Prayers For Perseverance In Death. 

Prayers For Perseverance In Death. 

Prayers For Perseverance In Death.

Flower Prayers of St. Gertrude 
To Jesus.

Hail! Vivifying Gem of Divine Nobility! 

Hail, Most Loving Jesus, Unfading 

Flower of Human Dignity! 

Thou art my Sovereign and only Good.

Promise: After reciting this prayer, St. Gertrude was visited by Our Lord, who told her: “Whosover salutes Me, as you have done, in reparation for the blasphemies and outrages which are poured forth on me throughout the world, when he is tempted at the hour of his death and accused by the demon, will be consoled by me”.

HAIL, White Lily, of the ever-peaceful and glorious Trinity!

Hail, Vermilion Rose, the delight of Heaven, of whom the King of Heaven was born and by whose milk He was nourished! Do thou feed our souls with the effusions of your divine influences.

Version taken from Herald of Divine Love.

Hail O radiant Lily of the ever-peaceful Trinity! O resplendent rose of Heavenly Charm! Hail paradise of delights, O most beautiful habitation of God! 

Promise: During an apparition of the Blessed Mother, St. Gertrude noted that the Holy Trinity was depicted under the form of a white lily with three petals. The Blessed Mother made it known that she would exert her influence with the Holy Trinity on behalf of those who saluted her as the White Lily of the Trinity and the Vermilion Rose of Heaven. She then added: “I will appear at the hour of death to those who salute me thus, in such glory that they will anticipate the very joys of Heaven.”

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