Indian Sorcerer Returns To Christ.

Indian Sorcerer Returns To Christ.

Mr. Venkatesan was born as a Hindu Dalit (Dalit means low class) man in India. His father was practicing black magic. He was worshipping Hindu idols and witch-crafts and also helping his father in sorcery practices. But his mother was a prayerful woman. She was regularly attending Christian prayer meetings and tried to teach her family about the salvation of Jesus Christ. But they never believed in Jesus Christ.

Mr. Venkatesan had a bad character and he grew up as a rouge. He always had disagreements with people at little provocations and became a quarrelsome person. So everybody hated him.

When he was 32 years, he was knocked down by a truck while crossing the road on his bicycle. He fell at a distance and sustained serious injuries. The truck, which hit him did not stop, but ran away. He bled continuously for about half an hour but nobody removed him from the road. Everybody thought he was dead. Finally, the police came and found out there was still life in him, so they took him to the hospital. For Several days he was in comatose stage.

When he was under coma, his mother stood beside him with prayers. The members of the Gospel to Asia and Middle East Nations (gos2amen), an associate ministry of Bibles for Mideast which she was attending regularly conducted a fasting and prayer session for Venkatesan and prayed for him.

While the fasting and prayer was on, Venkatesan saw Jesus Christ come down from heaven with thousands of angels and touched him with His nailed hands. Jesus Christ told him, “I love you my child; You are always my child; I will never leave you alone and my love will never end. Be healed”.

Venkatesan opened his eyes. He saw his mother and the members of the prayer team kneeling and praying with tears beside his bed. He called his mother. His mother was surprised and praised the Lord at once. Doctors rushed beside him and he told them his experience. They said it is a miracle. He also told them that he would live for Jesus Christ.
After that he got married. Now he is a father of a boy. With his family they are doing the Lord’s work with ‘gos2amen’.
By his prayers and the way of life, his father also turned to Christ before his death.


Bibles for Mideast, Asia.

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