St. Frances Of Rome Is Lead Through Hell By The Archangel Gabriel – The First Look Into Hell (2)

St. Frances Of Rome Is Lead Through Hell By The Archangel Gabriel – The First Look Into Hell (2)

NEW YEAR’S EVIL PRESENTS: Saint Francis of Rome is Lead Through Hell By the Angel Gabriel 

(From The Writings of St. Frances of Rome)…Continued 

The First Look Into Hell.

When the gates of hell had been opened, St. Frances, with her angel, went forward. She stood on the edge of the abyss. She saw a sight so terrible that it cannot be told. She saw that the size of Hell was immense. Neither in height, nor in depth, nor in length, nor in breadth, could she see any end of it. 

Is. xxxiv. None shall ever pass through it. She saw that Hell was divided into three immense places. These three places were at a great distance from one another. There was an upper Hell, and a middle Hell, and a lower Hell. Wisd. 17. “Night came upon them from the lowest and deepest hell.” She saw that in the upper Hell, the torments were very grevious. In the middle Hell the were still more terrible. In the lowest hell the torments were above all understanding. When she had looked into this terrible place, her blood was frozen with fright!

The torments prepared for the wicked.

The Devil.

Apoc. xx. An angel laid hold on the old serpent, which is the devil and Satan, and bound him, and cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up.

Our journey lies across the great sea of fire. We must go on till we come to the middle of Hell. There we shall see the most horrible site that ever was or will be — the great Devil chained down in the middle of Hell. We will set off on our journey. Now we are coming near the dwelling place of Satan. The darkness gets thicker. You see a greater number of devils moving about in the thick darkness. They come to get the orders of their great chief. Already you hear the rattling of the tremendous chains of the great monster! See! there he is — the most horrible and abominable of all monsters, the Devil. His size is immense!

Is.viii. He shall fill the length of the land. 

St. Frances saw him. He was sitting on a long beam which passed through the middle of Hell. His feet went down into the lowest depths of Hell. They rested on the floor of Hell. They were fastened with great, heavy iron chains. These chains were fixed to an immense ring on the floor. His hands were chained up to the roof. One of his hands was turned up against heaven, to blaspheme God and the saints who dwell there. Apoc. xiii. His other hand was stretched out, pointing to the lowest hell. His tremendous and horrible head was raised up on high, and touched the roof. From his head came two immense horns. Apoc. xiii

I saw another beast having two horns. From each horn smaller horns, without number, branched out, which, like chimneys, sent out fire and smoke. His enormous mouth was wide open. Out of it there was running a river of fire, which gave no light, but a most abominable smell. Job xli. Flame cometh out of his mouth. Round his neck was a collar of red hot iron. A burning chain tied him round the middle. The uglinesses of his face was such that no man or devil could bear it. It was the most deformed, horrible, frightful thing that ever was or will be. His great fierce eyes were filled with pride and anger, and rage, and spite, and blood, and fire, and savage cruelty. There was something else in those eyes for which there is no name, but it made those on whom the Devil’s eyes were fixed tremble and shake as if they were dying. One of the saints who saw the Devil said she would rather be burnt for a thousand years than look at the Devil for one moment…to be continued 

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