Eucharistic Miracles (33)

Eucharistic Miracles (33)

​ITALY, 1772                      

Eucharistic Miracle of Patierno.

In 1772, unknown robbers escaped with a certain number of consecrated Hosts from the church of St. Peter at Patierno, which were recovered in the territory of the Duke of Grottotelle a month later, under a pile of manure, completely intact. It was possible to discover them thanks to mysterious rays of light and a dove which appeared over the place where they were buried.   

Saint Alphonsus Maria di Liguori described this Miracle in detail.   The circumference of the Particles robbed from the church of St. Peter in addition corresponded perfectly to that of the flatiron mold used to make them and contained the engraving marking it as the property of the same church of St. Peter.   

The Vicar General, Monsignor Onorati, compiled the verbal testimonies of the diocesan process which lasted two years, from 1772 to 1774, and approved the cult associated with the Miracle. 

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