Our Lord’s Revelations To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden

Our Lord’s Revelations To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden


The  words  of  the  glorious  Virgin to  Saint  Bridget  about  how  to dress  and  with  what kind of clothes and ornaments her daughter should be adorned and clothed. 

Seventh Revelation  

“I  am  Mary  who  gave  birth  to  the  Son  of  God,  true  God  and  true  man.  I  am  the Queen  of  Angels.  My  son  loves  you  with  all  of  his  heart.  Therefore,  you  should  love him.  You  should  be  adorned  with  the  most  proper  clothes,  and  I  will  show  you  how and  what  kind  they  should  be.  Just  as  before  you  had  an  undershirt,  a  shirt,  shoes,  a cloak,  and  a  brooch  on  your  chest,  so  now  you  shall  have  spiritual  clothes. The  undershirt  you  shall  have  is  contrition  for  your  sins;  for  just  as  an undershirt  is  closest  to  the  body,  so  contrition  and  confession  are  the  first  way  of conversion  to  God.  Through  these  the  mind,  which  once  enjoyed  sin,  is  purified,  and the  unchaste  flesh  restrained  from  evil  lusts.  The  two  shoes  are  two  intentions: namely,  the  will  to  make  amendment  for  your  past  sins,  and  the  will  to  do  good  and refrain  from  evil.  Your  shirt  is  hope  in  God;  and  just  as  a  shirt  has  two  sleeves,  so may justice  and  mercy  be  paired  with  your  hope,  so  that  you  will  hope  for  the  mercy of  God,  yet  not  forget  his  justice.  Think  about  his  justice  and  harsh  judgment  in  such a  way  that  you  do  not  forget  his  mercy,  for  he  does  not  work  justice  without  mercy, or  mercy  without  justice.  The  cloak  is  faith,  for  just  as  the  cloak  covers  everything and  everything  is  enclosed  in  it,  man  can  likewise  comprehend  and  attain  all  things by  faith.  This  cloak  should  be  decorated  with  the  tokens  of  your  Bridegroom’s  love  namely,  how  he  created  you,  how  he  redeemed  you,  how  he  raised  you  and  led  you into  his  spirit  and  opened  your  spiritual  eyes.  The  brooch,  which  should  always  be on  your chest,  is  the  frequent  consideration  of  his  suffering:  how  he  was  mocked  and scourged,  how  he  stood  alive  on  the  cross,  bloody  and  wounded  in  all  his  limbs,  how in  death  his  whole  body  shook  from  the  most  bitter  pain  and  anguish,  and  how  he commended  his  spirit  into  the  hands  of  his  Father.  May  this  brooch  always  be  on your  chest!  There  should  also  be  a  crown  on  your  head,  which  means  that  you should  be  chaste  in  your  desires,  so  much  so,  that  you  would  rather  endure  a  beating and  pain  than  to  be  further  stained. Therefore,  be  modest  and  polite  and  do  not  think  about  or  desire  anything  but your  God  and Creator  –  for  when  you  have  him,  you  have everything!  Adorned in  this way,  you  shall  await  your  Bridegroom.” 

The  words  of  the  Queen  of Heaven to  her  beloved  daughter, Saint  Bridget,  teaching  her how she should love and praise the Son of God together with his blessed Mother. 

Eight Revelation

“I am  the  Queen  of  Heaven.  You  are  concerned  about  how  you  should  praise and  honor  me.  Know  and  be  certain  that  all  praise  of  my  Son  also  is  praise  of  me, and  those  who  dishonor  him  also  dishonor  me.  This  is  so  because  I  loved  him  and  he loved  me  so  ardently  that  both  of  us  were  like  one  heart.  He  so  magnificently honored  me,  who  was  an  earthen  vessel,  that  he  raised  me  above  all  the  angels. Therefore,  you  should  praise  me  like  this:”

‘Blessed  be  you,  God,  Creator  of  all  things, who deigned  to  descend  into  the  womb  of  the  Virgin  Mary!  Blessed  be  you,  God,  who wished  to  be  within  the  Virgin  Mary  without  burdening  her,  and  deigned  to  take immaculate  flesh  from  her  without  sin!  Blessed  be  you,  God,  who  came  to  the  Virgin, bringing  joy  to  her  soul  and  her  whole  body,  and  who  went  out  of  her  without  sin,  to the  joy  of  her  whole  body!  Blessed  be  you,  God,  who  after  your  heavenly  ascension gladdened  the  Virgin  Mary,  your  Mother,  with  continuous  comforts  and  visited  her with  your  consolation!  Blessed  be  you,  God,  who  assumed  the  body  and  soul  of  the Virgin  Mary,  your  Mother,  into  heaven  and  honorably  placed  her  above  all  the  angels next  to  your  Divinity!  Have  mercy  on  me  for  the  sake  of  all  her  prayers!’

The  words  of  the  Queen  of  Heaven  to  her  beloved  daughter  about  the  wonderful  love the  Son  had for  His  Virgin  Mother,  and  about  how  the  Mother  of  Christ  was  conceived within  the  most  chaste  marriage  and  sanctified  in  the  womb.  She  tells  how  she  was assumed,  body  and  soul,  into  Heaven,  and  about  the  power  of  her  name,  and  about  the good and evil angels assigned to men for their protection or trial. 

Ninth Revelation

“I  am  the  Queen  of  Heaven.  Love  my Son,  for he is most worthy; when you have him,  you  have  all  that  is  worthwhile.  He  is  also  most  desirable;  when  you  have  him, you  have  all  that  is  desirable.  Love  him,  too,  for  he  is  most  virtuous;  when  you  have him,  you  have  every  virtue.  I  want  to  tell  you  how  wonderful  his  love  for  my  body and  soul  was  and  how  much  he  honored  my  name.  My  Son  loved  me  before  I  loved him,  since  he  is  my  Creator. He united  my father  and mother in  a  marriage  so  chaste  that  there  could  not  be found  a  more  chaste  marriage  at  that  time.  They  never  wanted  to  come  together except  in  accordance  with  the  Law,  and  only  then  with  the  intention  to  bring  forth offspring. When  an  angel  revealed  to  them  that  they  would  give  birth  to  the  Virgin  from whom  the  salvation  of  the  world  would  come,  they  would  rather  have  died  than  to come  together  in  carnal  love;  lust  was  dead  in  them.  I  assure  you  that  when  they  did come  together,  it  was  because  of  divine  love  and  because  of  the  angel’s  message,  not out  of  carnal  desire,  but  against  their  will  and  out  of  a  holy  love  for  God.  In  this  way, my  flesh  was  put  together  by  their  seed  and  through  divine  love.  Then,  when  my body  had  been  made  and  formed,  God  infused  the  created  soul  into  it  from  his divinity,  and  the  soul  was  immediately  sanctified  along  with  the  body,  and  the angels  guarded  and  served  it  day  and  night.  When  my  soul  was  sanctified  and  joined to  its  body,  my  mother  felt  such  great  joy  that  it  would  have  been  impossible  to describe  it! Afterwards,  when  my  lifetime  had  been  accomplished,  my  Son  first  raised  up my  soul  –  for  it  was  the  mistress  of  the  body  –  to  a  more  excellent  place  than  others in  heaven,  right  next  to  his  Divinity.  Later,  he  also  raised  up  my  body  in  such  a manner  that  no  other  creature’s  body  is  so  close  to  God  as  mine.  See  how  much  my Son  loved  my  soul  and  body!  Yet,  there  are  some  people  with  a  malevolent  spirit who  deny  that  I  was  assumed  into  Heaven,  body  and  soul,  and  also  others  who simply  do  not  know  any better.  But  this  is  a  most  certain  truth:  I,  with  body  and  soul, was assumed to the Divinity! Hear  now  how  much  my Son  honored  my  name!  My  name  is  Mary,  as  it  is  said in  the  Gospel.  When  the  angels  hear  this  name,  they  rejoice  in  their  mind  and  thank God  for  the  great  mercy  that  he  worked  through  me  and  with  me  and  because  they see  my  Son’s  Humanity  glorified  in  his  Divinity.  Those  within  the  fire  of  purgatory rejoice  exceedingly,  just  like  a  sick  and  bedridden  man  does  if  he  receives  a  word  of comfort  that  pleases  his  soul:  he  is  suddenly  overjoyed!  When  the  good  angels  hear my  name,  they  immediately  move  closer  to  the  righteous  for  whom  they  are guardians,  and  rejoice  over  their  progress  in  good  deeds  and  virtues. All  humans  have  been  given  both  good  angels  for  their  protection,  and  bad angels  to  test  them.  The  good  angels  are  not  separated  from  God;  they  serve  the  soul without  leaving  God.  They  are  constantly  in  his  sight.  Yet  they  work  to  inflame  and incite  the  soul  to  do  good.  All  the  demons,  however,  shudder  with  fear  at  the  name  of Mary!  When  they  hear  the  name,  “Mary”,  they  immediately  release  a  soul  out  of  the claws  with  which  they  had  held  her.  Just  as  a  bird  or  hawk,  with  its  claws  and  beak embedded  into  its  prey,  releases  it  immediately  if  it  hears  a  sound,  but  soon  returns when  it  sees  that  no  action  follows,  so  do  the  demons  –  frightened  when  they  hear my  name  –  release  the  soul.  But  they  return  and  fly  back  as  fast  as  an  arrow  if  no improvement  follows. No  one  is  so  cold  in  his  love  of  God  (unless  he  is  damned)  that  he  will  not experience  the  devil  releasing  him  from  his  habitual  sins  if  only  he  invokes  my  name with  the  true  intention  of  never  returning  to  his  evil  deeds.  The  devil  will  never return  to  him  unless  he  resumes  the  will  to  commit  mortal  sins.  Sometimes,  though, the  devil  is  allowed  to  trouble  him  for  the  sake  of  his  greater  reward.  However,  the devil  shall  never  own  him.”

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