Spiritual Facts Of Life

Spiritual Facts Of Life

*Two things that bring one close to God:*
1. Studying the Word of God and abiding by it.

2. Prayer

*Two things that make the Devil to keep away from one:*
1. Be God fearing & prayerful

2. Avoiding selfishness

*Two things that aid answers to prayers:*
1. Fasting

2. Thanksgiving

*Two things that God loves:*
1. Giving

2. Winning souls

​*Two things that have no benefit:*

1. Love that doesn’t end up in marriage

2. Marriage without love

*Two things that entrench love:*
1. Good habits

2. Honesty

*Two things that destroy a man:*
1. Living a fake life

2. Lack of focus

*Two things that destroy a woman:*
1. Love for materialism

2. Imitation or comparison

*Two things that destroy friendship:*
1. Lies

2. Back biting or distrust

*Two things that enhance charisma:*
1. Trustworthiness

2. Steadfastness in serving God

*Two things that bring about misery:*
1. Disrespect for elders

2. False accusation

*Two things that bring about happiness:*
1. Doing good deeds

2. Patience

*Two reasons One Million Who Say The Rosary Daily sent this message to you:*
1. Because you are God’s image

2. Because God loves you

*Two things We want you to do after you have read this message:*
1. Use this message, work with it and adhere to this message

2. Send the message to your fellow friends. God bless you.


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