Eucharistic Miracles (25)

Eucharistic Miracles (25)

Eucharistic Miracle of Macerata ​ITALY, 1356       

At Macerata, in the Cathedral Church of Mary Assumed into Heaven and St. Julian, under the altar of the Blessed Sacrament, it is possible to venerate the “corporal stained with the Precious Blood.” A parchment from the 14th century on which the Miracle is described is likewise preserved in this church.   

An anonymous priest, during Holy Mass, was filled with strong doubts about the reality of Transubstantiation, and when he broke the big consecrated Host before Holy Communion, he saw living Blood flow out from the Host, which stained the corporal and the chalice underneath.   

The priest immediately informed the Bishop, Niccoló of San Martino, who ordered that the Relic of the Blood-stained cloth be brought to the Cathedral.   

In 1494, one of the first Confraternities in honor of the Blessed Sacrament was founded  at Macerata, and it was here that the pious tradition of the Forty Hours’ Devotion was born in 1556.   

Each year, on the occasion of the Feast of Corpus Christi, the corporal from the Miracle  is carried in procession behind the Blessed Sacrament. 

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