Eucharistic Miracles (26)

Eucharistic Miracles (26)

Eucharistic Miracle of Volterra ITALY, 1472.         

In 1472, during the war that broke out between Volterra and Florence, a Florentine soldier who entered the Cathedral of Volterra managed to take possession of the precious ivory chalice containing  several consecrated Hosts.   

After he had just left the church, seized by a fit of anger toward the Eucharistic Jesus, he threw the ciborium together with its precious contents against a wall of the church.   

All of the hosts fell out of the ciborium, and illuminated by a mysterious light,  they miraculously rose up in mid-air and remained suspended there for an extended period. The soldier then fell to his knees out of fear and as he repented for his deed, he began to weep.   

There were many witnesses who were present when this happened.   Among the most authoritative testimonies which describe the Miracle, we have the account written by Brother Biagio Lisci, who was an eyewitness, preserved today in the archives of the Church of St. Francis, as well as several public testimonies which are preserved in the municipal library of Volterra. 

*photo credit* – L’Osservatore Romano

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