St. Frances Of Rome Is Lead Through Hell By The Archangel Gabriel – The Gates Of Hell (1) 

St. Frances Of Rome Is Lead Through Hell By The Archangel Gabriel – The Gates Of Hell (1) 

NEW YEAR’S EVIL PRESENTS: Saint Frances of Rome is Lead Through Hell By the Angel Gabriel.


(From The Writings of St. Frances of Rome)


The Gates Of Hell


Matt. xvi. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church.

St. Frances of Rome lived a very holy life. Many times she saw with her eyes her Angel Guardian at her side. It pleased the Almighty God to let her see many other wonderful things. Brev Rom. 

One afternoon the Angel Gabriel came to take her to see Hell. She went with him and saw that terrible place. Let us follow in her footsteps, that we might see in spirit the wonderful things which she saw. Our journey is through the deep dark places under the earth. Now we will set off. We pass through hundreds and hundreds of miles of darkness. Now we are coming near the terrible place. See, there are the gates of hell! 

When St. Frances came to the gates of Hell, and she read on them these words, written in letters of fire: “This is Hell, where there is neither rest, nor consolation, nor hope.” Look, then, at those tremendous gates in front of you. How large they are. Measure, if you can, the length and breadth, the height and depth of the terrible gates. “Therefore hath hell opened her mouth without any bound. Their strong ones and their people, and their glorious ones, go down into it.”

See also the vast thickness, the tremendous strength of those gates. In a prison on earth there are not, perhaps, more than two or three hundred prisoners. Still the gates of a prison are made most strong with iron, and with bars, and with bolts, and with locks, for fear the prisoners should break down the gates and get away. Do not wonder, then, at the immense strength of the gates of Hell. 

In Hell there are not two hundred or three hundred prisoners only. Millions on millions are shut up there. They are tormented with the most frightful pains. These dreadful pains make them furious. Their fury gives them strength, such as we never saw. We read of a man who had the fury of hell in him. He was so strong that he could easily break in pieces great chains of iron. 

Mark v. The vast multitudes in hell, strong in their fury and despair, rush forward like the waves of the sea. They dash themselves up against the gates of hell to break them in pieces. This is the reason these gates are so strong. No hand of man could make such gates. Jesus Christ said that the gates in Hell shall not prevail against his Church, because in Hell there is nothing stronger than its gates.

Do you hear that growling thunder rolling from one end of Hell to the other? The gates of Hell are opening…to be continued. 

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