Our Lord’s Revelations And Prophecies To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden

Our Lord’s Revelations And Prophecies To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden


​About  how Christ  is  likened  to  a  mighty  lord  who  built  a  great  city  and  a  marvelous castle,  signifying  the  world  and  the  church,  and  how  the  judges  and  defenders  and workers in the church of God have been changed into a bad bow. 

55th Revelation
Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  said:  

“I  am  like  a  powerful  lord  who  built  a  great  city  and named  it  after  himself.  Thereafter,  he  built  a  castle  in  the  city  in  which  there  were many  rooms  for  storing  all  kinds  of  useful  necessities.  Then,  when  he  had  built  the castle  and  arranged  all  his  things,  he  divided  his  people  into  three  groups,  saying:  

‘I am  going  away  to  a  far  away  country.  Stand  firm  and  work  manfully  for  my  glory!  I have  made  arrangements  for  your  food  and  your  necessities,  and  you  have  judges  to judge  you  and  defenders  to  defend  you  from  your  enemies.  I  have  also  arranged  for working  men  who  shall  feed  you  and  give  me  a  tenth  part  of  their  work,  saving  it  for my use and my honor.’ 

But  after  some  time  had  gone  by, the  name  of  the  city  was  forgotten. Then  the judges  said:  

‘Our  lord  has  traveled  to  a  far  away  country.  Let  us  judge  righteous judgments  and  do  justice  so  that,  when  our  lord  returns,  we  may  not  be  punished and  be  accused  but  receive  honor  and  blessing.’  

Then  the  defenders  said:  

‘Our  lord trusts  us  very  much  and  has  left  the  defense  of  his  house  to  us.  Let  us  therefore abstain  from  superfluous  food  and  drink  so  that  we  may  not  become  unfit  for  battle. Let  us  also  abstain  from  excessive  sleep  so  that  we  may  guard  ourselves  and  not  be trapped  unawares.  May  we  be  well  armed  and  constantly  watchful  so  that  we  may not  be  found  unprepared  when  enemies  come.  The  honor  of  our  lord  and  the salvation  of  our  people  depend  very  much  on  us.’  

Then  the  workers  said:  

‘The  glory of  our  lord  is  great  and  his  reward  is  glorious  and  grand.  Let  us  therefore  work mightily  and  give  him  not  only  a  tenth  of  our  work  but  also  offer  him  everything above  our  living  expenses!  Our  reward  shall  become  more  glorious  the  greater  the love  he  sees  in  us.’ 

Thereafter,  some  time  went  by,  and  the  name  of  the  city  and  the  lord  of  the castle  became  forgotten.  Then  the  judges  said  to  themselves:  

 The  defenders  said:  

‘We  are  fools,  because we  work  and  know  not  what  reward  we  shall  receive.  Let  us  enter  into  a  covenant with  our  enemies  instead  and  sleep  and  drink  with  them,  for  we  do  not  care  about whose  enemies  they  have  been.’  Thereafter,  the  workers  said: 

 ‘Why  do  we  save  our gold  for  others,  when  we  do  not  know who will get  it  after  us?  It  is  better  that  we  use it  ourselves  and  dispose  of  it  after  our  own  will.  Let  us  therefore  give  the  tenth  to  the judges  and  placate  them  so  that  we  then  can  do  what  we  want.’ 

In  truth,  I  am  like  this  mighty  lord,  for  I  built  myself  a  city,  that  is,  the  world, and  placed  a  castle  there,  that  is,  the  church.  The  name  of  the  world  was  divine wisdom,  for  the  world  had  this  name  from  the  beginning,  since  it  was  created  in divine  wisdom.  This  name  was  venerated  by  all,  and  God  was  praised  in  his  wisdom and  wondrously  proclaimed  by  his  creatures.  But  now  the  name  of  the  city  has  been dishonored  and  changed,  and  a  new name has been taken,  that  is,  human  wisdom. For  the  judges,  who  before  had  made  judgments  in  righteousness  and  the  fear of  the  Lord,  have  now  turned  to  pride  and  are  trying  to  deceive  simple  men.  They desire  to  be  eloquent  so  that  they  may  win  human  praise,  and  they  speak  and  preach that  which  pleases  men  so  that  they  may  obtain  favors.  They  tolerate  calmly  all words  so  that  they  may  be  called  good  and  patient,  and  they  accept  bribes  to overturn  righteous  judgments.  They  are  wise  for  the  sake  of  their  own  temporal benefit  and  their  own  will,  but  dumb  when  it  comes  to  my  praise.  They  trample  and press  down  simple  men  under  their  feet  and  force  them  into  silence.  They  extend their  greed  to  all  and  make  right  into  wrong.  This  is  the  kind  of  wisdom  that  is  loved now,  while  my wisdom is forgotten. The  defenders  of  the  church,  who  are  the  noblemen  and  knights,  see  my enemies  and  the  attackers  of  my  Church  but  do  not  care  about  it.  They  hear  their words  of  blasphemy  and  mockery  but  do  not  care  about  it.  They  perceive  and understand  the  deeds  of  those  who  attack  my  commandments  and  still  bear  them patiently.  They  behold  them  daily  committing  all  kinds  of  mortal  sins,  as  if  they  were allowed,  and  feel  no  compunction  about  it,  but  sleep  and  associate  with  them, binding  themselves  by  oath  to  their  company. The  workers,  that  is,  the  entire  people,  reject  my  commandments  and  withhold my  gifts  and  my  tenth.  They  offer  gifts  to  their  judges  and  show  them  honor  and reverence  in  order  to  win  their  favor  and  goodwill.  In  truth,  I  can  boldly  say  that  the sword  of  fear  for  me  and  for  my  Church  is  thrown  away  in  the  world,  and  that  a  sack of  money has been put in its  place.” 

The  words  in  which  God explains  the  nearest  preceding  Revelation,  and  about  the judgment  that  he  makes  against  such  people,  and  about  how  God  for  a  while  endures the evil for the sake of the good. 

56th Revelation
“I  told  you  before  that  the  sword  of  my  Church  is  thrown  away  and  that  a  sack of  money  has  been  put  in  its  place,  which  is  open  at  one  end.  The  other  end  is  so deep,  that  whatever  one  puts  into  it  never  reaches  the  bottom,  and  so  the  sack  never gets  filled.  This  sack  is  greed,  which  exceeds  all  measures  and  now  has  become  so powerful  that  the  Lord  is  scorned  and  nothing  is  desired  but  money  and  the  selfish will  of  man.  But  I  am  like  a  lord  who  is  both  father  and  judge.  When  he  shall  go  forth and  judge,  the  bystanders  say  to  him:  

‘Lord,  proceed  quickly  and  make  your judgment!’  

The  Lord  answers  them:  

‘Wait  a  little  until  tomorrow,  because  perhaps my son will  still  amend  himself  in  the  meantime.’ 

When  he  comes  back  the  next  day,  the  people  say  to  him: 

 ‘Proceed,  Lord,  and make  your  judgment!  Why  are  you  postponing  the  judgment  for  so  long  and  do  not judge  the  guilty?’  

The  Lord  answers  them:  

‘Wait  a  little  while  longer,  to  see  if  my  son betters  himself,  and  if  he  then  does  not  repent,  I  shall  make  a  just  judgment  over him.’  

In  this  way  I  patiently  endure  mankind  even  until  the  last  moment,  since  I  am both  father  and  judge.  But  my  justice  is  unchangeable,  and  even  though  it  sometimes is  postponed  a  long  time,  I  will  still  either  punish  sinners  who  do  not  better themselves  or  show  them  mercy if  they  amend themselves.I  also  told  you  before  that  I  divided  the  people  into  three  groups:  

Namely, judges,  defenders,  and  workers.  What  do  these  judges  signify  if  not  the  priests  who have  turned  the  divine  wisdom  into  an  evil  and  useless  wisdom?  Like  clerks  who take  many  words  and  assemble  them  into  a  few  words,  which  say  the  same  thing  as the  many  did,  so  too  have  these  present-day  clerics  taken  my  ten  commandments and  assembled  them  into  a  single  one.  And  what  is  this  single  word  if  not:  

‘Reach  out your  hand  and  give  us  money!’  

This  is  their  wisdom,  to  speak  beautifully,  to  act badly  and  to  pretend  to  be  my  servants  while  yet  acting  maliciously  against  me.  For the  sake  of  gifts,  they  gladly  put  up  with  sinners  in  their  sins  and  bring  about  the downfall  of  simple minded  people  through  their  bad  example.  Furthermore,  they hate  those  who  walk  in  my  way.  

Second,  the  defenders  of  the  Church,  that  is,  the knights,  are  unfaithful,  since  they  have  broken  their  promise  and  their  oath  and gladly  endure  those  who  sin  against  the  faith  and  law  of  my  Holy  Church. 

 Third,  the workers,  that  is,  the  whole  people,  are  like  untamed  bulls  which  have  three  things: 

First,  they  dig  the  earth  with  their feet;  

Second,  they  fill  themselves  to satiety; 

 Third, they  fulfill  their  own  lusts  according  to  their  own  desire. 

 Likewise  does  now  the whole  people  crave  after  temporal  goods  with  all  of  their  desire,  filling  itself  with immoderate  gluttony  and  worldly  vanity  and  practicing  its  carnal  lust  and  delight without  reason. But  even  though  my  enemies  are  many,  I  still  have  many  friends  among  them, although  hidden.  As  it  was  said  to  Elijah,  who  thought  none  of  my  friends  were  left in  the  world  but  himself:  

“I  have  seven  thousand  men  who  have  not  bowed  their knees  to  Baal.”  

So,  even  though  my  enemies  are  many,  I  still  have  some  friends hidden  among them who cry daily because  my enemies are superior and because  my name  is  despised. 

Therefore,  for  the  sake  of  their  prayers,  I  shall  do  like  a  charitable and  good  king  who  knows  the  evil  deeds  of  the  city  but  patiently  endures  its residents  and  sends  letters  to  his  friends  to  forewarn  them  of  their  danger.  In  this way  I  send  my words  to  my friends;  and  they  are  not  so  obscure  as  the  words  in  the Apocalypse  which  I  revealed  to  John  in  an  obscure  way  in  order  that  they  would  be interpreted  by  my  Spirit  at  the  time  that  pleased  me.  Nor  are  they  so  hidden  that they  cannot  be  proclaimed  –  as  when  Paul  saw  many  of  my  hidden  secrets  that  he was  not  allowed  to  speak  about  –  but  they  are  so  plain,  that  all,  both  small  and  big, can  understand  them,  and  so  easy,  that  all  who  want  to,  can  grasp  and  understand them. Therefore,  let  my  friends  see  to  it  that  my  words  reach  my  enemies,  so  that they,  perhaps,  convert  themselves  and  feel  sorrow  and  remorse  for  their  sins,  when their  peril  and  my  judgment  are  made  known  to  them.  Otherwise,  the  city  will  be judged  so  severely  that,  just  as  a  wall  is  torn  down  without  leaving  stone  upon  stone, so  that  not  even  two  stones  join  to  each  other  in  the  foundation,  so  shall  it  be  with the  city,  that  is,  with  the  world. The  judges  shall  burn  in  the  hottest  fire.  There  is  no  fire  hotter  than  the  one that  is  fed  with  some  fat.  These  judges  were  fat,  since  they  had  more  opportunities of  fulfilling  their  lust  and  will  than  others;  they  surpassed  others  in  honor  and temporal  abundance,  and  abounded  more  in  malice  and  unrighteousness. 

 Therefore, they  will  burn  in  the  hottest  pan,  that  is,  in  the  torments  of  hell! The  defenders  shall  be  hanged  on  the  highest  gallows.  A  gallows  consists  of two  vertical  timber  beams  with  a  third  placed  above  the  others  horizontally.  This gallows  with  two  wooden  beams  signifies  their  cruel  and  severe  torment,  which  is, so  to  speak,  made  from  two  pieces  of  wood.  

The  first  beam  signifies  that  they  did  not hope  for  my  eternal  reward  nor  worked  for  it  with  their  good  deeds.  

The  second beam  signifies  that  they  did  not  trust  in  my  power  and  goodness,  when  they  thought I  was  not  able  to  do  all  things  or  did  not  want  to  provide  for  them  sufficiently. 

 The wooden  crossbeam  signifies  their  evil  conscience,  for  they  understood  very  well what  they  should  do  but,  instead,  did  evil  and  felt  no  shame  about  acting  against their  conscience.  The  rope  of  the  gallows  signifies  the  everlasting  fire  which  can neither  be  extinguished  by  water  nor  cut  by  scissors  nor  be  destroyed  and  broken by  old  age. 

 On  this  gallows  of  the  most  cruel  torment  and  inextinguishable  fire,  they will  hang  and  feel  shame  and  distress  like  unhappy  traitors,  since  they  were  disloyal. They  will  hear  insults,  since  my  words  displeased  them.  A  woe  shall  be  in  their mouths,  since  their  own  honor  and  praise  delighted  them.  They  shall  be  mangled  on this  gallows  by  living  crows,  that  is,  by  devils  who  can  never  get  their  fill,  and  even though  they  be  wounded,  they  shall  never  be  consumed,  but  they  shall  live  in torment  without  end  and  their  torturers  shall  also  live  without  end.  There  shall  be  a woe  that  will  never  end  and  a  misery  that  will  never  be  mitigated.  Woe  unto  them, that  they  were  ever  born!  Woe  unto  them,  that  their  life  was  so  long! And  lastly  concerning  the  workers,  their  just  sentence  will  be  the  same  as  for bulls.  For  the  bulls  have  very  hard  flesh  and  skin.  Therefore,  their  judgment  shall  be the  sharpest  steel.  This  most  sharp  steel  is  the  death  of  hell  that  will  torment  those who scorned me and loved their own will instead  of  my commandments. The  letter,  that  is,  my  words,  are  now  written.  May  my  friends  work  wisely  and reasonably  so  that  it  comes  to  my  enemies,  for  perhaps  they  will  want  to  hear  them and  repent  from  their  wickedness.  But  if  some,  after  having  heard  my  words,  should say:  

“Let  us  wait  a  little  moment,  the  judgment  is  not  yet  coming,  it  is  not  yet  his time,”  

Then  I  swear  by  my  Divinity  which  cast  out  Adam  from  paradise  and  sent  ten plagues  over  Pharaoh,  that  I  will  come  to  them  faster  than  they  think. I  swear  by  my  Manhood,  which  I  assumed  without  sin  from  the  Virgin  for  the salvation  of  mankind,  and  in  which  I  endured  sorrow  in  my  heart  and  suffered bodily  torment  and  death  for  the  eternal  life  of  men,  and  in  which  I  rose  again  from the  dead  and  ascended  into  heaven  and  am  seated  at  the  right  hand  of  the  Father, true  God  and true  Man in one person,  that  I  shall  fulfill  my  words. I  swear  by  my  Spirit,  which  descended  over  the  apostles  on  the  day  of Pentecost  and  inflamed  them  so  that  they  spoke  in  the  language  of  all  peoples,  that unless  they  better  themselves  and  return  to  me  like  weak  servants,  I  shall  execute vengeance  over  them  in  my  wrath.  Then  there  shall  be  a  woe  in  soul  and  body!  Woe unto  them  that  they  came  alive  into  the  world  and  lived  in  the  world!  Woe  unto them,  for  their  lust  was  small  and  vain  but  their  torment  shall  be  everlasting!  Then they  shall  perceive  what  they  now  scorn  to  believe,  namely,  that  my  words  were words  of  love.  Then  they  shall  understand  that  I  admonished  them  like  a  father,  even though  they  did  not  want  to  hear  me.  In  truth,  if  they  do  not  want  to  believe  in  my words  of  goodwill,  they  will  have  to  believe  in  the  deeds  when  they  come. 

The  words  of  our  Lord  to  the  bride  about  how  he  is  loathsome  and  despicable  food  for the  souls  of  Christians,  and  how  the  world,  instead,  is  loved  and  found  to  be  delightful by them, and about the terrifying judgment that is executed over such people. 

57th Revelation
The  Son  of  God  spoke  to  his bride:  
“Christians  are  now  acting  towards  me  as the  Jews  acted  towards  me.  The  Jews  drove  me  out  of the  temple  and had a complete will  to  kill  me,  but  since  my  hour  had  not  yet  come,  I  escaped  from  their  hands. Christians  act  towards  me  in  the  same  way  now.  They  drive  me  out  of  their  temple (that  is,  out  of  their  soul,  which  should  be  my  temple)  and  they  would  gladly  want  to kill  me  if  they  could.  I  am  like  rotten  and  stinking  flesh  in  their  mouths.  I  seem,  to them,  to  be  like  a  man  who  utters  lies,  and  they  do  not  care  about  me  at  all.  They turn  their  backs  to  me,  but  I  will  turn  my  neck  to  them,  since  there  is  nothing  but craving  in  their  mouths  and  irrational  beastly  lust  in  their  flesh.  Only  pride  is delightful  in  their  ears,  only  the  lust  of  the  world  delights  their  eyes.  My  suffering and  my  love  are  detestable  to  them  and  my  life  heavy  and  burdensome.  Therefore,  I shall  do  as  the  animal  which  had  many  dens: 

When  hunters  pursued  and  drove  it from  one  den,  it  escaped  into  another.  This  is  what  I  will  do,  because  Christians  are chasing  me  away with their  bad deeds  and driving  me  out  of the  den  of their  hearts. Therefore,  I  want  to  go  to  the  heathens  in  whose  mouths  I  am  now  bitter  and distasteful,  but  I  will  become  sweeter  than  honey  in  their  mouths.  Nevertheless,  I  am still  so  merciful  that  I  will  happily  receive  each  and  everyone  who  begs  for  my  forgiveness  and  says: 

 ‘Lord,  I  know  that  I  have  sinned  severely  and  I  gladly  want  to better  myself  through  your  grace.  Have  mercy  on  me  for  the  sake  of  your  bitter suffering.’  

But  to  those  who  harden  themselves in  their  evil,  I  shall  come  like  a warrior  that  has  three characteristics:  

Namely,  dreadfulness,  strength,  and  severity.  I shall  come  and  be  so  terrifying  to  the  Christians  that  they  will  not  dare  to  move  the least  finger  against  me.  I  shall  also  come  to  them  with  such  strength  that  they  will  be like  mosquitoes  before  me.  

Third,  I  shall  come  to  them  with  such  severity  that  they will  feel  a  woe  in  this  world  and  a  woe  without  end.” 

…to be continued

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