Our Lord’s Revelations And Prophecies To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden.

Our Lord’s Revelations And Prophecies To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden.


The  words  of  Virgin  Mary  to  her daughter,  presenting  a  useful lesson  about  how  she should live, and describing many wonderful things about the suffering of Christ. 

Tenth Revelation

“I  am  the  Queen  of  Heaven,  the  Mother  of  God.  I  told  you  to  wear  a  brooch  on your  chest.  I  will  now  show  you  more  fully  how,  from  the  beginning,  when  I  first heard  and  understood  that  God  existed,  I  always,  and  with  fear,  was  concerned about  my  salvation  and  my  observance  of  his  commandments.  But  when  I  learned more  about  God  –  that  he  was  my  Creator  and  the  judge  of  all  my  actions  –  I  loved him  more  dearly,  and  I  was  constantly  fearful  and  watchful  so  as  to  not  offend  him by  word or deed. 

Later,  when  I  heard  that  he  had  given  the  Law  and  the  commandments  to  the people  and  worked  such  great  miracles  through  them,  I  made  a  firm  decision  in  my soul  to  never  love  anything  but  him,  and  all  worldly  things  became  most  bitter  to me.  

When still  later  I  heard  that  God  himself  would  redeem  the  world  and  be  born  of a  Virgin,  I  was  seized  by  such  great  love  for  him  that  I  thought  of  nothing  but  God and  desired  nothing  but  him.  I  withdrew  myself,  as  much  as  I  was  able,  from  the conversation  and  presence  of  parents  and  friends,  and  I  gave  away  all  my possessions  to  the  poor,  and  kept  nothing  for  myself  but  meager  food  and  clothing. 

Nothing  was  pleasing  to  me  but  God!  I  always  wished  in  my  heart  to  live  until the  time  of  his  birth,  and  perhaps,  deserve  to  become  the  unworthy  handmaid  of  the Mother  of  God.  I  also  promised  in  my  heart  to  keep  my  virginity,  if  this  was acceptable  to  him,  and  to  have  no  possessions  in  the  world.  However,  if  God  wanted otherwise,  my  will  was  that  his  will,  not  mine,  be  done;  for  I  believed  that  he  could do  all  things  and  wanted  nothing  but  what  was  beneficial  and  best  for  me. Therefore,  I  entrusted  all  my  will  to  him. 

When  the  time  approached  for  the  virgins  to  be  presented  in  the  temple  of  the Lord,  I  was  also  among them due to the  devout  compliance  of  my parents  to  the  Law. I  thought  to  myself  that  nothing  was  impossible  for  God,  and  since  he  knew  that  I wanted  and  desired  nothing  but  him,  I  knew  that  he  could  protect  my  virginity,  if  it pleased  him.  However,  if  not,  I  wanted  his  will  to  be  done.  After  I  had  heard  all  the commandments  in  the  temple,  I  returned  home,  burning  even  more  now  than  ever before  with  the  love  of  God,  being  inflamed  daily  with  new  fires  and  desires  of  love. 

For  this  reason,  I  withdrew  myself  even  more  from  everyone,  and  was  alone day  and  night,  fearing  greatly,  and  most  of  all,  that  my  mouth  should  say  anything,  or my  ears  hear  anything  against  the  will  of  my  God,  or  that  my  eyes  see  anything alluring  or  harmful.  I  was  also  afraid  in  the  silence,  and  very  worried  that  I  might  be silent  about  things  of  which  I  should,  instead,  have  spoken. 

While  I  was  worried  in  my  heart  like  this,  alone  by  myself  and  placing  all  my hope  in  God,  an  inspiration  about  God’s  great  power  came  over  me,  and  I  recalled how the  angels  and  everything  created  serve  him,  and  how  his  glory  is  indescribable and  unlimited.  While  I  was  thus  fascinated  by  this  thought,  I  saw  three  wonderful things:  I  saw  a  star,  but  not  the  kind  that  shines  in  the  sky;  I  saw  a  light,  but  not  the kind  that  shines  in  this  world;  I  smelled  a  fragrance,  but  not  of  herbs  or  anything else  of  this  world.  It  was  most  delightful  and  truly  indescribable,  and  it  filled  me  up so  completely  that  I  jubilated  with  joy! 

After  this,  I  immediately  heard  a  voice  –  but  not  from  a  human  mouth  –  and when  I  heard  it,  I  shuddered  with  the  great  fear  that  it  might  be  an  illusion,  or  a mockery  by  an  evil  spirit.  But  shortly  after  this,  an  angel  of  God  appeared  before  me; he  was  like  the  most  handsome  of  men,  but  not  in  the  flesh  as  is  the  body  of  a created  man,  and  he  said  to  me:  ‘Hail,  full  of  grace,  the  Lord  is  with  thee!’  When  I heard  this,  I  wondered  what  he  meant  and  why  he  had  come  to  me  with  such  a greeting,  for  I  knew  and  believed  that  I  was  unworthy  of  any  such  thing  –  or  any good  thing!  However,  I  also  knew  that  nothing  is  impossible  for  God,  if  he  desires  it.

Then  the  angel  spoke  again:  ‘The  child  to  be  born  in  you  is  holy  and  will  be called  the  Son  of  God.  May  his  will  be  done  as  it  pleases  him.’  But,  not  even  then  did  I consider  myself  worthy,  and  I  did  not  ask  the  angel  why,  or  when,  this  would happen.  Instead  I  asked  him  how  it  could  be  that  I,  an  unworthy  maiden,  who  did not  know  any  man,  should  become  the  Mother  of  God.  The  angel  answered  me  (as  I have  just  said):  ‘Nothing  is  impossible  for  God,  for  whatever  he  wants  to  do  will  be done.’

When  I  had  heard  these  words  of  the  angel,  I  felt  the  most  fervent  desire  to become  the  Mother  of  God,  and  my  soul  spoke  out  of  love  and  desire,  saying:  ‘See, here  I  am;  your  will  be  done  in  me!’  With  these  words,  my  Son  was  conceived  in  my womb to the  indescribable  joy  of  my  soul  and  my  every  limb!  While  I  had  him  in  my womb,  I  bore  him  without  any  pain,  without  any  heaviness  or  discomfort.  I  humbled myself  in  all  things,  knowing  that  he  whom  I  bore  was  the  Almighty! 

When  I  gave  birth  to  him,  it  was  also  without  any  pain  or  sin,  just  as  I  had conceived  him,  but  with  such  exaltation  and  joy  of  soul  and  body  that  my  feet  did not  feel  the  ground  where  they  had  been  standing  because  of  this  indescribable  joy! Just  as  he  had  entered  my  limbs  to  the  joy  of  all  my  soul,  he  left  my  body,  leaving  my virginity  intact,  and  my  soul  and  whole  body  in  a  state  of  indescribable  joy  and jubilation.

 When  I  gazed  upon  and  contemplated  his  beauty,  joy  seeped  through  my  soul like  dewdrops  and  I  knew  myself  to  be  unworthy  of  such  a  son.  But  when  I considered  the  places  where  (as  I  had  learned  from  the  predictions  of  the  prophets) nails  would  be  pierced  through  his  hands  and  feet  at  the  crucifixion,  my  eyes  filled with  tears  and  my heart  was  almost  torn  apart  by  sorrow. 

When  my  Son  saw  my  weeping  eyes,  he  became  almost  deathly  saddened. However,  when  I  considered  his  divine  power,  I  was  consoled  again  in  knowing  that this  was  what  he  wanted  and  that  it  should  happen  in  this  way,  and  I  joined  all  my will  to  his.  So  my  joy  was  always  mixed  with  sorrow. 

When  the  time  of  my  Son’s  suffering  arrived,  his  enemies  seized  him  and struck  him  on  the  cheek  and  neck,  spat  at  him  and  ridiculed  him.  Then  he  was  led  to the  pillar  of  torture  where  he  voluntarily  removed  his  clothes  and  placed  his  hands around  the  pillar,  and  his  enemies  then  mercilessly  bound  them.  When  he  stood bound  at  the  pillar,  he  had  no  covering  at  all,  but  stood  naked  as  he  had  been  born,   suffering  the  shame  of  his  nakedness. 

Then  all  my  Son’s  friends  fled  from  him,  and  his  enemies  came  together  from all  directions  and  stood  there,  scourging  his  body,  which  was  pure  from  every  stain and  sin.  I  was  standing  nearby,  and  at  the  very  first  lashing,  I  fell  down  as  if  I  were dead.  When  I  regained  consciousness,  I  saw  his  body  whipped  and  scourged  so badly  that  the  ribs  were  visible!  What  was  even  more  terrible  –  when  the  whip  was pulled  out,  his  flesh  was  furrowed  and  torn  by  it,  just  as  the  earth  is  by  a  plough!  As my Son was standing  there,  all  bloody  and  wounded,  so  that  no  place  could  be  found on  him  that  was  still  intact  and  no  sound  spot  could  be  scourged,  then  someone present  there,  aroused  in  spirit,  asked:  ‘Are  you  going  to  kill  him  before  he  is  even judged?’  And  he  cut  off  his  bonds  immediately. 

Then  my  Son  put  his  clothes  back  on,  and  I  saw  that  the  place  where  he  had been  standing  was  filled  with  blood!  By  observing  my  Son’s  footprints,  I  could  see where  he  had  walked  because  the  ground  was  bloody  there  as  well.  They  did  not even  wait  for  him  to  get  dressed,  but  pushed  and  dragged  him  to  make  him hurry up. While  my  Son  was  being  led  away  like  a  robber,  he  wiped  the  blood  from  his  eyes. When he had been sentenced  to  death,  they  placed  the  cross  on  him  so  that  he  could carry  it  to  the  place  of  suffering.  When  he  had  carried  it  for  a  while,  a  man  came along  and  took  the  cross  to  carry  it  for  him.  As  my  Son  was  going  to  the  place  of suffering,  some  people  hit  him  on  the  neck,  while  others  hit  him  in  the  face.  He  was so  brutally  and  forcefully  beaten  that,  although  I  did  not  see  who  hit  him,  I  heard  the sound  of  the  blow  clearly.  When  I  reached  the  place  of  suffering  with  him,  I  saw  all the  instruments  of  his  death  lying  there  ready.  When  my  Son  got  there,  he  took  off his  clothes  by  himself.

The  executioners  and  the  crucifiers  said  to  each  other:  ‘These  are  our  clothes! He  will  not  get  them  back  because  he  is  condemned  to  death!’  As  my  Son  was standing  there,  naked  as  he  had  been  born,  a  man  came  running  up  and  handed  him a  cloth  with  which  he  joyfully  covered  his  private  parts.  Then  the  cruel  executioners seized  him  and  stretched  him  out  on  the  cross.  First,  they  fastened  his  right  hand  to the  wooden  beam  (which  was  fashioned  with  holes  for  the  nails),  piercing  the  hand at  the  place  where  the  bone  was  most  solid  and  firm.  Then  they  pulled  out  his  other hand  with  a  rope  and  fastened  it,  in  a  similar  way,  to  the  beam.  Next  they  crucified the  right  foot  –  with  the  left  foot  on  top  of  it  –  with  two  nails,  so  that  all  his  sinews and  veins  were  stretched  so  much  that  they  burst.  After  they  had  done  this,  they  put the  crown  of  thorns on  his  head.  It  cut  into  my  Son’s  venerable  head  so  deeply that  his  eyes  were  filled  with  blood  as  it  flowed  down,  his  ears  were  blocked  by  it, and  his  beard  was  totally  soaked  with  it.  As  he  stood  there,  so  bloody  and  pierced,  he felt  sorry  for  me,  for  I  was  standing  nearby  and  crying.  Looking  with  his  blood-filled eyes  upon  my  nephew,  John,  he  commended  me  to  his  care.  At  that  moment  I  heard some  people  saying  that  my  Son  was  a  robber!  Others  said  that  he  was  a  liar,  and others  that  no  one  deserved  to  die  more  than  did  my Son! 

My  sorrow  was  renewed  from  hearing  all  this.  And,  as  I  said  before,  when  the  first  nail  was  driven  into  him,  I  became  overwhelmed  by  the  sound  of  the  first  strike and  fell  down  as  if  dead  with  darkened  eyes,  trembling  hands,  and  faltering  legs.  In my  bitter  pain  and  great  sorrow,  I  was  not  able  to  look  up  again  until  he  had  been completely  nailed  to  the  cross.  But  when  I  got  up,  I  saw  my  Son  hanging  pitifully,  and I,  his  most  sorrowful  Mother,  was  so  grieved  and  heartbroken  that  I  could  barely stand  up  because  of  my  great  and  bitter  sorrow.  When  my  Son  saw  me  and  his friends  in  inconsolable  tears,  he  called  out  with  a  loud  and  sorrowful  voice  to  his Father,  saying:  ‘Father,  why  have  you  forsaken  me?’  It  was  as  if  he  wanted  to  say: ‘There  is  no  one  who pities  me  but  you,  Father.’ 

By  this  time,  his  eyes  seemed  half-dead.  His  cheeks  were  sunken,  his  face  was sorrowful,  his  mouth  open,  and  his  tongue  was  bloody.  His  stomach  was  pressed  in towards  his  back  because  of  all  the  liquid  that  had  been  lost.  It  was  as  if  he  had  no intestines.  All  of  his  body  was  pale  and  languid  because  of  the  loss  of  blood.  His hands  and  feet  were  very  rigidly  outstretched,  for  they  had  been  extended  and  made to  conform  to  the  shape  of  the  cross.  His  beard  and  hair  were  completely  soaked with  blood.  When  my  Son  stood  there  so  bruised  and  pale  blue,  only  his  heart  was still  vigorous,  for  it  was  of  the  best  and  strongest  nature.  He  had  taken  from  my  flesh the  most  pure  and  well-wrought  body.  His  skin  was  so  thin  and  tender  that  blood flowed  out  of  it  instantly  if  he  was  scourged  even  slightly.  His  blood  was  so  fresh that  it  could  be  seen  inside  the  pure  skin.  And  because  he  had  the  very  best constitution,  life  contended  with  death  in  his  pierced  body.  Sometimes  the  pain  from his  pierced  limbs  and  sinews  rose  up  to  his  heart,  which  was  still  completely vigorous  and  unhurt  and  tormented  it  with  the  most  unendurable  pain  and suffering.  Sometimes  the  pain  descended  from  his  heart  into  his  wounded  limbs  and, in  so  doing,  prolonged  his  bitter  death. 

Surrounded  by  these  pains,  my  Son  beheld  his  weeping  friends  who,  with  his help,  would  rather  have  suffered  his  pain  themselves  or  have  burned  in  hell  for  all time  than  to  see  him  tortured  in  this  way.  His  sorrow  over  his  friends’  sorrow exceeded  all  the  bitterness  and  grief  which  he  had  endured  in  body  and  heart,  for  he loved  them  so  tenderly.  Then,  out  of  the  exceedingly  great  suffering  and  anguish  of his  body,  he  cried  out  on  account  of  his  Manhood  to  the  Father:  ‘Father,  into  your hands  I  commend  my  spirit.’  When  I,  his  most  sorrowful  Mother  heard  his  voice,  my whole  body  trembled  in  the  bitter  pain  of  my  heart.  As  often  as  I  later  thought  on this  cry,  it  was  as  if  still  present  and  fresh  in  my  ears. When  his  death  drew  near,  his  heart  burst  because  of  the  violence  of  the  pain. His  whole  body  convulsed,  and  his  head  raised  itself  a  little,  and  then  dropped  down again.  His  mouth  was  open  and  his  tongue  was  completely  bloody.  His  hands retracted  a  little  from  the  place  of  the  nail  holes,  and  his  feet  were  made  to  bear more  of  the  weight  of  his  body.  His  fingers  and  arms  were  stretched  out  somewhat, and  his  back  was tightly  pressed  against  the  cross. 

Then  some  people  said  to  me:  ‘Your  Son  is  dead,  Mary!’  But  others  said:  ‘He  is dead,  but  he  will  rise  again.’  When  everyone  was  going  away,  a  man  came  and  thrust his  spear  into  his  side  so  forcefully  that  it  almost  went  out  the  other  side!  When  the spear  was  pulled  out,  its  point  appeared  to  be  red  with  blood.  It  seemed  to  me  then, when  I  saw  my  beloved  Son’s  heart  pierced,  that  my  own  heart  had  been  pierced  as well! 

Then  he  was  taken  down  from  the  cross  and  I  received  his  body  onto  my  lap. He  looked  like  a  leper,  and  was  completely  covered  with  bruises  and  blood.  His  eyes were  lifeless  and  filled  with  blood,  his  mouth  as  cold  as  ice,  his  beard  like  string,  his face  paralyzed,  and  his  hands  were  so  stiffened  that  they  could  not  be  bent  over  his chest,  but  only  over  his  stomach,  near  the  navel.  I  had  him  on  my  knee  just  as  he  had been  on the  cross:  stiffened  in  all  his  limbs. After  this,  they  laid  him  in  a  clean  linen  cloth  and  I  dried  his  limbs  with  my own  linen  cloth  and  closed  his  eyes  and  mouth,  which  he  had  opened  when  he  died. 

Then  they  laid  him  in  the  grave.  I  would  willingly  have  been  placed  alive  in  the  grave with  my  Son  if  it  had  been  his  will!  When  these  things  were  done,  good  John  came and  brought  me  home.  Behold,  my  daughter,  what  my  Son  has  endured  for  you,  and love  him  with  all  your  heart! 

[1]  Explanation  from  part  7  –  fifteenth Revelation:  

“Then  the  crown  of  thorns,  which  they had  removed  from  his  head  when  he  was  being  crucified,  they  now  put  back,  fitting it  onto  his  most  holy  head.  It  pricked  his  awesome  head  with  such  force  that  then and  there  his  eyes  were  filled  with  flowing  blood  and  his  ears  were  obstructed.” 

Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ’s  words  to His  bride  about  how  He willingly delivered  himself  up to  be crucified  by  His  enemies,  and about  the  way  to  be  abstinent in all  members  of  the body from all illicit movements after His most sweet example of suffering.

Eleventh Revelation

The  Son  of  God  spoke  to  his bride, saying:  

“I  am  the  Creator  of  the  heavens  and the  earth  and  all  the  things  that  are  in  them,  and  it  is  my  true  body  that  is consecrated  on  the  altar.  Love  me  with  all  your  heart,  for  I  have  loved  you,  and  I delivered  myself  up  to  my  enemies  willingly,  while  my  friends  and  my  Mother remained  in  the  most  bitter  sorrow  and  weeping.  When  I  saw  the  spear,  the  nails, the  whips,  and  the  other  instruments  of  torture  there  ready,  I  still  went  on,  no  less joyful,  to  suffer.  And  when  my  head  was  bleeding  on  all  sides  from  the  crown  of thorns,  and  the  blood  was  flowing  on  all  sides,  then,  even  if  my  enemies  had  gotten hold  of  my  heart,  I  would  have,  still,  rather  allowed  it  to  be  wounded  and  torn asunder  than  lose  you.  For  that  reason,  you  are  extremely  ungrateful,  if  you  do  not love  me  for  such  a  great  love. For  if  my  head  was  pierced  and  bent  down  on  the  cross  for  your  sake,  your head  should  be  bent  down  toward  humility.  Since  my  eyes  were  filled  with  blood and  tears,  your  eyes  should  abstain  from  pleasurable  sights.  Since  my  ears  were filled  with  blood  and  had  to  hear  blasphemous  and  scornful  words,  your  ears  should be  turned  away  from  frivolous  and  foolish  talk.  Since  my  mouth  was  given  the  most bitter  drink  and  was  denied  the  good  one,  you  should  keep  closed  your  mouth  from all  evil  and  open  it  for  good.  Since  my  hands  were  outstretched  and  pierced  by  nails, your  deeds,  which  are  symbolized  by  the  hands,  should  be  stretched  out  to  the  poor and  to  my  commandments.  Your  feet,  in  other  words,  the  desire  with  which  you should  walk  to  me,  should  be  crucified  and  abstain  from  all  evil  lusts.  As  I  have suffered  in  all  my  limbs,  so  may  all  your  limbs  be  ready  for  my  service.  For  I  demand more service  of  you  than  of  other  people,  since  I  have  granted  more  mercy  to  you.” 

About  how an angel  prays  for  the  bride  of  God,  and  how  Christ  asks  the  angel  what  it  is that he prays for the bride and what is good for her. 

Twelvth Revelation

The  good  angel  that  was  the  guardian  of  the  bride  appeared  praying  to  Christ for  her.  Our  Lord  answered  the  angel  and  said:  

“One  who  wants  to  pray  for  another should  pray  for  the  other’s  health  and  salvation.  You  are  like  a  fire  that  is  never extinguished,  constantly  burning  with  my  love.  You  see  and  know  all  things  when you  see  me.  You  want  nothing  but  what  I  want.  Therefore  tell  me,  what  is  good  for this  new  bride  of  mine?”  The  angel  answered:  “Lord,  you  know  all  things.”  The  Lord said  to  him:  “In  truth,  all  that  has  been  or  will  be  is  eternally  in  me.  I  know  and understand  all  things  in  heaven  and  on  earth  and  there  is  no  change  in  me.  But  so that  the  bride  may  understand  my  will,  tell  me  now  while  she  is  listening  what  is good  for  her.”  The  angel  said:  “She  has  a  proud  and  arrogant  heart  and  therefore  a cane  is  needed  for  her  so  that  she  may be  tamed.”  Then  our Lord said:  “What  then  do you  ask  for  her,  my  friend?”  The  angel  said:  “My  Lord,  I  beg  for  your  mercy  with  the rod.”  Our  Lord  said:  “For  your  sake,  I  will  do  so  with  her,  that  I  never  practice  justice without  mercy.  Therefore,  my  bride  should  love  me  with  all  her  heart  and  with  a good  will.” 

…to be continued

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