Pope’s Wednesday Audience: Christ Offers Salvation Not Rejection

Pope’s Wednesday Audience: Christ Offers Salvation Not Rejection

Pope Francis during his Wednesday August 31st Audience at St Peter’s Square spoke about how faith in Christ brings salvation.

At the heart of the Pope’s catechesis during his Wednesday General Audience was the salvation of Christ to those who are rejected by men.

The Holy Father was reflecting on the account in the Gospel of St Matthew in which Jesus cures the woman suffering from  hemorrhages.

The Pope said, that this woman is considered impure according to the law, “but she trusts in Jesus’ mercy and saving power to free her from her illness and isolation.” 

Pope Francis described the woman as a person of deep faith who reaches out and touches Jesus’ garment. This gesture noted the Pope, was a form  of quiet prayer and a sign of hope and courage.

Jesus’ response said the Holy Father, was one of tenderness which also acknowledged her dignity.  He treats her with love and heals her of her affliction. 

The Pope emphasized that faith in Christ brings salvation; it offers healing, restores right relationships between people and affirms our inviolable dignity. 

Speaking off the cuff Pope Francis said, “how many times have we ourselves felt inwardly rejected because of our sins,” But he added, the Lord says “have courage, come. To me you are not rejected, discarded.”

This is a time of grace, of forgiveness and of Mercy, and Jesus , underlined the Pope, asks all of us to trust in his word and, having experienced his mercy, to be a leaven of that mercy in our world.

*photo credit* AFP

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