Eucharistic Miracles (43)

Eucharistic Miracles (43)

SPAIN, 1239                        

Eucharistic Miracle of Daroca 
This Eucharistic Miracle took place after one of the numerous battles waged by the Spaniards against the Moors.   

In 1239, the Christian cities of Daroca, Teruel, and Calatayud (in Aragon), joined as allies to reconquer the castle of Chio Luchente from the Moors. The chaplain, Father Mateo Martínez of Daroca, celebrated Holy Mass before the battle, in the course of which he consecrated six Hosts for Holy Communion to be distributed to the six captains who led the troops:   Don Jiménez Pérez, Don Fernando Sánchez, Don Pedro, Don Raimundo, Don Guillermo, and Don Simone Carroz.  

A surprise attack by the enemy obliged the chaplain to suspend the Mass immediately and to wrap the six consecrated Hosts in the corporal, which he hid under a rock. 

The enemy troops were repelled, and the commanders requested the priest to be able to receive Communion as a sign of thanksgiving for the victory they had achieved.  

Father Mateo went to the place where he had hid the corporal and there he found the Hosts soaked in Blood. The commanders, interpreting this event as a great sign of divine favor and of good fortune, received the Hosts in Holy Communion and tied the corporal stained with Blood to a lance so as to make a standard.   

They went into battle against the Moors with this standard and reconquered the castle of Chio Lucente, attaining in this way a tremendous victory. The merits of this triumph were attributed to the Eucharistic Miracle. The six commanders all came from different regions of Spain, and each one of them began to argue that the corporal should be brought to his own city. A heated discussion followed. Three times, the city of Daroca was selected to be the place where the Relic of the Miracle would be preserved.   

Finally, a compromise was reached, the corporal would be placed on the back of a mule who would be allowed to wander off freely: the city where the mule stopped would be the place chosen by the will of God as the place where the holy corporal would be preserved. The mule wandered about for 12 days, covering a distance of about 200 miles, until, exhausted, it collapsed in front of the Church of St. Mark in Daroca.  

Afterwards, a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary was built at Daroca along with a precious reliquary, where it is still possible to venerate the corporal stained with the Precious Blood today. 

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