St. Frances Of Rome Is Lead Through Hell By The Archangel Gabriel – The Mocking Devil (6)

St. Frances Of Rome Is Lead Through Hell By The Archangel Gabriel – The Mocking Devil (6)


The Mocking Devil


Shall they not take up a parable against him, a dark speech concerning him?


St. Frances saw that on the other side of the soul there was another devil to mock at and reproach it. Hear what mockeries he said to it.Remember,” he said, “remember where you are and where you will be for ever; how short the sin was, how long the punishment. It is your own fault; when you committed that mortal sin, you knew how you would be punished. What a good bargain you made to take the pains of eternity in exchange for the sin of a day, an hour, a moment. You cry now for your sin, but your crying comes too late. You liked bad company, you will find bad company enough here. Your father was a drunkard, and showed you the way to the public-house; he still is a drunkard, look at him over there drinking red hot fire. You were too idle to go to Mass on Sundays, be as idle as you like now, for there is no Mass to go to. You disobeyed your father, but you dare not disobey him who is your father in Hell; look at him, that great chained monster; disobey him if you dare.”

St. Frances saw that these mockeries put the soul into such dreadful despair that it burst out into the most frightful howlings and blasphemies.

But it is time for us now to see where the sinner has been put — his everlasting dwelling-place.

A Bed of Fire

The sinner lies chained down on a bed of red-hot blazing fire! When a man, sick of fever, is lying on even a soft bed, it is pleasant sometimes to turn round. If the sick man lies on the same side for a long time, the skin comes off, the flesh gets raw. How will it be when the body has been lying on the same side on the scorching, broiling fire for a hundred millions of years! 

Now look at that body lying on the bed of fire. All the body is salted with fire. The fire burns through every bone and every muscle. Every nerve is trembling and quivering with the sharp fire. The fire rages inside and the skull, it shoots out through the eyes, it drops out through the ears, it roars in the throat as it roars up a chimney. So will mortal sin be punished. Yet there are people in their senses who commit mortal sin! Concluded

Dear Christian, please endeavour to always go for confessions and live a good life pleasing to God. 

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