Inviting The Holy Spirit Into Your Home: The Solution To Your Many Challenges

Inviting The Holy Spirit Into Your Home: The Solution To Your Many Challenges

In reading the book by Rev. Fr. George Nze Muoba titled The Holy Spirit Is Your Greatest Friend (same author who wrote 50 Days With The Holy Spirit My Greatest Friend ) and from the testimonies shared by several people whom Father introduced into friendship with the Holy Spirit, I have come to learn something very important which I wish to share with you.

Practicing this will greatly solve all your many challenges spiritual and temporal. 

I have come to learn what Father calls Inviting The Holy Spirit Into Your Home.

First you have to see the Holy Spirit as a Person and not just as a symbol like dove, fire, wind etc. See the Holy Spirit as a person whom you can chat with, talk to and listen to (for He speaks too).

Then you have to invite the Holy Spirit into your home and give Him a seat in your home. Offer Him a drink as you would when a friend visits your home and introduce Him to everyone at home on this day as you would a friend who visits your home.

You and members of your family at home on this day should drink whatever you offered to the Holy Spirit.

Then begin to tell the Holy Spirit as you would a friend all your joys, blessings, challenges, difficulties, trials and temptations. He listens and will surely rejoice with you in your joys and give you a solution to your needs.
Invite the Holy in everything you do, your day to day activities. 

Ask Him to come cook with you in the kitchen and you will make a wonderful meal.

Ask Him to come eat with you in the dinning and your meal will taste even better.

Ask Him to accompany you to the market, office, work, school etc and your day will be very productive.

Remember you have a seat where he seats so chat with him in the sitting room and every where you go.

My wife and I recently began to practice this and the experience is wonderful I must tell you.

When I decided to share the 50 Days With The Holy Spirit (My Greatest Friend) prayer with brothers and sisters on social media and on my blog , I decided to call the author’s number to get copywrite permission to publish his works online. 

To my amazement he was so glad and eventually sent me 4 more books on the Holy Spirit which he wrote and other gifts that came with them.

It dawned on me then that the Holy Spirit is at work. 

I decided to share this little piece with you and encourage you to practice them. 

Ask the Blessed Virgin Mary To give you the grace you need to understand better the Person of the Holy Spirit. 

 Remember She is the most beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit.

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