning to night, in living by sacrifice, in knowing how to constantly set aside the human, let the good God work as he wants, in receiving graces, that come from his goodness, with a profound humility, recognizing them unworthy, in keeping as much as possible to the holy presence of the good God, in carrying out all his actions under his divine gaze, not seeking him to bear witness to his efforts and for a single reward; besides, in all the other things I already told you. This is the holiness that Jesus wants and demands from souls who wish to be uniquely his and live in his life. The rest is nothing but an illusion…to be continued. 

Some souls pay for their Purgatory on earth through suffering, others through love, because love has also really its martyrdom. The soul, who truly seeks to love Jesus, perceives that, with all his efforts, he does not love Him as much as he would wish, and this constitutes for him a continuous martyrdom, caused solely by love and not exempt from great pains! It is, as I have told you, a little the state of a soul of Purgatory that incessantly rushes towards the One who is his only desire, and who is seen at the same time rejected, because his atonement is not accomplished.

Ask the Mother Superior to reread what I tell you from time to time instead of reading. Take a day every week, Thursday for example, because what is the use of writing, if you never reread (what you have written)? You would end up forgetting it, and it is not for this purpose that I say it to you, but to make you profit.

Blessed Mary: “If you had not talked to anyone about what you told me since I heard you, what would have been the consequence?” You know well that I had a great desire to keep everything alone for me!

R… You were free to keep everything for yourself alone, but if you had not spoken, I would have advised you to do it, because the good Lord never allowed any man’s perfection to come directly from Heaven. Since he lives on earth, God wants the earth to end up perfecting according to the advice that allows it to be given to that purpose. So you have done well to reveal what it cost you to say so much. Moreover, all this does not come from you, and the good God, who directs everything to the good of those he loves, knows at the same time to draw his glory from him.

NOVEMBERDECEMBER 1879 – The sister-in-law of … is in Purgatory, where she suffers a lot. The Reverend Father can alleviate her sufferings by offering for her the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The old sinner has been saved from the mercy of the good God, like so many others. It is located in the great Purgatory…to be continued 

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