Knowledge Of Mary – 15 Things Every Catholic Must Know About Mary

Knowledge Of Mary – 15 Things Every Catholic Must Know About Mary

*Knowledge of Mary*

*Here are 15 things every Catholic must know as regards the Blessed Virgin Mary:*

*1. Our Lady is in the highest degree of glory in heaven after Our Lord according to his humanity. 

She is of an order of glory called the Order of the Hypostatic Union. It is the highest order of glory. It has only three members: Our Lord according to his humanity, Our Lady and St. Joseph. Beneath them is St. Michael and the other six Seraphic Archangels, “standing before the face of God.”*

*2. Our Lady was perfect in nature, in grace and in glory. 

Meaning that she had no defect of nature (was perfectly beautiful, was temperamental equal, was neither choleric nor melancholic nor phlegmatic nor sanguine but was equal in all. She had no concupiscence, had no interior temptation etc. The devil could only tempt from without. She was equally choleric, as she was melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine. That’s how humans were originally to be); She was perfect in grace i.e. She had every grace we could think of (from the first moment of her conception) and all of them in the highest degree. She had every gift we could think of (Glories, Discourses on the Seven Principal Feasts and Dolours, Discourse I). Whatsoever could be thought of as a gift, She had. She knew the whole bible by heart and all the sciences of nature (Mystical City). She is perfect in glory: meaning that She is at a joy of glory beyond which it is impossible for any mere created creature.*

*3. The most pleasurable act of devotion to Mary consists in the Hail Mary as She herself told St. Metchilde (Matilda). 

The second highest act must necessarily consists in making fasts (especially on Saturdays) in her honour as fasting post-follows prayer in the eminent good works (Cat & Tob 12:8) and as St. Alphonsus lists the acts of devotion to her pleasing to her in that order (Sermons of St. Alphonsus, Serm 7, On the Confidence to Show the Divine Mother). This means that these acts are more salutary, and more meritorious than any other acts of devotion we may know of and are those “which will help us most to the dying of ourselves” and “to union with God” beyond the others. In plain words, they are more valuable than any other prayers we may think of to her. “To think that it is possible to say prayers that are finer and more beautiful than the Our Father and Hail Mary is to fall prey to the strange illusion of the devil.” (St. Louis, SR, pt.77) “The Hail Mary gives the highest glory to God.” (Cat of C.Trent, Part 4 on Prayer)*

*4. There three levels of devotion to Mary (Secret of Mary pt. 20). The highest consists in total consecration to Mary.*

*5. The first sign that total consecration is well practiced is that the soul never falls into mortal sin. (TD pt.89)*

*6. The highest prayer to Mary consists in the Holy Rosary: 

At least five decades of the Rosary everyday. But acts of mental prayer to Mary are also very salutary. (Glories, Devout Practices in Honour of the Divine Mother). One of the greatest devotions to Mary consists in attending Mass and receiving holy Communion in her honour. The highest will of Mary and what gives her most pleasure is that we do the will of her divine Son. The highest saints must necessarily have been the most loved by Mary.*

*7. Whosoever wants to be truly loved by Mary must seek to imitate her (St. Augustine, Glories, Virtues of the Bl Virgin), even in the higher practices of life. 

This divine Mother wants everyone to go as far as his powers will allow, even to the measure of Christ. She is a Seraph, and will She desire anything for us but that we be Seraphs?*

*8. Whosoever prays to this divine Mother must necessarily be heard. 

“Sooner will heaven and earth be destroyed than that the divine Mother will fail to come to the aid of one who calls on her.” (Glories, quoting the devout Blosius). To all that call on her, She is neither unwilling nor unable. “She lacks neither the power nor the will.(St. Bernard). “She can obtain all our requests.” “Is there anything impossible for me to do?” All that is possible with God, is obtainable by her. “Nothing is too hard for her” (St. Alphonsus). “She is all powerful” and “She is willing.” “And that She is most desirous to assist us by her prayers, no one can doubt without impiety and wickedness.” (Cat of Council of Trent, section on prayer). “Let him who has been neglected by her in his necessities, keep shut once he has asked for her aid.” “She never refuses any requests.” (St. Louis, Concluding prayer to the Rosary). All who pray the Rosary, will obtain of her whatsoever they demand through the Rosary. (Our Lady, Rosary Promises, Promise 11) and She that said this cannot lie.*

*9. The holiest were necessarily the most devoted to Mary. 
In fact, the holier a person is, the more devoted to Mary he must necessarily be. We may never know till we carefully examine his life. All the saints were children of Mary. All the saints were most devoted to Mary. St. Michael, the highest angel, is the most devoted angel to Mary, (St. Augustine, TD pt.8), more devoted to her than any other angel, more devoted than was her guardian angel (some theologians argue that she had no titular guardian angel. St. Michael was the head of her one thousand angel guard, but St. Gabriel was “the legate and minister” of the Eternal Father. However, he, St. Gabriel, the second highest angel, performed the titular role of guardian angel we know of to her, while St. Michael was the special guard of Our Lord during his time on earth, according to his humanity.*

*10. Our Lady lived on earth for 67 years and some of her devout servants died at the same age as a signal grace from her such as St. Cajetan, St. Pius V and St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. St. Peter and St. Paul might have been of same age having died in AD 67. It is possible that St. Peter and Our Lord were of the same age.*

*11. “Those who preach Mary are sure of paradise.” (St. Bonaventure). 

In fact, the most effective sermons are argued to be those on Mary. (Deduced from St. Louis, St. Anselm and from the whole of Glories). When faced with two options before a crowd or a new soul, a person should opt to preach about Mary since it is easier to remember and will both assure them of whatsoever they needed to hear about purgatory, about temptation, about heaven, about perseverance, about the means of grace and all the rest. “If I am devoted to Mary, I am sure of perseverance.” (St. John Berchmann). Since devotion to Mary assures persons of perseverance. Those who are most devoted to her are kept in grace by her. Should they fall, they rise. She does not live away any who were once most devoted to her. Should any man have ever been once most devoted to her, She seeks him, and does all in her power to convert and to save him. Even persons who merely wore the scapula out of love or honour or who just wore it were sought for (Glories, Discourses, Example on Discourse 6). Even persons who just adorned her statues out of pure love. (Purgatory Explained chp 33). Even those who just pitied her upon remembering her dolours (Glories, Discourses, Discourse 9). There is no lover of Mary in hell, no matter what the demon of scruples might have ever told you. Even those who were barely called Mary (no matter what you might at present have thought of them). This is what Sister Catherine of St. Augustine couldn’t understand. (Glories, Example to Chp1, sec1). This is what the devil himself showed (Glories, Example to Chapter 10). This is why St. Mary of Egypt couldn’t continue in sin. All who love Mary, are loved by her and are necessarily saved by her. “For whom She intercedes at the tribunal of judgment, the devil has no accusation.” “The true client of Mary is always saved.” (St. Alphonsus, Glories chp 8). “The salvation of all depends upon preaching Mary.” (St. Alph, Glories, Introduction)*

*12. Whatsoever is consecrated to Mary is protected by her be it house, parish or activity. There are certain things that just can’t happen there.*

*13. Whosoever is consecrated to Mary must do her will.*

*14. Mary is not concerned with justice but with all mercy. God kept justice for himself and made her Mother of mercy. No one should be afraid to approach her. 

“Even the most impious sinner must not despair of mercy should he come to her.” (Our Lady to St. Bridget) “She forsakes no one, despises no one.” “Where Lucifer to humble himself and demand for mercy by her intercession (Our Lord to Our Lady in the sight of St. Bridget, Rev to St. Bridget), She would be able to intercede and obtain mercy for him (Glories, chp iii, sec 2). This is impossible. But Our Lord meant by this that She could intercede even for one who had sinned to the unimaginable degree of Lucifer. No one should despair coming to her. She onced obtained for a deeply penitent soul, the grace of dying as he prayed and of going straight to heaven. (Glories, Dolours, 6th Dolour). Nothing is impossible to her.*

*15. “The knowledge of Mary is an enclosed fountain. Only he to whom the Holy Ghost opens it can attain to it.” (St. Louis TD pt.263).

“Devotion to Mary is a mark of predestination.” (St. John Damascene) “The salvation of all depends upon preaching Mary.” (St. Alphonsus)*

*Now, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, have you seen 15 reasons to be Devoted to Mary? Why delay? Pick up your Rosary now and pray to her! 🙏🙏🙏

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