Our Lord’s Revelations And Prophecies To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden

Our Lord’s Revelations And Prophecies To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden


The  words  of  the  Creator  to  his bride about  how  His  justice  endures  evil men  for  a threefold reason, and how His mercy spares the evil for a threefold reason. 

25th Revelation

“I  am  the  Creator  of  the  heavens  and  the  earth.  You  wondered,  my  bride,  why  I am so patient  with  the  evil.  That  is  because  I  am  merciful:  for  my  justice  endures  and spares  them  for  a  threefold  reason  and  my  mercy  spares  them  for  a  threefold reason. 

 First,  my  justice  endures  them  so  that  their  time  may  be  fully  completed.  For just  as  a  righteous  king  might  be  asked,  if  he  holds  someone  imprisoned,  why  he does  not  put  them  to  death,  and  he  answers:  ‘Because  it  is  not  yet  time  for  the inquisition  of  the  court  where  they  may  be  heard  so  that  those  who  hear  it  can  take greater  warning.’  In  this  way  do  I  tolerate  the  evil  until  the  time  comes  for  their malice  to  be  made  known  to  others as  well.  Did  I  not  foretell  the  rejection  of  Saul and  that  he  would  be  expelled  from  his  kingdom  and  dethroned  long  before  it  was made  known to men? And I tolerated him  for  a  long  time  so  that  his  malice  would  be shown  and  proven  to  others.  

Second,  because  of  the  few  good  deeds  that  the  evil  do for  which  they  should  be  rewarded  even  down  to  the  last  farthing,  there  shall  not  be the  least  little  good  they  have  done  for  me  that  will  go  unrewarded;  herein  they  will receive  their  wage  for  the  good  they  have  done.  

Third,  in  order  to  reveal  God’s  glory and  patience.  It  was  for  this  reason  that  I  tolerated  Pilate,  Herod,  and  Judas,  even though  they  were  evil  and  damned.  And  if  anyone  questions  why  I  tolerate  this  or that  person,  let  him  regard  Judas  and  Pilate. 

My mercy also  spares  the  evil  for  a threefold  reason:  

First,  because  of  my  great love,  for  their  eternal  torment  will  be  long.  For  that  reason,  because  of  my  great  love, I  tolerate  them  until  the  last  moment  so  that  their  torment  will  be  delayed  by  the long  extension  of  time  here  in  the  world.  

Second,  so  that  their  nature  will  be consumed  by  the  sins,  because  the  human  nature  gets  consumed  by  sin  so  that  they would  experience  the  bodily  death  more  bitterly  if  their  nature  was  healthier  and stronger.  For  a  healthy  nature  dies  a  more  prolonged  and  bitter  death. 

 Third,  for  the improvement  and  strength  of  good  people  and  the  conversion  of  some  of  the  evil. For  when  good  and  righteous  people  are  tormented  by  the  evil,  it  benefits  the  good and  righteous  since  it  helps  them  to  abstain  from  sin  or  to  gain  greater  merit. Likewise,  the  evil  sometimes  live  for  the  good  of  other  evil  persons.  For  when the  evil  reflect  on  the  fall,  wickedness,  and  heinous  deeds  of  some  people,  they  think to  themselves  and  say:  ‘What  good  does  it  do  us  to  follow  them  or  to  live  like  them? While  our  Lord  is  so  patient,  it  is  better  for  us  to  repent.’  And  in  this  way  they sometimes  return  to  me,  because  they  fear  to  do  the  things  those  evil  men  did,  and their  conscience  tells  them  they  should  not  do  these  things.  Therefore,  it  is  said,  that if  someone  has  been  stung  by  a  scorpion,  he  can  be  cured by being anointed  with  the oil  wherein  another  reptile  has  died.  In  the  same  way,  sometimes  an  evil  man,  who sees  another  person  who  is  also  evil  fall  and  beholds  his  unrighteousness  and  vanity, is  struck  by  remorse  for  his  sins  and  is  cured  by  the  mercy  and  grace  of  God.”

The  angelic  host’s  words  of  praise  to  God,  and  about  how  children  would  have  been born  if  the  first  parents  had  not  sinned,  and  about  how  God  showed  miracles  to  the people  through  Moses  and  also  later  through  himself  to  us  on  his  own  coming;  and about  the  breakdown  of  the  bodily  marriage  in  this  time,  and  the  conditions  of  a spiritual  marriage. 

26th Revelation

The  angelic  host  was  seen standing  before  God,  and  the entire  host  said: 

“Praise  and  honour  be  to  you,  Lord  God,  who  are  and were  without  end!  We  are  your servants  and  we  praise  and  honor  you  for  a  threefold  reason:  

First,  because  you created  us  to  rejoice  with  you  and  gave  us  an  indescribable  light  in  which  to  rejoice forever.  

Second,  because  all  things  are  created  and  maintained  by  your  goodness and  constancy,  and  all  things  stand  according  to  your  will  and  remain  through  your word.  

Third,  because  you  created  mankind  and  took  Manhood  for  their  sake!  We rejoice  greatly  for  this  Manhood,  and  also  for  your  most  chaste  Mother  who  was worthy  to  bear  you  whom  the  heavens  cannot  comprehend  and  enclose.  

Therefore, your  honour  and  blessing  are  above  all  things  for  the  dignity  of  the  angels  that  you have  exalted  greatly  in  honour.  May  your  everlasting  eternity  and  constancy  be  over all  things  that  are  and  can  be  constant!  May  your  love  be  over  mankind  whom  you created!  O  Lord  God,  you  alone  should  be  feared  for  your  great  power,  you  alone should  be  desired  for  your  great  love,  you  alone  should  be  loved  for  your  constancy. May all  praise  and  honour  be  to  you  forever  without  end.  Amen!” 

Then  our  Lord  answered:  

“You  honour  me  worthily  for  every  created  creature. But,  tell  me,  why  do  you  praise  me  for  mankind  which  has  provoked  me  to  wrath more  than  any  other  creature?  I  created  him  more  superior  and  dignified  than  all the  lower  creatures  under  the  sky,  and  for  none  else  did  I  suffer  such  indignities  as for  mankind  and  none  was  redeemed  at  so  great  a  cost.  Or  what  creature  does  not abide  by  its  created  order  other  than  man?  He  inflicts  me  more  with  sorrow  than any  other  creature.  For  just  as  I  created  you  to  praise  and  honour  me,  so  I  made  man to  honour  me.  I  gave  him  a  body  like  a  spiritual  temple,  and  I  made  and  placed  the soul  in  it  like  a  beautiful  angel,  for  the  human  soul  has  power  and  strength  like  an angel.  In  this  temple,  I,  the  God  and  Creator  of  mankind,  wished  to  be  like  the  third (Holy Spirit) so  that  he  would  enjoy  me  and  find  delight  in  me.  Then  I  made  him  another  temple, similar  to  himself,  out  of  his  rib. But  now,  my  bride,  for  whose  sake  all  these  things  are  being  said  and  shown, you  might  ask,  how  children  would  have  been  born  by  them  if  they  had  not  sinned?  I shall  answer  you: 

In  truth,  by  the  love  of  God  and  the  mutual  devotion  and  union  of the  flesh  wherein  they  both  would  have  been  set  on  fire  internally,  love’s  blood would  have  sown  its  seed  in  the  woman’s  body  without  any  shameful  lust,  and  so the  woman  would  have  become  fertile.  Once  the  child  was  conceived  without  sin and  lustful  desire,  I  would  have  sent  a  soul  into  the  child  from  my  divinity,  and  the woman  would  have  carried  the  child  and  given  birth  to  it  without  pain.  When  the child  was  born,  it  would  have  been  perfect  like  Adam  when  he  was  first  created.  But this  honour  was  despised  by  man  when  he  obeyed  the  devil  and  coveted  a  greater honour  than  I  had  given  to  him.  

After  the  disobedience  was  enacted,  my  angel  came over  them  and  they  were  ashamed  over  their  nakedness,  and  they  immediately experienced  the  lust  and  desire  of  the  flesh  and  suffered  hunger  and  thirst.  Then they  also  lost  me,  for  when  they  had  me,  they  did  not  feel  any  hunger  or  sinful fleshly  lust  or  shame,  but  I  alone  was  all  their  good  and  pleasure  and  perfect  delight. But  when  the  devil  rejoiced  over  their  perdition  and  fall,  I  was  moved  with compassion  for  them  and  did  not  abandon  them  but  showed  them  a  threefold mercy:  I  clothed  them  when  they  were  naked  and  gave  them  bread  from  the  earth. And  for  the  sensuality  the  devil  had  aroused  in  them  after  their  disobedience,  I  gave and  created  souls  in  their  seed  through  my  Divinity.  And  all  the  evil  the  devil tempted  them  with,  I  turned  to  good  for  them  entirely. Thereafter,  I  showed  them  how  to  live  and  worship  me,  and  I  gave  them permission  to  have  relations,  because  before  my  permission  and  the  enunciation  of my  will  they  were  stricken  with  fear  and  were  afraid  to  unite  and  have  relations. 

Likewise,  when  Abel  was  killed  and  they  were  in  mourning  for  a  long  time  and observing  abstinence,  I  was  moved  with  compassion  and  comforted  them.  And  when they  understood  my  will,  they  began  again  to  have  relations  and  to  procreate children,  from  which  family  I,  their  Creator,  promised  to  be  born.  When  the wickedness  of  the  children  of  Adam  grew,  I  showed  my  justice  to  the  sinful,  but mercy  to  my  elect;  of  these  I  was  appeased  so  that  I  kept  them  from  destruction  and raised  them  up,  because  they  kept  my  commandments  and believed in  my promises. When  the  time  of  mercy  came,  I  showed  my  mighty  miracles  and  works through  Moses  and  saved  my  people  according  to  my  promise.  I  fed  them  with  angel manna  and  went  before  them  in  a  pillar  of  cloud  and  fire.  I  gave  them  my  Law  and revealed  to  them  my  secrets  and  the  future  through  my  prophets.  Thereafter,  I,  the Creator  of  all  things,  chose  for  myself  a  virgin  born  of  a  father  and  mother;  and  from her  did  I  take  human  nature  and  condescended  to  be  born  of  her  without  sin.  Just like  the  first  children  would  have  been  born  in  paradise  through  the  divine  love  of their  father’s  and  mother’s  mutual  love  and  affection  without  any  shameful  lust,  so my  Divinity  took  Manhood  from  a  virgin  without    lust  and  without hindering  or  damaging  her  virginity. I  came  in  the  flesh  as  true  God  and  man  and  fulfilled  the  Old  Law  and  all  the scriptures  just  as  it  earlier  had  been  prophesied  about  me,  and  I  initiated  the  New Law,  for  the  Old  Law  was  narrow  and  hard  to  bear  and  was  nothing  but  a  figure  of future  things  to  come.  For  in  the  Old  Law  it  had  been  allowed  for  a  man  to  have several  wives,  so  that  the  people  would  not  be  left  without  any  offspring  or  would have  to  intermarry  with  the  gentiles.  But  in  my  New  Law  it  is  permitted  for  one  man to  have  one  wife,  and  it  is  forbidden  for  him  during  his  lifetime  to  have  several wives.  Those  who  unite  with  divine  love  and  fear  for  the  sake  of  procreation  and  to raise  children  for  the  honour  of  God  are  my  spiritual  temple  where  I  wish  to  dwell  as the  third  with  them. But  people  in  this  age  are  joined  in  marriage  for  seven  reasons:  

First,  because of  facial  beauty. 

Second,  because  of  wealth.  

Third,  because  of  the  despicable pleasure  and  indecent  joy  they get out  of  their  impure  intercourse. 

Fourth,  because of  feasts  with friends and  uncontrolled  gluttony. 

Fifth,  because  of  vanity  in clothing and  eating,  in  joking  and entertainment  and  games  and other vanities.  

Sixth,  for  the sake  of  procreating children  but  not  to  raise  them for the  honour  of  God  or  good works but  for  worldly  riches  and  honor. 

Seventh,  they  come  together  for  the sake  of lust  and  they  are  like  brute beasts  in  their  lustful  desires. 

They  come  to  the  doors  of  my  church  with  one  mind  and  consent,  but  all  their desires  and  inner  thoughts  are  completely  against  me.  They  prefer  their  own  will, which  aims  at  pleasing  the  world,  instead  of  my  will.  If  all  their  thoughts  and  wishes were  directed  toward  me,  and  if  they  entrusted  their  will  into  my  hands  and  entered into  wedlock  in  fear  of  me,  then  I  would  give  them  my  consent  and  be  as  the  third  (Holy Spirit)  with  them.  But  now  is  my  consent,  which  should  be  their  most  precious  thing,  gone from  them,  because  they  have  lust  in  their  heart  and  not  my  love.  Thereafter,  they  go up  to  my altar  where  they  hear  that  they  should  be  one  heart  and  one  soul,  but  then my  heart  flees  from  them  because  they  have  not  the  warmth  of  my  heart  and  know not  the  taste  of  my  body. They  seek  the  warmth  and  sexual  lust  that  will  perish  and  love  the  flesh  that will  be  eaten  by  worms.  Therefore  do  such  people  join  in  marriage  without  the  bond and  union  of  God  the  Father  and  without  the  Son’s  love  and  without  the  Holy  Spirit’s consolation.  When  the  couple  comes  to  the  bed,  my  Spirit  leaves  them  immediately and  the  spirit  of  impurity  approaches  instead  because  they  only  come  together  for the  sake  of  lust  and  do  not  discuss  or  think  about  anything  else  with  each  other.  But my mercy is  still  with  them  if  they  will  be  converted  to  me.  Because  of  my  great  love, I  place  a  living  soul  created  by  my  power  into  their  seed.  

Sometimes  I  let  evil  parents give  birth  to  good  children,  but  more  often,  evil  children  are  born  of  evil  parents, since  these  children  imitate  the  evil  and  unrighteous  deeds  of  their  parents  as  much as  they  are  able  and  would  imitate  it  even  more  if  my  patience  allowed  them.  Such  a married  couple  will  never  see  my  face  unless  they  repent.  For  there  is  no  sin  so heavy  or  grave  that  penitence  and  repentance  does  not  wash  it  away. 

For  that  reason,  I  wish  to  turn  to  the  spiritual  marriage,  the  kind  that  is appropriate  for  God  to  have  with  a  chaste  soul  and  chaste  body.  There  are  seven good  things  in  it  opposed  to  the  evils  mentioned  above:  

First,  there  is  no  desire  for beauty of  form  or  bodily  beauty  or lustful sights,  but  only  for  the  sight  and love  of God.  

Second,  there  is  no  desire  to possess  anything  else  than  what is  needed  to survive,  and  just  the necessities  with  nothing  in excess.  

Third,  they  avoid  vain  and frivolous talk.  

Fourth,  they  do  not  care  about seeing  friends  or  relatives,  but  I am their  love  and  desire.  

Fifth,  they  desire  to  keep  the humility  inwardly  in  their conscience and  outwardly  in  the way  they dress.  

Sixth,  they  never  have  any  will  of leading  lustful  lives.  

Seventh,  they  beget  sons  and  daughters  for  their  God  through their  good  behavior  and  good  example  and  through  the  preaching  of  spiritual  words. They  preserve  their  faith  undefiled  when  they  stand  outside  the  doors  of  my church  where  they  give  me  their  consent  and  I  give  them  mine.  

They  go  up  to  my altar  when  they  enjoy  the  spiritual  delight  of  my  Body  and  Blood  in  which  delight they  wish  to  be  of  one  heart  and  one  body  and  one  will  with  me,  and  I,  true  God  and man,  mighty  in  heaven  and  on  earth,  shall  be  as  the  third  with  them  and  will  fill  their heart.  The  worldly  spouses  begin  their  marriage  in  lustful  desires  like  brute  beasts, and  even  worse  than  brute  beasts!  But  these  spiritual  spouses  begin  in  love  and  fear of  God  and  do  not  bother  to  please  anyone  but  me.  The  evil  spirit  fills  and  incites those  in  the  worldly  marriage  to  carnal  lust  where  there  is  nothing  but  unclean stench,  but  those  in  the  spiritual  marriage  are  filled  with  my  Spirit  and  inflamed with  the  fire  of  my  love  that  will  never  fail  them. I  am  one  God  in  three  Persons,  and  one  in  Divinity  with  the  Father  and  the Holy  Spirit.  Just  as  it  is  impossible  for  the  Father  to  be  separated  from  the  Son  and the  Holy  Spirit  to  be  separated  from  them  both,  and  as  it  is  impossible  for  warmth  to be  separated  from  fire,  so  it  is  impossible  for  these  spiritual  spouses  to  be  separated from  me;  I  am always  as  the  third  with  them.  Once  my  body  was  ravaged  and died  in torments,  but  it  will  never  more  be  hurt  or  die.  Likewise,  those  who  are incorporated  into  me  with  a  true  faith  and  a  perfect  will  shall  never  die  away  from me;  for  wherever  they  stand  or  sit  or  walk,  I  am  always  as  the  third  with  them.” 

The  Virgin  Mary’s  words  to  the  bride about  how  there  are  three  things  in the  dance and  company of the  world, and  about  how  this  world  is symbolized  by  the  dance,  and about Mary’s suffering at her Son’s death. 

27th Revelation

The  Virgin  Mary,  the  Mother  of God  spoke  to  the  bride  and said: 

“My  daughter, I  want  you  to  know  that  where  there  is  a  dance,  there  are  three  things:  namely, empty  joy,  loud  shouting,  and  useless  and  vain  work.  But  when  someone  enters  the dance  house  sorrowful  or  sad,  then  his  friend,  who  attends  in  the  joy  of  the  dance sees  his  friend  coming  there  sad  and  sorrowful,  immediately  leaves  the  joy  of  the dance  and separates  himself  from  the  dance  and  mourns  with  his  sorrowing  friend. This  dance  is  this  world  that  is  always  caught  up  in  trouble,  even  though  it seems  like  joy  to  foolish  men.  In  this  world  there  are  three  things:  empty  joy, frivolous  words,  and  useless  work,  because  everything  that  a  man  gathers  by  his work  he  must  leave  behind  himself.  The  one  who  joins  in  this  worldly  dance  should consider  my  labor  and  sorrow  and  then  mourn  with  me,  who  was  separated  from  all worldly  joy,  and  then  separate  himself  from  the  world. At  my  Son’s  death  I  was  like  a  woman  whose  heart  had  been  pierced  by  five spears. 

The  first  spear  was  his  shameful and  blameworthy  nakedness,  for  I saw  my most  beloved  and  mighty Son  stand  naked  at  the  pillar without  any  clothing  to  cover him at  all.  

The  second  spear  was  the  accusation  against  him,  for  they  accused  him  of being  a  traitorous  betrayer  and  liar,  him,  whom  I  knew  to  be  righteous  and  true  and never  to  have  offended  or  wished  to  offend  or  injure  anyone.  

The  third  spear  was  his crown  of  thorns  that  pierced  his  sacred  head  so  violently  that  the  blood  flowed down  into  his  mouth  and  his  beard  and  ears.  

The  fourth  spear  was  his  sorrowful voice  on  the  cross  with  which  he  cried  out  to  the  Father,  saying:  ‘O  Father,  why  have you  abandoned  me?’  It  was  as  if  he  wanted  to  say:  ‘O  Father,  there  is  no  one  who pities  me  but  you.’  

The  fifth  spear  which  pierced  my  heart,  was  his  most  bitter  and cruel  death.  My  heart  was  pierced  with  as  many  spears  as  the  arteries  from  which his  most  precious  blood  flowed  out  of  him.  

In  truth,  the  pain  in  his  pierced  sinews, arteries,  feet,  hands  and  body  went  mercilessly  to  his  heart  and  from  the  heart  back to  his  sinews;  for  his  heart  was  healthy  and  strong  and  of  the  finest  nature,  and  life contended  long  with  death;  and  thus  his  life  was  prolonged  in  the  midst  of  the  most bitter  pain. But  when  his  death  drew  near  and  his  heart  burst  from  the  unendurable  pain, then  his  whole  body  shook  and  his  head,  which  was  bent  backwards,  raised  itself  a little.  His  half-closed  eyes  opened,  and  likewise  his  mouth  was  opened  so  that  his bloodied  tongue  was  seen.  His  fingers  and  arms,  which  were  as  if  paralyzed, stretched  themselves  out.  But  when  he  had  given  up  his  spirit,  his  head  sank  toward his  chest,  his  hands  lowered  themselves  a  little  from  the  place  of  the  wounds  and  his feet  had  to  bear  most  of  the  weight  of  the  body. Then  my  hands  became  numb,  my  eyes  were  darkened,  and  my  face  became pale  as  a  dead  man.  My  ears  could  hear  nothing,  my  mouth  could  not  speak,  my  feet trembled,  and  my  body  fell  to  the  ground.  When  I  got  up  from  the  ground  and  saw my Son looking  horribly  disfigured  and  more  miserable  than  a  leper,  I  submitted  my entire  will  to  his  knowing  with  certainty  that  everything  had  happened  according  to his  will  and  could  not  have  happened  unless  he  had  allowed  it.  I  therefore  thanked him  for  everything,  and  so  there  was  always  some  joy  mixed  with  my  sadness, because  I  saw  that  he,  who  had  never  sinned,  had,  in  his  great  love,  wanted  to  suffer this  much  for  the  sins  of  mankind.  Therefore,  may  all  those  who  are  in  the  world contemplate  how  I  suffered  when  my  Son  died  and  always  have  it  in  front  of  their eyes  and  in  their  thoughts!” 

…to be continued 

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