How St. Alphonsus Saved A Soul By His Exemplary Pious Life 

How St. Alphonsus Saved A Soul By His Exemplary Pious Life 

This Painting Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Was Done By Saint Alphonsus Liguori.

How Saint ALPHONSUS Saved A Soul By His Pious Exemplary Life.

Saint Alphonsus Liguori led a life so exemplary, Christ would not never fail to produce the most abundant fruits through him and although we have many, many records and witnesses recorded of all the goods resulting from his Holiness in the edification of others, it will only be known in Heaven all this great saint has done. Yet it has pleased Providence, that many proofs of this great Saint should be on record. 

The great saint who while coming from great wealth was already known by his late teens for his great Holiness. It was at this point that his father gave him one of his many slaves to be used in his service, one that was much older then Alphonsus. The future saint and slave became so close that they both looked on each other as brother’s instead of slave and master, and in no time the slave soon after manifested an inclination to become a Christian, and when asked what had made him think of such a thing, he replied: 

“The example of my young master has made a great impression on me, for it is impossible that that religion can be false, which makes him lead a life so pure and holy”.

At hearing this, many and especially Alphonsus was full of joy, so the saint had Fr. Mastrilla of the Congregation of St. Jerome, to undertake the duties of instructing him in the True Faith, but almost immediately after his lessons in the Catholic Faith began the slave became ill and was sent to the hospital. 

One evening, he expressed a great desire to see Fr. Mastrilla immediately. Upon his arrival, he requested to be baptized, saying: “I have seen our Lady, St. Joseph, and St. Joachim, and they have told me I must be baptized now, because they wish to have me in Paradise”. The priest replied that his illness was not dangerous, and besides, that he was not sufficiently instructed in the Faith yet.

“Let your reverence interrogate me,” replied the slave, “for I am prepared to answer all your questions”. In fact, he miraculously replied with the utmost precision and accuracy to every question. He was baptized, and then told to repose a little after the fatigue, but still he seemed to be in health and his sickness only being a minor.

“This is not a time to rest,” he said, “for I must go immediately to Paradise”. In about half an hour this poor slave, his countenance radiant with joy, surrendered his pure soul into the hands of his Creator.

St. Alphonsus Liguori, Pray For Us! 

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