Pope Francis Injured In Columbia, Gets Black Eye And Cut

Pope Francis Injured In Columbia, Gets Black Eye And Cut

On the last day of his apostolic journey to Columbia, Pope Francis was injured while riding in the Popemobile in the city of Cartagena. The pontiff was travelling in his special car, with the

As he was standing in the popemobile, waving to the crowds, it made an unexpected jolting stop, causing him to lose his balance and hit his head on the bulletproof glass. The Holy Father sustained a black eye and cut above his left eyebrow. Blood from the wound could be seen on his white cassock.

The cut was swiftly treated with ice and bandaged up and he continued on his journey. After the incident, The Pope joked that he had been “punched” but was “fine”.

Pope Francis continued his activities for the day, including venerating the relics of Saint Peter Claver, the saint who devoted his life to helping African slaves being brought to Columbia.

During his six-day apostolic journey to Colombia, Pope Francis urged healing and reconciliation in the country that has been torn by war and violence for the greater part of the last 50 years.

Source: uCatholic

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  1. God bless the pope.we love you Holy father. Six days in a country are too many for an official visit. Jesus is lord amen.

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