Revelations That Show How Slowly Time Seem To Pass For The Poor Souls In Purgatory (1)

Revelations That Show How Slowly Time Seem To Pass For The Poor Souls In Purgatory (1)

“A Quarter-of-an-Hour Seems Like Over A Year!”

Revelations that show how slowly time seems to pass for the Poor Souls in suffering in Purgatory.

That which shows still more the rigor of Purgatory is that the shortest period of time there appears to be of very long duration. Everyone knows that days of enjoyment pass quickly and appear short, whilst the time passed in suffering we find very long. Oh, how slowly pass the hours of the night for the poor sick, who spend them in sleeplessness and pain. We may say that the more intense the pain the longer appears the shortest duration of time. This rule furnishes us with a new means of estimating the sufferings of Purgatory.

The following is taken from a pious author quoted by Father Rossignoli. (Merveilles, 17).  Two Religious, of eminent virtue, lead a holy life. One of them fell sick, and learned in a vision that he should soon die, that he should be saved, and that he should remain in Purgatory only until the first Mass should be celebrated for the repose of his soul. Full of joy at these tidings, he hastened to impart them to his friend, and entreated him not to delay the celebration of the Mass which was to open Heaven to him.
He died the following morning, and his holy companion lost no time in celebrating the Holy Sacrifice. After Mass, whilst he was making his thanksgiving, and still continuing to pray for his departed friend, the latter appeared to him radiant with glory, but in a tone sweetly plaintive he asked why that one Mass of which he stood in need had been so long delayed. 
“My blessed brother,” replied the Religious, “I delayed so long, you say? I do not understand you.”  “What! did you not leave me to suffer for more than a year before offering Mass for the repose of my soul.”  “Indeed, my dear brother, I commenced Mass immediately after your death; not a quarter of an hour had elapsed.” 

Then, regarding him with emotion, the blessed soul cried out, “How terrible are those expiatory pains, since they have caused me to mistake minutes for a year. Serve God, my dear brother, with an exact fidelity, in order that you may avoid those chastisements. Farewell! I fly to Heaven, where you will soon join me.”

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