Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 3]

Startling Revelations Of Purgatory Made By A Soul In Flames To Blessed Mary Of The Cross [Part 3]


Blessed Mary: Do you know each other in Purgatory?

R… Yes, as the souls are known. There are no more names in the other world. We must not compare Purgatory with the earth. When the soul is free and released from its mortal envelope, its name is buried in the grave together with the body. I explain very little what Purgatory is and you understand it a little more than the others, for the light that God gives you. But what is this little compared to reality? We are here lost in the will of the good God, while on earth, no matter how holy we are, we always keep our will. But we do not have any more. We know and know only what pleases God to make us known and nothing more.

Blessed Mary: Do you talk to each other in Purgatory?

R …The souls communicate among themselves when the good Lord allows it, according to the way of communicating the souls, but without words… 

Blessed Mary: Yes, it is true that I speak to you, but are you a spirit? Would you understand me if I did not say the words?

But as for me, because this is what the good God wants, I understand you without pronouncing the words with your lips. Nevertheless, communication is made between souls, among spirits, even without being dead. So, when you have a good thought, a good wish, you have often been communicated by your good Angel or by some other saint, sometimes by the good God himself. This is the language of the souls.

Blessed Mary: Where is Purgatory? Is it thick in a small place?

R … It is in the center of the earth near Hell (as you saw it one day after Holy Communion). The souls are there as in a narrow place, if we consider the multitude that is there, since there are thousands and thousands of souls, but how much space does it take for a soul? Every day there are many thousands of them and most of them remain from thirty to forty years. Others much longer and others less. I tell you this according to the calculations of the earth, because here it is quite another thing. Ah, if you knew, if you knew Purgatory and when you think it’s your own fault! I’ve been there for eight years. It seems to me that ten thousand years have passed!

Tell all this exactly to your Father! … Learn from me what is this place of suffering, in order to make it better known in the future. He will be able to experience for himself how devotional to the souls of Purgatory is beneficial. The good Lord often grants more graces for the mediation of these suffering souls than those of the same Saints. When he wishes to achieve something with greater certainty, he should prefer the souls who have most loved the Blessed Virgin and whom, consequently, this good Mother wishes to free, and he himself will be able to tell you if you feel well. There are also souls who do not live in Purgatory proper. So I, during the day, accompany you wherever you go, but when you rest, at night, I suffer more, I find myself in Purgatory.

The (spiritual) Father was right to tell you never to seek anything other than the holy will of the good Lord in all that you do. This will constitute happiness for you. See his will in everything that happens to you, pains and joys. Everything comes from Jesus equally. Oh! be good, doubly good, to please the good God, to Him who is so good for you! Always keep the eyes of the soul fixed on Him to prevent the slightest desire. Go even further, in order to please you. The more you try to do it, the more He will do it to you. The good Lord will not let himself be won in generosity, on the contrary! He always gives more than he does not give Him. So be ingenious to spend yourselves for his love and his glory.

Tell Father P. from the good God that you follow with great courage in all that he has undertaken for him, but that it is prudent, that is to say, that he does not do more than his forces do. I have already said it to you, for all your intentions, and also for him, as for you.

Pius IX went directly to Heaven, his Purgatory was done on earth. 

Blessed Mary: How do you know that Pope Pius IX went directly to Heaven, since you did not see him go through Purgatory?

R... The good Lord has made it known to me and it is also He who, by his goodness, allows me to know what you ask of me, when I have not seen and experienced it myself. The justice of the good Lord keeps us in Purgatory, it is true, and we deserve it, but be sure that his mercy and his paternal heart do not leave us there without any consolation. We ardently desire complete attainment with Jesus, but He desires it almost to the part of us. On earth he often communicates himself in an intimate way to some souls (since few want to listen to Him) and is pleased to reveal their secrets to them. The souls who receive his favors are those who seek to be accepted in their whole conduct and who live and breathe only for Jesus and to please Him. 

In Purgatory there are very guilty souls, but repent, and, despite the sins to be expiated, they are confirmed in grace and can no longer sin: they are perfect. Well, as the soul is purified in the place of expiation, it understands better, but without seeing each other, because then there would be no more Purgatory. 

If in Purgatory we did not know the good Lord more than on earth, our punishments would not be so great, nor would our torture be atrocious. What constitutes our principal torment is the absence of the One who is the only object of our persistent longings! our punishments would not be so great, nor will our torment be atrocious…to be continued 

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