How to Enthrone Mary Immaculate Queen in Your Home And Consecrate Your Family to Her.

How to Enthrone Mary Immaculate Queen in Your Home And Consecrate Your Family to Her.

A statue or picture may be blessed; If convenient, ask a priest to perform the ceremony, otherwise the head of the family can do it. Prepare her altar with flowers and candles, giving her an honored place in your home where all will see her and often pray to her. Recite together kneeling: Act of Contrition ; 3 Hail Marys; 3 Glorias; 3 times the invocation:

‘Mary Immaculate Queen, Triumph and Reign.’

followed by the Act of Consecration

‘O Mary Immaculate Queen, glorious Queen of the Universe, most powerful Virgin, Merciful Mother of a Merciful God and refuge of sinners, we consecrate ourselves to thy Royal and Immaculate Heart. It is through thee that Jesus Christ our King has come into the world to save it. It is also through thee that He is to reign over the world. In order to obtain this great benefit for ourselves and all mankind, we come to thy feet to consecrate to thee our persons, our lives, all that we are, all that we have, all that we love. Keep us, enlighten us, dispose of us, reign over us. May all hearts and all homes willingly proclaim thee as their Immaculate Queen.

O Mary Immaculate Queen, look down upon this distressed and suffering world. Thou knowest our misery and our weakness. O Thou who art our Mother, saving us in the hour of peril, have compassion on us in these days of great and heavy trial. Jesus has confided to thee the treasure of His Grace, and through Thee He wills to grant us pardon and mercy. In these hours of anguish, therefore, thy children come to Thee as their hope. We recognize thy QueenShip and ardently desire thy triumph. We need a Mother and a Mother’s Heart. Thou art for us the luminous dawn which dissipates our darkness and points out the way to life. In thy clemency obtain for us the courage and the confidence of which we have such need. Most Holy and Adorable Trinity, Thou Who didst crown with glory in Heaven the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Savior, grant that all her children on earth may acknowledge her as their Sovereign Queen, that all hearts, homes, and nations may recognize her rights as Mother and as Queen. Amen.


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