Our Lord’s Revelations And Prophecies To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden

Our Lord’s Revelations And Prophecies To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden

… Continued

About  how the  bride  perceived  a saint  speaking  to  God  about  a woman  who  was  being horribly tormented  by  the  devil  and  who  was later  delivered  from  him  through  the prayers of the glorious Virgin Mary. 

16th Revelation

The  bride (St. Bridget) saw  a  saint  speaking  to  God,  saying:  “Why  is  the  soul  of  this  woman so  afflicted  by  the  devil  when  you  have  redeemed  her  by  your  blood?”  The  devil replied  instantly  and  said:  “Because  she  is  mine  by  right.”  Then  our  Lord  said:  “With what  right  is  she  yours?”  The  devil  answered:  “There  are  two  ways;  one  leads  to  the kingdom  of  Heaven  and  the  other  to  hell.  When  she  saw  these  two  ways,  her conscience  and  reason  told  her  that  she  should  choose  my  way.  And  since  she  had  a free  will  for  choosing  the  way  that  she  wanted,  it  seemed  to  her  more  beneficial  to turn  her  will  toward  committing  sin,  and  so  she  began  to  walk  on  my  way. Thereafter,  I  deceived  her  with  three  sins:  namely,  gluttony,  love  of  money,  and sensuality.  Consequently,  I  now  dwell  in  her  belly  and  in  her  nature,  and  I  hold  her with  five  hands.  With  the  first  hand  I  hold  her  eyes,  so  she  will  not  see  spiritual things.  With  my  second  hand  I  hold  her  hands,  so  she  will  not  do  any  good  deeds. With  the  third  hand  I  hold  her  feet,  so  she  will  not  walk  to  that  which  is  good.  With the  fourth  hand  I  hold  her  reason  and  understanding,  so  she  will  not  be  ashamed  to sin.  And  with  the  fifth  hand  I  hold  her  heart,  so  she  will  not  return  to  the  right  way through  remorse  and  penance.” 
Then  the  Blessed  Virgin  Mary  said  to  her  dear  Son:  “My  beloved  Son,  compel him  to  tell  the  truth  about  the  things  I  want  to  ask  him.”  The  Son  said:  “You  are  my Mother,  you  are  the  Queen  of  Heaven  and  the  Mother  of  mercy,  you  are  the consolation  of  the  souls  in  purgatory  and  the  joy  of  those  who  make  their  way  in  the world;  you  are  the  Mistress  of  the  angels  and  the  most  Holy  before  God,  and  you  are also  in  authority  over  the  devil.  Therefore,  command  this  devil  what  you  want,  and he  will  answer  you.” Then  the  Holy  Virgin  Mary  asked  the  devil,  saying:  “Tell  me,  devil,  what intention  had  this  woman  before  she  entered  the  church?”  The  devil  answered  her: “She  had  an  intention  to  abstain  from  sin.”  Then  the  Virgin  Mary  said  to  the  devil: “Since  the  will  that  she  previously  had  led  her  to  hell,  tell  me  now,  where  does  the will  that  she  presently  has  lead  her  –  namely,  her  will  to  abstain  from  sin?”  The  devil answered  reluctantly:  “This  will  of  abstaining  from  sin  leads  her  toward  Heaven.” Then  the  Virgin  Mary  said:  “Because  you  accepted  that  it  was  your  just  right  to lead  her  away  from  the  way  of  the  Holy  Church  because  of  her  former  will  to  sin, then  it  is  now  right  and  just  that  her  present  will  shall  lead  her  back  to  the  Church and  to  the  mercy  of  God.  But  now,  devil,  I  will  ask  you  another  question.  Tell  me, what  intention  does  she  have  in  her  present  state  of  conscience?”  The  devil answered:  “She  has  remorse  in  her  mind  for  the  things  she  has  done,  and  great sadness,  and  resolves  to  never  again  commit  such  sins  but  wants  to  amend  as  much as  she  is  able.” Then  the  Virgin  Mary  asked  the  devil:  “Tell  me,  could  these  three  sins,  namely, sensuality,  gluttony,  and  greed,  exist  together  in  a  heart  at  the  same  time  as  the three  good  deeds  of  remorse,  sorrow,  and  the  resolution  to  improve  oneself?”  The devil  answered:  “No.”  The  Holy  Virgin  Mary  then  said:  “Therefore,  tell  me,  which  of these  should  flee  and  vanish  from  her  heart,  the  three  virtues  or  the  three  vices  and sins;  for  you  are  saying  that  they  cannot  occupy  the  same  heart  or  place  together.” The  devil  said:  “I  say  that  the  sins  must  give  way.” Then  the  Virgin  Mary  answered:  “Therefore,  the  way  to  hell  is  closed  to  her and  the  way  to the  kingdom  of  Heaven  is  open.”  Now  the  Holy  Virgin  Mary  asked  the devil  further:  “Tell  me,  if  a  robber  was  waiting  outside  the  house  of  the  bride  and wanted  to  rob  and  rape  her,  what  should  the  bridegroom  do?”  The  devil  answered: “If  the  bridegroom  is  good  and  noble-minded,  he  should  defend  her  and  risk  his  life for  her  life.”  The  Virgin  Mary  then  said:  “You  are  the  wicked  robber,  and  the  soul  is my Son’s  bride,  for  he  redeemed  her  with  his  own  blood.  You  violated  and  seized  her by  force.  But  since  my  Son  is  the  Bridegroom  of  the  soul  and  Lord  over  you,  then  it  is  right  for  you  to  flee  from  him.” 


This  woman  was  a  harlot.  She  wanted  to  return  to  the  world  because  the  devil tormented  her  day  and  night,  so  much  so  that  he  visibly  pressed  down  her  eyes,  and in  the  sight  of  many,  dragged  her  out  of  bed.  Saint  Bridget  then  said  openly  in  the presence  and  hearing  of  many  trustworthy  men:  “Move  away,  devil,  for  you  have troubled  and  occupied  this  creature  of  God  enough!”  After  she  had  said  this,  the woman  laid  a  half  hour  as  if  dead  with  her  eyes  to  the  ground,  and  then  she  got  up and  said:  “In  truth,  I  saw  the  devil  going  out  through  the  window  in  the  most hideous  of  shapes,  and  I  heard  a  voice  saying  to  me:  ‘You  are  in  truth  liberated  from the  devil,  woman!’”  From  that  moment  on,  this  woman  was  delivered  from  all impatience  and  suffering  and  was  no  longer  tormented  by  impure  thoughts,  and then  she  died  a  good death. 

The  words  of  our  Lord  Jesus Christ  to  his  bride  where in  he compares  a  sinner  to  three things: namely, an eagle, a fowler, and a fighting man. 

17th Revelation 

“I  am  Jesus  Christ  who  am  speaking  with  you.  I  was  in  the  womb  of  the  Virgin as  true  God  and  true  man  but  was,  nonetheless,  with  the  Father  and  controlled  and ruled  all  things,  although  I  was  in  the  Virgin.  This  most  wretched  enemy  of  mine  is like  three  things:  First,  he  is  like  an  eagle  that  flies  in  the  air  while  other  birds  fly under  it.  Second,  he  is  like  a  fowler  that  gently  blows  and  plays  on  a  pipe  plastered with  glue,  causing  the  birds  to  be  enchanted  by  his  tunes  so  that  they  fly  toward  the pipe  and  get  stuck  in  the  glue.  Third,  he  is  like  a  fighting  man  who  is  first  in  every battle. He  is  like  an  eagle,  because  in  his  pride  he  cannot  tolerate  anyone  being  over him,  and  he  injures  everyone  he  can  reach  with  his  claws  of  malice.  Therefore,  I  will cut  off  the  wings  of  his  violence  and  pride.  I  will  remove  his  malice  from  the  earth and  give  him  over  to  the  unquenchable  boiling  kettle,  which  is  the  suffering  of  hell, where  he will  be  tormented  without  end,  if  he  does  not  better  himself. He  is  also  like  a  fowler  because  he  attracts  everyone  to  himself  with  sweet words  and  promises,  so  that  anyone  who  comes  to  him  gets  caught  in  damnation and  perdition  and  can  never  escape  from  it.  Therefore,  the  birds  of  hell  shall  destroy his  eyes  so  that  he  will  never  see  my  glory  but  only  the  eternal  darkness  of  hell.  They shall  cut  off  his  ears  so  that  he  will  not  hear  the  words  of  my  mouth.  They  shall inflict  him  with  pain  and  bitterness  from  the  feet  to  the  head  so  that  he  will  endure as  many torments  as  the  number of men he led to damnation. He  is  also  like  a  fighting  man  who  is  first  in  all  evil,  not  willing  to  give  way  to anybody  but  determined  to  press  everyone  down.  Therefore,  he  shall  be  first  in every  torment;  his  suffering  shall  always  be  renewed  and  his  lament  will  never  end. However,  my mercy stands  ready for  him as  long as  his  soul  is  with  the  body. 


This  man  Jesus  was  refering  to, was a very powerful knight  who hated  the  church  and the priesthood greatly  and  inflicted it with  insulting  words.  The previous  revelation  is  about  him as well  as  the  following.  The Son of  God  says:  “O  worldly  knight, ask  the  wise  about what happened  to  prideful  Haman who despised  my  people.  Did  he  not die shamefully  and  with  great disgrace?  Likewise  does  this man scoff  at  me  and  my friends.  Just as  the  people  of  Israel  did  not mourn  Haman’s  death,  so  will my  friends not  mourn  this man’s death,  but  he  will  die  a  most bitter  death  if  he  does  not better himself.”  This  is  what happened  to  him. 

The  words  of Christ  to  his  bride  about  how there  should  be  humility  in  the house  of God,  and  about  how such  a  house  signifies  purity  of  life,  and  about  how  buildings  and alms  should  be  donated  only  from  goods  that  are  righteously  acquired,  and  about  how to restore wrongly acquired goods. 

18th Revelation

“In  my  house  should  all  humility  be,  which  now  is  completely  rejected.  There should  be  a  strong  wall  between  the  men  and  the  women,  because  even  though  I  am able  to  defend  everyone  and  hold  them  all  without  a  wall,  still,  for  the  sake  of precaution  and  because  of  the  devil’s  cunning,  I  want  that  a  wall  should  separate  the two  dwelling-houses.  It  should  be  strong,  and  not  very  high  but  moderate.  The windows  should  be  very  simple  and  clear,  and  the  roof  moderately  high,  so  that nothing  can  be  seen  there  that  does  not  belong  to  humility.  For  those  who  now  build houses  for  me  are  like  master  builders,  who,  when  the  lord  or  the  master  of  the house  enters  into  them,  grab  him  by  the  hair  and  trample  him  under  their  feet;  they raise  the  filth  up  high  and  trample  the  gold  underfoot.  This  is  what  many  do  to  me now. They  build  up  the  filth,  that  is,  they  build  up  perishable  and  worldly  things  to the  sky,  but  the  souls  that  are  more  precious  than  all  gold,  they  could  not  care  any less  about.  If  I  want  to  go  in  to  them  through  my  preachers  or  through  good thoughts,  they  grab  me  by  the  hair  and  trample  me  under  their  feet,  that  is,  they insult  me  and  consider  my  deeds  and  my  words  to  be  as  despicable  as  filth.  They consider  themselves  to  be  much  wiser.  But  if  they  wanted  to  build  up  things  for  me and  for  my honor,  they  should  first  build  up  the  souls  to  the  kingdom  of  Heaven. The  one  who  wants  to  build  my  house  should,  with  the  utmost  precision,  take care  about  not  letting  a  penny  that  has  not  been  properly  and  justly  acquired,  go  to the  building.  There  are  indeed  many  who  know  full  well  that  they  have  wrongly acquired  goods  and  yet  are  not  sorry  for  it  nor  have  the  will  of  making  restitution  or giving  it  back  to  the  people  they  have  cheated  and  plundered,  although  they  could give  it  back  and  make  restitution  for  the  injustice  if  they  wanted.  But  since  they know and think to themselves  that  they  cannot  keep  these  things  forever,  they  give  a part  of  their  wrongly  acquired  goods  to  the  churches  or  monasteries,  as  if  they wanted  to  appease  me  by  their  gift.  But  the  other  goods  that  are  properly  acquired, they  keep  for  their  descendants.  In  truth,  this  does  not  please  me. The  one  who  wants  to  please  me  with  his  gifts  should  first  have  the  will  to better  and  correct  himself  and  then  do  the  good  deeds  he  is  able  to  do.  He  should also  cry  and  mourn  over  the  evil  things  and  deeds  he  has  done  and  then  make restitution  if  he  can;  and  if  he  cannot,  he  should  have  the  will  of  making  restitution for  the  deceitfully  acquired  goods.  Thereafter,  he  should  take  great  care  to  never again  commit  such  things.  But  if  it  is  not  possible  to  find  anyone  to  give  back  the unlawfully  acquired  goods  to,  then  he  could  give  it  to  me,  for  I  am  able  to  pay  back everyone  what  is  theirs.  If  he  cannot  give  it  back  but  has  the  intention  of  humbling and  improving  himself  before  me  with  a  broken  heart,  then  I  am  rich  enough  to  give it  back  and  I  can  restore  the  property  of  all  those  who  have  been  cheated,  either  now in  this  world  or  in  the  next  to  come. I  want  to  explain  to  you  the  meaning  of  the  house  that  I  want  to  build.  This house  is  the  life  of  purity,  and  I  myself,  who  created  all  things  and  through  whom  all has  been  made  and  exists,  am  its  foundation.  There  are  four  walls  in  this  house.  The first  is  my  justice,  by  which  I  will  judge  those  who  are  adversarial  to  this  house.  The second  wall  is  the  wisdom  by  which  I  will  enlighten  the  builders  of  this  house  with my  knowledge  and  understanding.  The  third  wall  is  my  power,  by  which  I  will strengthen  them  against  the  temptations  of  the  devil.  The  fourth  wall  is  my  mercy, which  receives  everyone  who  prays  for  it.  In  this  wall  is  the  door  of  grace  through which  all,  who  pray  for  it,  are  accepted  in.  The  roof  of  this  house  is  the  love  with which  I  cover  the  sins  of  those  who  love  me  so  that  they  will  not  be  judged  for  their sins.  The  window  of  the  roof,  whereby  the  sun  enters,  is  the  thought  and consideration  of  my  mercy,  and  through  it  the  warmth  of  my  Divinity  is  let  in  to  the builders  of  the  house.  But  that  the  wall  should  be  strong  and  big  means  that  no  one is  able  to  undermine  my  words  or  overthrow  them.  That  the  wall  should  be moderately  high  means  that  my  wisdom  can  be  understood  and  perceived  in  part, but  never  fully.  The  simple  but  clear  windows  mean  that  my  words  are  simple,  yet through  them  the  light  of  divine  knowledge  is  let  into  the  world.  The  moderately high  roof  means  that  my  words  shall  be  revealed,  not  in  an  incomprehensible  way, but  in  an  understandable  way  that  one  may easily  perceive  and  comprehend.”

…to be continued

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