Eucharistic Miracles (41)

Eucharistic Miracles (41)

POLAND, 1290               

Eucharistic Miracle of Glotowo.
The oldest documents which describe this miracle tell how:

“Some cattles were dragging a plough, behind which a peasant was walking at a regular pace. The sun was slowly descending beyond the horizon, creating long shadows.   

The man raised his eyes and then incited his animals, after a long day’s work, to go up with great pains to the top of the hill. After so much work – thought the peasant – we will have bread. Suddenly, the plough became stuck, the cattle gave a stronger jolt, and to the side a big clod of soil was formed. The animals stopped as if petrified. 

For a moment, the impatient peasant scolded the animals, but however he halted in amazement, noting a sudden change in the environment. The field had become illuminated as if it were noontime, and a most intense light was emitted from the ground and wrapped around the cattle, which were now kneeling.   

The peasant began to dig and saw that the light came from a pyx muddied with soil and containing a consecrated Host, all in one piece and white as the snow.”   
News of the event spread rapidly among the people, who quickly ran to the place. The local authorities organized a solemn procession to carry the Host to the Church in Dobre Miasto.   

According to an ancient chronicle, however, the Host was inexplicably recovered once again at the place where it had been discovered the first time. The occurrence was interpreted as a sign from God and a small church of Corpus Christi was built in honor of the Blessed Sacrament on the site of the Miracle.   

The popularity of Glotowo continued to grow over the course of the centuries, and in the 18th century, it was decided to enlarge the old church, which was consecrated by Bishop Krzysztof Potocki on August 24, 1726. Even today, the shrine in the village of Glotowo attracts numerous pilgrims each year who gather to venerate the Relic of the Host, which has remained intact since 1290. 

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