St. Padre Pio’s Nurse Who Was With Him During His Last Moment, Reveals How He Died

St. Padre Pio’s Nurse Who Was With Him During His Last Moment, Reveals How He Died

The only words the good old friar repeated were “Jesus, Mary, Jesus, Mary.”

Born Francesco Forgione on the 25th of May, 1887, at Pietrelcina, Padre Pio was inclined from his childhood to a spirit of prayer and recollection, together with a profound sense of sin. At the age of 15 he entered the Capuchin Order of the Friars Minor, and notwithstanding his rather frail health, lived with exactness and in a joyful spirit the severe Rule of the Order. He was ordained a priest on August 10, 1910.

Padre Pio, the Capuchin friar well known over the world and spoken of as the priest with special supernatural gifts, died on September 23rd at 2:30 in the morning, in the Monastery of Our Lady of Graces, in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. He was 81 years old.

Here is a full account of how the Saint died, according to the nurse who was with him until he breathed his last. 

On the night between September 22 and 23, 1968, in cell number 1 of the convent of San Giovanni Rotondo where Padre Pio lived, another man was also there. His name is Pio Miscio, a nurse at Casa Sollievo (“House of Relief”), and it was his shift at the hospital.

He ran to the convent with Dr. Giovanni Scarale, with the respirator that was supposed to help the saint of Pietrelcina to breathe. Thus, another name was added to the list of those who were present at Padre Pio’s death.

“Padre Pio died in the arms of Dr. Scarale,” says Miscio, with emotion. Once Padre Pio had died, Miscio continued his rounds through the unit to carry out his work as the nurse on duty (Tele Radio Padre Pio, February 23).

What happened during the night

It was close to 2 a.m. In Padre Pio’s cell were his primary physician, Dr. Sala, the Father Superior of the convent, and some friars. Padre Pio was seated in an armchair; his breathing was labored and he was very pale.

While Dr. Scarale took the tube out of the friar’s nose and held the oxygen mask to his face, Pio Miscio silently watched that dramatic scene.

“I was near the radiator; I was fully attentive to those moments, but I didn’t do anything.” Before he lost consciousness, Padre Pio repeated, “Jesus, Mary, Jesus, Mary,” without hearing what the doctor said. His gaze was lost in empty space. When he lost consciousness, “Doctor Scarale tried to resuscitate him several times, but to no effect.”

St. Pio of pietrelcina, Pray for us! 

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