Eucharistic Miracles (7)

Eucharistic Miracles (7)


      In the pretty town of Seefield which nestles among the Alps in the Austrian Tyrol, a great miracle took place nearly 600 years ago. One day a nobleman went to Mass with the intention of going to Holy Communion and, not wishing to receive the same size Host as that given the peasants and faithful, through pride asked the priest to give him one as large as that consecrated in the Mass. The priest, through fear of incurring the anger of this great man and thereby losing his good pleasure, consented to this. The moment of Communion arrived; the nobleman presented himself at the altar to receive and knelt at the side of the altar on the step, being too proud to kneel at the rail with the peasants. The large Host was placed upon his tongue, but he was unable to swallow It. In trying to do so, the Precious Blood flowed from It and It shriveled up and clung to his tongue. 

     Furthermore, the ground gave way beneath him and he sunk into it up to his knees. In an agony of fear he grasped the end of the altar and implored the priest to remove the Sacred Host from his mouth. The latter did so and was surprised to find that the Host was marked with what appeared to be the Five Wounds. When the nobleman clung to the altar, though it was made of stone it melted under his touch. He was stricken with remorse and then and there made a vow of perpetual reparation. To this end he shortly entered a monastery where he performed the most austere penances the remainder of his life and finally died in the odor of sanctity.

       The Sacred Host with its miraculous markings is still preserved and may be seen by all who visit the church, and the account of the miracle is written in every language and hung up in frames on the walls. The hole made in the ground when the nobleman sank into it is also plainly visible, and the imprint of his fingers upon the altar stone when it softened beneath his touch is also shown.

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