Jesus Miraculously Rescues Muslim Girl Killed And Thrown Inside A Well By Her Father.

Jesus Miraculously Rescues Muslim Girl Killed And Thrown Inside A Well By Her Father.

A Muslim convert named Ramza, shared this wonderful testimony with “Bible for Mideast”, an underground ministry for the Middle east, on how she was rescued from a well by Jesus …
Her Story:

“I was born in an orthodox and fanatic Muslim family in the Muslim month of Ramzan in the Middle East Kingdom. So my parents named me Ramza. Now I have been born again by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and became a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

I was a religious girl from my childhood. I was always in front of the line for the Islamic practices for reciting Koran, doing namaz five times a day, and fasting on the month of Ramzan. Also I always kept its tradition of wearing the clothe “abaya” with full head and face covering.

My family was a big one with a father, three (step) mothers and thirteen children including myself. My father has a huge income from several trading and contracting agencies for sponsoring them as a local Arab.

I completed school education.  One of my friends who studied with me in the school tried to convey me the message of Jesus Christ, who was crucified, died and resurrected. She gave me a sample gospel too. She was the daughter of a Pastor, who is ministering with “Bibles for Mideast”. But I never accepted her messages and arguments.

After my school education,  my father wanted to get me married with an old and rich man, who already has three wives and several children. I suppose I would be younger than his youngest child.

One evening I went to meet my father in his room. He was talking with one of my step mothers. I pleaded with them not to arrange my marriage now, but send me for further studies. My father denied my request..  I argued with him, for I was unable to imagine such a marriage. He did not listen to me at all. Finally I said I will be leaving the home before the marriage.

My father became angry for what I said and I argued with him. Suddenly he took a chair and hit on my head with its legs. Because of his brutal attack, my skull broke. My father and step mother understood I was killed.

Their criminal mind woke up. They did not make known my death to others. They tied my dead body  into a plastic sack, took it by car to a far distance through the dessert and threw it into a deep well in a dirty plantation. The well had no water. (My other family members might have thought that I left  home because of my lack of interest in the marriage).
When my body was thrown into the well, I saw that my soul was going into ‘hell’ through a terrible darkness. I badly desired to get a drop of water for my deep thirst. I knew my soul was wandering not for the earthly water, but for the water of life, which is the Word of God. I saw the gospel, given by my school friend in front of me. It gave me some consolation. I tried to catch it; but my hands could not touch it. The gospel directed my soul to an amazing garden.

There was a strong, healthy and beautiful man standing inside the well. He catches the sack of my dead body in His hands. He untied the sack. He rubbed my head and body. I opened my eyes like waking up from a dream. I saw nailed marks in His hands.  He was my Lord Jesus. He carried me in his hands and brought me out of the well. He said to me, “I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall live (John 11:25).”
I prostrated before Him. I said with tears of joy, “Lord Jesus, you are my Lord and Savior. You were crucified, and died for me. You are risen indeed. I am yours, I believe in you”.
I raised my head and looked unto Him. But there was nobody. He had disappeared.

I didn’t know what to do. But I was so happy. I was praising and thanking Lord Jesus. Within few minutes, a husband and wife from “Bibles for Mideast” came to me. They introduced themselves  as Christians and that the Lord Jesus guided them to me. I shared my experiences to them. They gave me a Bible and brought me to a house where five women laborers of an agricultural and cattle farm stay together.

They are born again women. I stay with them. They teach me more about the Word of God and we worship Jesus together in our house church. And also, I go with them to the farm as a laborer as well as ministering for the Lord. I don’t want to go back to my parents unless they accept the Lord Jesus Christ.
Pray for my family members, relatives and all the people of the Middle East to be saved.”


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