Our Lord’s Revelations And Prophecies To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden

Our Lord’s Revelations And Prophecies To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden


The  words  of  praise  of  the Mother and  the  Son  to  each other  in  the presence  of  the bride,  and  about how  Christ  is now  regarded  as shameful, dishonest,  and despicable  by people, and about the horrifying and eternal damnation of these people.   

46th Revelation
The  Queen  of  Heaven  spoke  to  her  Son  and  said:

“Blessed  be  you  my  God,  who are  without  beginning  and  without  end.  You  had  the  most  noble  and  beautiful  body. You were the most brave and virtuous  man.  You are  the  most  worthy creature.” 

The  Son  answered:

“The  words  proceeding  from  your  mouth  are  sweet  to  me and  delight  my  inmost  heart  like  the  sweetest  drink.  You  are  more  sweet  to  me  than any  other  creature  in  existence.  For  just  as  different  faces  can  be  seen  in  a  mirror  by a  person  but  none  pleases  him  more  than  his  own,  so  too,  even  though  I  love  my saints,  I  love  you  with  a  special  love,  because  I  was  born  from  your  blessed  flesh. You  are  like  myrrh  whose  fragrance  ascended  up  to  the  Divinity  and  led  the  Divinity to  your  body.  This  same  fragrance  drew  your  body  and  soul  up  to  God,  where  you now  are  with  soul  and  body.  Blessed  be  you,  for  the  angels  rejoice  in  your  beauty and  all  are  saved  by  your  virtue  and  power  when  they  call  on  you  with  a  sincere heart.  All  the  demons  tremble  in  your  light  and  do  not  dare  to  stay  in  your  splendor, for  they  always  want  to  be  in  darkness. You  gave  praise  to  me  for  a  threefold  reason,  for  you  said  that  I  had  the  most noble  body;  second,  that  I  was  the  most  brave  man;  and  third,  you  said  that  I  was  the most  worthy  creature.  These  three  things  are  only  contradicted  by  those  who  have  a body  and soul,  that  is,  human  beings.  They  say  that  I  have  a  shameful  body  and  that  I am  the  most  despicable  man  and  the  lowliest  of  creatures.  For  what  is  more shameful  than  to  tempt  others  to  sin?  For  they  claim  that  my  body  tempts  to  sin when  they  say  that  sin  is  not  as  abominable  or  displeasing  to  God  as  much  as  is  said. They  say  that  nothing  exists  unless  God  wants  it  to  be  so  and  that  nothing  is  created but  by  him.  ‘Why  should  we  not  use  the  created  things  to  our  benefit?  Our  natural frailty  demands  it  and  this  is  how  everyone  has  lived  before  us  and  still  do  live.’  This is  how  people  now  speak  about  me  and  my  Manhood,  in  which  I,  the  true  God, appeared  among  men.  For  I  advised  them  to  abstain  from  sinning  and  showed  what a  serious  and  grave  matter  it  is,  and  this  they  say  was  shameful,  as  if  I  had  advised them  to  do  something  useless  and  shameful.  They  say  that  nothing  is  honorable  but sin  and  that  which  pleases  their  will. They  also  say  that  I  am  the  most  shameful  man.  For  what  is  more  shameful than  someone  who,  when  he  speaks  the  truth,  gets  his  mouth  beaten  with  stones and  gets  hit  in  the  face  and,  on  top  of  that,  hears  people  insulting  him,  saying:  ‘If  he were  a  man,  he  would  revenge  himself  over  such  an  injustice.’  This  is  what  they  do to  me.  I  speak  to  them  through  the  learned  fathers  and  Holy  Scripture,  but  they  say that  I  lie.  They  beat  my  mouth  with  stones  and  their  fists  when  they  commit adultery,  murder,  and  lying,  saying:  ‘If  he  were  manly,  if  he  were  the  almighty  God, he  would  revenge  himself  for  such  sins  and  transgressions.’  But  I  endure  this  with patience,  and  everyday  I  hear  them  saying  that  the  torment  is  neither  eternal  nor  as severe  and  bitter  as  it  is  said,  and  my  words  are  judged  and  said  to  be  lies. Third,  they  judge  me  to  be  the  most  ugly  and  worthless  creature.  For  what  is more  worthless  in  the  house  than  a  dog  or  a  cat  that  someone  would  be  glad  to exchange  for  a  horse,  if  he  could?  But  mankind  holds  me  to  be  of  less  worth  than  a dog,  for  he  would  not  wish  to  take  me  if  it  meant  that  he  would  lose  the  dog,  and  he would  reject  and  deny  me  before  losing  the  dog’s  hide.  What  is  the  thing  that  pleases the  mind  so  little  that  one  does  not  think  of  it  and  desires  it  more  fervently  than  me? For  if  they  regarded  me  more  worthy  than  any  other  created  creature,  they  would love  me  more than  other  things.  But  now they have  nothing  so  small  that  they  do  not love  it  more  than  me.  They  grieve  over  everything  but  me.  They  grieve  for  their  own and  their  friends’  losses.  They  grieve  for  an  injurious  word.  They  grieve  over offending  or  hurting  people  more  highly  placed  and  powerful  than  they,  but  they  do not  grieve  about  offending  or  hurting  me,  who  am  the  Creator  of  all  things.  What man  is  so  despicable  that  he  is  not  listened  to  if  he  begs  about  something  and  is  not given  a  gift  in  return  if  he  has  given  something?  But  I  am  utterly  vile  and  despicable in  their  eyes,  for  they  do  not  consider  me  worthy  of  any  good,  even  though  I  have given  them  all  good  things. 

       But  you,  my  most  dear Mother,  have  tasted  more  of  my  wisdom  than  others, and  never  has  anything  but  the  truth  ever  left  your  mouth,  just  as  nothing  but  the truth  has  ever  left  my  own  mouth.  I  will  now  justify  myself  in  the  sight  of  all  the saints.  First,  against  him,  who  said  that  I  had  a  shameful  body.  I  shall  prove  that  I indeed  have  the  most  noble  body  without  deformity  or  sin,  and  he  shall  fall  into eternal  shame  and  reproach  which  all  will  see.  To  the  one  who  said  that  my  words were  a  lie  and  that  he  did  not  know  if  I  was  God  or  not,  I  shall  prove  that  I  truly  am God,  and  he  will  flow  down  like  mud  to  hell.  But  the  third,  who  regarded  me  as useless,  I  shall  judge  to  eternal  damnation  so  that  he  will  never  see  my  glory  and  my joy.”

Thereafter  he  said  to  his  bride:

 “Stand  firm  in  my  service.  You  have  come  to  a wall,  as  it  were,  in  which  you  are  enclosed,  so  that  you  cannot  flee  nor  dig  through its  foundations.  Endure  this  small  tribulation  willingly,  and  you  will  experience eternal  rest  in  my  arms.  You  know  the  will  of  the  Father,  you  hear  the  words  of  the Son,  you  feel  my  Spirit,  and  you  have  delight  and  consolation  in  the  conversation with  my  Mother  and  my  saints.  Therefore,  stand  firm,  or  else  you  will  come  to  feel my justice  by  which  you  will  be  forced  to  do  what  I  am now kindly urging you to  do.”

Our  Lord’s  words  to  his  bride  about  the  contempt  of  the  New  Law,  and  about  how  that same  Law is now rejected  and  despised  by  the  world,  and  about  how  bad  priests  are not  God’s  priests  but  God’s  betrayers,  and  about  the  punishment  and  damnation  they receive.

47th Revelation

“I  am  the  God  who  in  ancient  days  was  called  the  God  of  Abraham,  the  God  of Isaac  and  the  God  of  Jacob.  I  am  the  God  who  gave  the  Law  to  Moses.  This  law  was like  clothing.  For  as  a  mother  with  her  child  in  the  womb  prepares  her  infant’s clothing,  so  too  I,  God,  prepared  the  New  Law,  for  the  Old  Law  was  nothing  but  the clothing  and  shadow  and  sign  of  future  things  to  come.  I  clothed  and  wrapped myself  in  the  clothing  of  this  Law.  And  then  when  a  boy  grows  up  somewhat,  his  old clothes  are  laid  down  and  new  clothes  are  taken  up.  In  this  way,  I  fulfilled  the  Old Law  when  I  put  aside  the  used  clothing  of  the  Old  Law,  and  assumed  the  new clothing,  that  is,  the  New  Law,  and  I  gave  this  clothing  and  myself  to  everyone  who wanted  to  have  it.  This  clothing  is  not  very  tight  nor  difficult  to  wear  but  is  well suited  everywhere.  For  my  Law  does  not  order  people  to  fast  or  work  too  much  nor to  kill  themselves  or  to  do  anything  beyond  the  limits  of  possibility,  but  it  is beneficial  for  the  soul  and  conducive  to  the  restraining,  mortification,  and chastisement  of  the  body.  For  when  the  body  gets  too  attached  to  sin,  then  sin consumes  the  body. Two  things  are  found  in  the  New  Law:  First,  a  prudent  temperance  in  soul  and body  and  the  right  use  of  all  things.  Second,  a  readiness  for  heeding  and  keeping  the Law;  for  the  person  who  cannot  endure  to  stay  in  one  thing  can  stand  in  another. Hereby  follows  that  a  person  who  cannot  endure  to  be  a  virgin  can  live  in  an honorable  marriage,  and  he  who  falls  into  sin  may  get  up  again  and  better  himself. But  this  Law  is  now  rejected  and  despised  by  the  world.  For  they  say  that  the Law  is  narrow,  heavy,  and  ugly.  They  say  it  is  narrow,  for  the  Law  orders  one  to  be satisfied  with  the  necessary  and  to  flee  the  superfluous.  But  they  want  to  have  all things  without  reason  like  senseless  cattle  and  above  the  necessity  of  the  body,  and that  is  why  the  Law  is  too  narrow  for  them.  Second,  they  say  it  is  heavy,  because  the Law  says  that  one  should  have  enjoyment  with  reasonable  temperance  and  at established  times.  But  they  want  to  fulfill  their  lust  more  than  what  is  good  and more  than  what  is  established.  Third,  they  say  it  is  unsightly,  because  the  Law  bids them  to  love  humility  and  to  accredit  every  good  to  God.  But  they  want  to  be  proud and  exalt  themselves  for  the  good  things  that  God  has  given  them,  and  that  is  why the  Law seems ugly and vain  to them. See  how  despised  and  maltreated  my  clothes  are.  I  fulfilled  everything  in  the Old  Law  before  I  began  the  New  Law.  For  the  Old  Law  was  too  difficult,  and  my intention  was  that  the  New  Law  should  remain  until  I  came  in  judgment.  But  they shamefully  threw  away  the  clothing  with  which  I  covered  the  soul,  that  is,  the  right faith.  And  above  this,  they  add  sin  to  sin,  since  they  also  want  to  betray  me.  Does  not David  say  in  the  psalm:  ‘He  who  ate  my  bread  thought  treason  against  me’?  In  these words  I  want  you  to  note  two  things.  First,  he  does  not  say  “thinks”  but  “thought”,  as if  it  had  already  happened.  Second,  he  denotes  one  man  as  a  betrayer.  But  I  say  that it  is  those  who  are  now  present  who  betray  me,  not  those  who  have  been  or  who will  come,  but  those  who  are  now  alive.  I  also  say  that  it  is  not  only  one  man  but many. But  now  you  may  ask  me:  ‘Are  there  not  two  kinds  of  bread,  one  invisible  and spiritual,  of  which  angels  and  saints  live,  and  the  other  earthly,  by  which  men  are fed?  But  angels  and  saints  do  not  want  anything  other  than  that  which  is  according to  your  will,  and  men  can  do  nothing  other  than  that  which  pleases  you.  How,  then, can  they  betray  you?’ I  will  answer  you  in  the  presence  of  my  heavenly  host  who  knows  and  sees  all things  in  me,  but  I  say  this  for  your  sake  so  that  you  may  understand:  There  are indeed  two  kinds  of  bread.  One  is  that  of  the  angels  who  eat  my  bread  in  my kingdom  so  that  they  may  be  filled  with  my  indescribable  joy.  They  do  not  betray me,  since  they  want  nothing  other  than  what  I  want.  But  those  who  betray  me  are the  ones  who  eat  my  bread  at  the  altar.  I  truly  am  that  bread.  This  bread  has  three characteristics:  form,  flavor,  and  roundness.  I  am  indeed  the  Bread.  And,  like  the bread,  I  have  three  things  in  me:  flavor,  form,  and  roundness.  I  have  flavor,  for  just as  all  food  is  tasteless  without  bread  and  gives  no  strength,  so  without  me, everything  that  exists  is  tasteless,  powerless,  and  vain.  I  have  also  the  form  of  the years  in  which  they  lived  uselessly.  Accursed  be  the  moment  that  begins  hell  for them  and  that  never  will  end.  Accursed  be  their  eyes  with  which  they  saw  the  light of  Heaven.  Accursed  be  their  ears  with  which  they  heard  my  words  and  did  not  care. Accursed  be  their  taste  with  which  they  tasted  my  gifts.  Accursed  be  their  touch with  which  they  touched  me.  Accursed  be  their  smell  with  which  they  smelled  the delightful  things  of  the  world  and  forgot  me,  the  most  delightful  of  all. But  now  you  may  ask:  How  will  they  be  accursed  spiritually?  Well,  their  sight will  be  accursed,  because  they  shall  not  see  the  vision  of  God  in  himself  but  only  the darkness  and  sufferings  of  hell.  Their  ears  will  be  accursed,  because  they  shall  not hear  my words but only the screams and horrors  of hell.  Their  taste  will  be  accursed, because  they  shall  not  taste  my  eternal  goods  and  joy  but  only  eternal  bitterness. Their  touch  will  be  accursed,  because  they  shall  not  touch  me  but  only  eternal  fire  in hell.  Their  smell  will  be  accursed,  because  they  shall  not  smell  the  sweet  smell  of  my kingdom  that  surpasses  all  sweet  scents,  but  only  have  the  foul  stench  of  hell  which is  more  bitter  than  bile  and  worse  than  sulfur.  They  shall  be  accursed  by  Heaven  and earth  and  all  brute  creatures,  for  these  obey  God  and  glorify  him,  whereas  they reject  him. Therefore,  I  who  am  the  Truth,  swear  in  my  truth,  that  if  they  die  like  this  and in  such  a  disposition  that  they  are  in  now,  neither  my  love  nor  my  virtue  will  ever encompass  them,  but  instead,  they  will  be  damned  for  all  eternity,  and  not  only priests,  but  also  everyone  who  rejects  the  commandments  of  God!. 

About  how,  in  the  presence  of  the  heavenly  host  and  of  the  bride,  the  Divinity  spoke  to the  Manhood against  the  Christians,  just  as  God  spoke  to  Moses  against  the  people  of Israel,  and  about  how  damned  priests  love  the  world  and  despise  Christ,  and  about their condemnation and damnation. 

48th Revelation

A great  host  was  seen  in  Heaven and  God said  to  it:  

“My  friends,  who  know  and understand  and  see  all  things  in  me,  I  am  speaking  in  your  presence,  for  the  sake  of my bride  standing  here,  like  someone  who  speaks  to  himself,  for  in  this  way  does  my Divinity  converse  with  my  Humanity.  Moses  was  with  God  on  the  mountain  forty days  and  nights,  and  when  the  people  saw  that  he  had  been  gone  so  long,  they  took gold  and  threw  it  into  the  fire  and  shaped  a  calf  out  of  it,  calling  it  their  god. Then  God said to Moses: ‘The  people  have  sinned.  I  will  wipe  them  out,  just  like something  written  is  erased  from  a  book.’  Moses  answered:  ‘No,  my  Lord,  do  not. Remember  that  you  led  them  up  from  the  Red  Sea  and  worked  wonders  for  them.  If you  erase  and  destroy  them,  where  is  your  promise  then?  I  beg  you,  do  not  do  this, for  then  your  enemies  will  say:  The  God  of  Israel  is  evil  who  led  the  people  up  fromothers,  an  idol  called  Beelzebub  was  worshipped  whose  priests  used  to  offer  him incense  with  devotional  genuflections  and  shouts  of  praise.  And  everything  in  their offering  that  was  useless,  they  dropped  on  the  ground,  and  the  birds  and  flies  ate  it up.  But  everything  that  was  useful,  the  priests  hid  away  for  themselves.  They  locked the  door  on  their  idol  and  kept  the  key  for  themselves  so  that  nobody  could  go  in. This  is  what  the  priests  are  doing  to  me  in  this  time.  They  offer  me  incense, that  is,  they  speak  and  preach  beautiful  words  in  order  to  win  praise  for  themselves and  some  temporal  benefit,  but  not  out  of  love  of  me.  Just  as  the  scent  of  the  incense cannot  be  captured  but  only  felt  and  seen,  so  their  words  do  not  attain  any  benefit for  souls  so  that  it  can  take  root  and  be  kept  in  their  hearts,  but  they  are  only  heard and  seem  to  please  for  a  short  time.  They  offer  me  prayers,  but  not  the  kind  that  are pleasing  to  me.  Like  those  who  shouts  praise  with  their  mouths  and  are  silent  in their  hearts,  they  stand  next  to  me  shouting  with  their  mouths  while  in  their  hearts and  thoughts  they  wander  around  in  the  world.  But  if  they  were  speaking  with  a mighty  or  powerful  man,  then  their  hearts  would  follow  their  own  speech  and  words so  that  no  one  would be able  to remark on them. But  in  my  presence  the  priests  are  like  men  who  are  mentally  deranged,  for they  say  one  thing  with  their  mouths  and  have  another  in  their  hearts.  No  one  who hears  their  words  can  be  certain  about  their  meaning.  They  bend  their  knees  for  me, that  is,  they  promise  me  humility  and  obedience,  but  in  truth,  their  humility  is  as Lucifer’s,  and  they  are  obedient  to  their  own  desires  and  not  me.  They  also  lock  me in  constantly  and  keep  the  key  for  themselves.  They  open  up  for  me  and  praise  me when they  say:  ‘Thy  will  be  done  on  earth  as  it  is  in  heaven.’  But  then  they  lock  me  in again  by  fulfilling  their  own  will,  while  my  will  is  as  an  imprisoned  and  powerless man  who  can  neither  be  seen  nor  heard.  They  keep  the  key  for  themselves  when they,  by  their  bad  example,  also  lead  astray  others  who  want  to  do  my  will.  And,  if they  could,  they  would  gladly  forbid  my  will  from  being  fulfilled  and  accomplished, except  when  it  suits  their  own  will.  They  also  hide  anything  in  the  offering  that  is necessary  and  useful  to  them,  that  is,  they  demand  all  their  honor  and  privileges,  but the  human  body,  who  falls  to  the  ground  and  dies  and  for  which  they  should  offer the  best  sacrifice,  him  they  consider  as  useless  and  leave  the  body  to  the  flies,  that  is, to  the  worms  on  the  ground.  They  do  not  care  or  bother  about  their  obligation  for the  salvation  of  souls. But  what  was  said  to  Moses?  ‘Kill  those  who  made  this  idol!’  And  some  were killed,  but  not  all.  In  the  same  way,  my  words  will  now  come  and  kill  them,  some  in body  and soul  by  eternal  damnation,  others  unto  life  so  that  they  should  convert  and live,  others  through  a  fast  death,  for  these  priests  are  altogether  abhorrent  to  me. But  what  shall  I  liken  them  to?  They  are  indeed  like  the  fruit  of  the  thorn-bush, which  is  beautiful  and  red  on  the  outside,  but  inside  is  full  of  impurity  and  stinging thorns.  In  the  same  way,  these  come  to  me  as  men  who  are  red  with  love,  and  they seem  to  be  pure  to  men,  but  inside  they  are  full  of  all  filth.  If  this  fruit  is  laid  in  the earth,  other  thorn-bushes  grow  up  from  it.  In  the  same  way,  these  hide  their  sin  and malice  in  their  heart  as  in  the  earth,  and  they  become  so  rooted  in  evil  that  they  donot  even  blush  to  appear  in  public  and  boast  about  their  sin.  Hence  other  men  not only  find  a  reason  to  sin  but  also  become  deeply  wounded  in  their  souls,  thinking thus  to  themselves: 

 ‘If  priests  do  this,  it  is  even  more  permitted  for  us  to  do  it.’  And they  are  not  only  like  the  fruit  of  the  thorn-bush,  but  also  the  thorns,  for  they  disdain to  be  moved  by  reproach  and  admonition,  and  they  consider  no  one  to  be  as  wise  as them and think that  they  can  do  everything  they  want. Therefore,  I  swear  by  my  Divinity  and  Manhood,  in  the  hearing  of  all  the angels,  that  I  shall  break  down  the  door  they  have  closed  on  my  will,  and  my  will shall  be  fulfilled,  and  their  will  shall  be  annihilated  and  locked  in  eternal  torment and  anguish.  For  as  it  was  once  said:  ‘I  shall  begin  my  judgment  with  the  priests  and at  my altar.’”

…to be continued

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