Eucharistic Miracles (30)

Eucharistic Miracles (30)

​ITALY, 1630                           Eucharistic Miracle of Canosio 

Canosio is a small village in the region of the Maira Valley, in the diocese of Saluzzo. In 1630, the population had become cold in its practice of the faith, because of the spread of the Calvinist heresy. 

A few days after the Feast of Corpus Christi, the stream in the Maira Valley overflowed due to heavy rains. The force of the flood waters was so great that it dragged along with it, huge rocky masses which were torn away from the mountain and began to fall in the direction of the valley and the village, putting them in danger.   

Father Antonio Reinardi, pastor of the region, called together the citizens with the ringing of the church bells, exhorting them to pray that the Lord would make the flooding stop. In addition, he proposed that they make a vow: if the village of Canosio were to be spared from the destructive fury of the stream, the citizens would arrange for a special feast to be celebrated during the octave of Corpus Christi every year thereafter.  

Father Reinardi then took the Blessed Sacrament, placed it in a monstrance, and went out in procession in the direction of the stream, accompanied by some of the faithful, who sang the “Miserere” (Have mercy on me, Lord) psalm. As he imparted the Benediction, the rain ceased immediately and the level of the stream at once returned to normal.   This Miracle helped to revive the faith among the citizens of Canosio, and the residents still keep the vow they made to this very day.   

Unfortunately, many of the documents which describe the Miracle, preserved in the parish archives until the 17th century, were burned during the war between Spain and France.   However, we possess a copy of the report left by the pastor, who was a direct witness of these events. 

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