St. Frances Of Rome Visions Of The Fallen Angels 

St. Frances Of Rome Visions Of The Fallen Angels 

St. Frances of Rome Vision of the Fallen Angels.

Saint Frances of Rome is famous for her visions of Hell. The saint describes Lucifer as the most brilliant of the Seraphim; for this reason his sin was very serious. As we know, the Seraphim is the highest of the nine choirs of Angels. Lucifer consequently was the highest ranked among the angels who had rebelled, and for this he was cast into the deepest part of Hell.

There were angels who chose to follow Lucifer with particular malice and of their own initiative. They were thrown into Hell and are tormented by him because he is more powerful than they, and – Saint Frances of Rome tells us – the Divine Justice delegated Lucifer the assignment of punishing for all eternity those whom he had one day convinced to follow him in the rebellion.

While one-third of the angels sinned, the other two-thirds persevered in grace. One-third of the fallen angels is in Hell tormenting the condemned souls. These devils are the ones who freely followed Lucifer and deliberately revolted against God. They cannot leave the abyss except with the special acquiescence of God, when He decides to punish the sins of men with a great calamity. These are the worst among the devils.

The other two-thirds of the fallen angels inhabit the air and the earth. They are the ones who did not take a side in the battle between Lucifer and God, but remained silent.

The devils of the air often instigate storms, winds and thunders to frighten souls, causing their wills to weaken and cede to inconstancy, thus preparing them to falter in the Faith and to doubt Divine Providence. The devils who live on earth among men to tempt us are the fallen angels of the lowest choir. The faithful angels of this choir are our guardian angels.

The prince and chief of all devils is Lucifer, who is confined at the bottom of the abyss, where he punishes the other devils and the condemned men and women. Since he fell from the highest place among the angels, the Seraphic choir, he became the worst devil. His characteristic vice is pride.

Saint Frances tells us also that below Lucifer and under his power are 3 other princes who obey him:

First – Asmodeus, who represents the vice of lust and impurity. He was the head of the Cherubim.

Second – Mammon, who is at the top of the vice of avarice, and was the head of the Thrones

Third – Beelzebub, who is the leader of all idolatries, spells, sorcery, obscure or hidden activities. He was the chief of the Dominions. He is over everything that is dark and that diffuses darkness over rational creatures.

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