Eucharistic Miracles (32).

Eucharistic Miracles (32).

ITALY, 1656             

Eucharistic Miracle of Cava dei Tirreni.

      At Naples, in May of 1656, a terrible epidemic of the Plague was spreading as a result of an invasion by Spanish soldiers who had come from Sardinia.  

       The epidemic spread among the villages and the surrounding countryside quite rapidly, arriving also at the small town of Cava dei Tirreni. There were thousands of victims in the city as well as the countryside.   

       Father Paolo Franco, one of the few spared from the plague, inspired from on high, and challenging every danger, called the people together and ordered a procession of reparation to Mount Castello, located at a distance of a few kilometers.  

        When they reached the top of the mountain, Father Franco blessed Cava dei Tirreni with the Blessed Sacrament. The plague miraculously ceased, and even today,  each year in the month  of June, the people of Cava  dei Tirreni organizes several solemn processions in commemoration of the Miracle. 

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