Pray For #Italy: Earthquake: Many Dead

Pray For #Italy: Earthquake: Many Dead


Update: 300 dead

Unknown number of people trapped under rubble

“Half the town is gone,” said the mayor of Amatrice, one of the worst areas affected.

We should all be praying for Italy at this time with a magnitude 6.2 earthquake which struck central Italy leaving at least 13 people dead and others trapped under rubble as reported by BBC.

A family of four were feared dead in the rubble of their house in the nearby town of Accumoli. Some buildings in the capital shook for 20 seconds and officials have warned that the number of fatalities will likely rise.

“The roads in and out of town are cut off. Half the town is gone. There are people under the rubble. There’s been a landslide and a bridge might collapse,” mayor Sergio Perozzi told RAI radio.

Please offer One Hail Mary for God to have mercy and that many will survive and be rescued.

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