Feast Of The Most HOLY Name Of MARY – Sept. 12

Feast Of The Most HOLY Name Of MARY – Sept. 12

The Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary began in Spain in 1513 and in 1671 was extended to all of Spain and the Kingdom of Naples. This feast day  was established by Pope Innocent XI upon the victory of Christian forces against the Moslems beseiging Vienna in 1683. 

The honored name of the Virgin Mary, which is said to mean “Star of the Sea,” is most fitting for the Virgin Mother. She may well be compared to a star; for, as a star beams forth its rays without any diminution of its own luster, so too the Virgin gave birth to a Son with no loss to her virginity. 

We venerate the name of Mary because it belongs to her who is the Mother of God, the holiest of creatures, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Mother of Mercy. 

The feast, after falling out of use after 1969, was restored to the Roman Calendar by Pope John Paul II when the third typical edition of the Missal was published in 2000.

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